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  1. jim_khoo

    No titles... photos taken by kids

    my kids (8 and 5) were having so much fun with the G2+25mm yesterday. here's what they did! please share yours too! i thought this will look better in sepia my son shooting my dad... :tongue:
  2. jim_khoo

    Lens hood for oly m43rd lenses

    hi, has anybody used a hood with the 1442mm or 17mm on their pens? which/ what hood is used? is there any improvement/ advantages? thanks.
  3. jim_khoo

    It's a durian life...

    Malaysian, let's collaborate to document the unique street life of Malaysia in this thread... is also a durian life style. To continue.... Malaysia has many international restaurant...
  4. jim_khoo

    SDHC Card

    hi guys the scandisk sd 8gb class 10 card is twice the price of transcend at amazon dot com. what makes the different? thanks.
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