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    Sony A couple of RX100 night shots

    RAWs converted to JPEG in LR4. Base ISO, no PP. DSC01572 by julienmartlet, on Flickr DSC01574 by julienmartlet, on Flickr
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    Sony Graduated filters recommendations

    Could anyone recommend me graduated ND4 filters (one soft-edge and one hard-edge) + holder? I hear Lee have the best quality. Ideally I'd like to use them on both the X100 and NEX3.
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    Bruges at night

    I was in Bruges a few days ago, and managed to take a few snaps of the town at night. I found it to be a difficult place to photograph, as really nothing is straight there, and sometimes there's not enough space to frame a shot properly. I rarely find ultrawides useful but in this case I would...
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    Fuji DPreview on the new X10 sensor (quick orbs test)

    Looks pretty good to me! Fujifilm provides modified-sensor X10 to address white-orb issue: Digital Photography Review
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    Monster Nikon 6mm f2.8 lens turns up in London

    Full story here: Monster Nikon 6mm f/2.8 lens turn up in London news - Amateur Photographer - news, camera reviews, lens reviews, camera equipment guides, photography courses, competitions, photography forums :eek:
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    A collection of videos about photography

    I'll be posting here some interesting (to me) videos as I stumble upon them on youtube, vimeo, and the likes. I hope others members will contribute to make this thread a collection of the best stuff we can find on the web. If this thread grows big enough, I'll edit this first post and add an...
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    This is just sad.

    Pentax K-r successor? | Photo Rumors Don't know what to say. I feel for the Pentaxians.
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    AF problems on Tamron 18-270

    Don't know if it's the right forum for this but: I've had some AF problems with my Tammy 18-270 for a short while, and since yesterday it seems like it's gone for good. It hunts forever and never acquires any target, even the most "contrasty" ones I can point it to (be it moving or static...
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    Carnaval de Paris 2012

    The "Carnaval de Paris" used to be a major world festival from the 16th century until it disappeared with the second world war. It only reappeared in 1998 and is slowly regaining some of it's former fame (though it still isn't considered a major event here). This year's carnival took place...
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    This guy got the X-pro!

    A street portrait from the hip (X100). I didn't see the writing "Pro X" on his bag before the shot :smile:
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    The New Year Girl

    Taken during the Lunar New Year festival in Paris today. What do you think?
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    Micro 4/3 The LCD screen on Panasonic Cameras (GF3, G3, GX1?)

    Ok, so I hope nobody is offended by this, it's not meant to be Panasonic bashing, but I've played a bit with a friend's GF3 and also with a G3 in a store and I find the panasonic screen that is used on these models to be absolutely terrible (I think the GX1 uses the same screen too, but I'm not...
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    Hello from Paris

    Hi all, After a few months spent enjoying reading this forum, I think it's past time I say hello. I'm Julien (the french variation of Julian), I'm 27 and live in Paris, France. I do mostly street, night, concert and travel photography. As for the gear, I've used a X100 as a walkaround since...
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