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    Fuji FujiXspot $1,000 Giveaway - March 2015

    Cool thread, enjoying the images. Here's mine: (35mm ISO 3200 f5 1/70th)
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    Fuji Showcase Rokinon 12mm f2

    Haven't seen many sample shots of this lens on the net so thought I would share some from a recent trip to Bali. I'll hopefully be able to put up some more shots from Japan later as well. I like how wide it my zuiko 9-18mm for my micro four thirds setup. The 'curvature of the...
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    Feedback Security Certificate warning

    Often when I have issues with security certificates the local date is off on my end (on mobile devices at least).
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    Fuji Any recommendation for a good 85-100mm adapted lens/adapter???

    The super takumar 85mm 1.8 has some great build quality and IQ. Abit pricy though..ranges from 300-450ish IIRC.
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    Any good Flash for Olympus OMD?

    I like the Nissin Di466. Small, cheap, seems fairly robust and powerful. I'm not an expert on flash but the reviews seemed positive.
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    Salvador Dali Desert, Bolivia

    That is such a cool landscape. Just surreal. Thanks for sharing.
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    Concrete Reflections

    Thanks guys. The recent thread bump reminded me that I've been tinkering with the image, different aspect ratio for printing, cloned out those distracting logos and desaturated the colour. I think it works better but not entirely convinced..
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    Fuji Girl watching

    Very creative capture!
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    Fuji Rokinon 14mm 2.8

    I was quite curious about this lens. From what I have read, if you don't mind manually focusing you get: -exceptional image quality for the price -difficult to correct 'mustache' distortion -sloppy distance markings -a solid, heavy lens -I have seen a pic on flickr with it adapted to an XP1...
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    Nothing like a sunset after the storm

    Thanks guys, glad you liked it. :)
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    Nothing like a sunset after the storm

    There are days where there's not much to do for the picture..the sky has done all the work. My "backyard" view I suppose. Just opened the window from my office and leaned out! Panasonic G5 14-45mm G5 with Olympus 40-150mm.
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    Rainy Day Foliage

    Because I like to punish my old bellow lens set-up with a 100mm f4 Minolta MD (on slightly less old Panny G1). Hey if it's lasted for 30-40 years, I'm sure I won't be the one to wreck it. It was pouring rain and blowing hard, wish I had a tripod for better focusing and ideally my remote...
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    New York, New York.....

    I like the processing on the Orchard St shot. It works!
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    Banality and me.

    Nice colours!
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    Nikon Nikon Releases All Weather & Underwater Nikon 1 Body

    Nice! Its about time that someone didit. Could make for a good extreme travel setup if the lenses pan out.
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    Concrete Reflections "Architectural firm, Arthur Erickson Architects" And is also responsible for some other neat Vancouver buildings. I suppose it does look much stranger from the side perspective than from above..walking over it so regularly it doesn't even strike...
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    Concrete Reflections

    Yep I love those crazy stairs. With a zuiko 50mm 1.8 tilted:
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    Concrete Reflections

    Thanks for the kind words all. :) Yeah, it's funny how the reflection shows some details that aren't visible on the ceiling.
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    Fuji Why the X-A1 May Be A Mistake

    I agree with Thom on most of those points. 2 of Fuji's X system's unique selling points have been high quality lenses (with proper aperture rings) and the X-Trans sensor tech that truly differentiates it from the competition (and to a lesser extent styling and Fuji jpeg processing etc). But...
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    Fuji Fuji announces the X-A1

    X-M1 has the X-Trans sensor design, X-A1 just the standard Sony 16 MP one that is so common these days. The 2 lens kit for the XA seems neat..hopefully it will come to the XM series as well.
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    Concrete Reflections

    A quick snap outside my work. There is an open concrete area that is sometimes used as a dance floor, event area..or outdoor icerink. But when water is spilled there it turns into a mirror of sorts. I thought the symmetry was neat. (Fuji X-E1)
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    Macros from a dissected Oly Trip 35..RIP

    The camera had died, and was left for I thought I would try to remove the lens while tinkering around in there. Evidently it's easier to take things apart rather than to put them back together again. Oh well, it was nice to see how a film camera looks like on the inside.. Shot...
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    Fuji Showcase Takumar 200mm 5.6 preset

    A very interesting lens. Long, but very thin and light with a 49mm filter thread. It's narrower than the adapters! Not the most easy lens to hand-hold and I've found my long shots somewhat soft looking. Not sure if its due to atmospheric haze or if the adapter isn't focusing quite to...
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    Fuji Showcase Super-Takumar SMC 85mm 1.8

    A few more from this sweet lens. At f2.8 and f2 respectively IIRC.
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    password management

    Thanks for that. I've been using KeePass and have no complaints so far, seems to work well. It wouldn't be a big workflow change to use a plain text file (abit less convenient) combined with TrueCrypt (my drive encryption software of choice).
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    password management

    Yeah it puts people in a tough position of trying to minimize the risk. What is your preferred best practices for password management?
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    Zuri - Female Black Rhino

    Nice photo and good job capturing the dynamic range.
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    Fuji Anyone ever try this lens?

    There is far too little hands-on experiences/reviews with this lens. It seems like a decent performer, nicely built and fills a focal length gap. That said, 400$ is a bit steep for me given the questionable re-sale value and lack of reviews.
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    New-to-me Takumar 24... and it's a rainy day :frown:

    Yeah that sucks. I guess I shouldn't try to snipe next time. I would have been happy to pay 100$ for it (though it looked like some of the front paint on the lettering had faded/scratched off). I'll have to just raise by more than a dollar or two hehe.
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    Fuji Macro lens options?

    FWIW, I've enjoyed using the Minolta MD 100mm macro (I have the bellows version but I imagine they are fairly similar optical designs). Handheld and through a dirty filter :/ I expect that it performs better in controlled conditions.
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    New-to-me Takumar 24... and it's a rainy day :frown:

    Looks nice. Makes me even more annoyed that I lost a recent auction for one in decent condition for 80$ due to my hesitation/slow typing. :/
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    Fuji Question: Alternatives for fuji 60mm

    I've been using a minolta MD macro 100mm f4 lens on a bellows setup with my XE1. Perhaps a bit silly looking when walking around with it, but I think it works fairly well..and the price was pretty cheap. (actualy this one might be with my panny g5, crop factor might be off)
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    Fuji macro diopter lenses

    Havent tried it out myself, but this is the only thing i've seen regarding that combo with close-up lens:
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    Show: Insects (or is that Ins-X?)

    X-E1 with Minolta MD 100mm f4 bellows, at around half extension iirc.
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    Starry night - Starry dawn with XE-1

    Very nice. Care to share some of the settings and techniques to get such lovely photos? (Street shooting seems to be the more common usage rather than long exposure landscapes).
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    Show best of the month - June 2013

    Via M43 G5.
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    Post Your Top 3 Faves For The Month Of June 2013

    Always fun to review some shots from the month. :)
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    Color photographs

    Fun thread. I like the variety. :) Just a quick snap from my XZ1.
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    Completed SALE or TRADE Panasonic G1 and Vivitar 24mm | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Hi what model vivitar 24mm is it? And are you willing to split? Thanks.
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    WINNER ANNOUNCED - 18th Serious Compacts Salon Challenge - On The Move!

    Some neat interpretations and photos so far! Here's one from a few months back. A Bedouin musician in Jordan:
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    Vancouver Waterfront Reflections (long exposures)

    Yep, I thought I might as well give it a try since I had the filter in my bag already. I didn't swap it around too much on the 2 lenses I brought as I found it a bit fiddly to be juggling the camera stuff and the umbrella as I shot under a light drizzle. I also have a 10 stop ND filter that I...
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    Vancouver Waterfront Reflections (long exposures)

    Thanks guys, glad you liked them. Exposures were slightly different depending on the weather conditions but iirc, all ISO 200, f7.1-8, exposure times ranged from 8s-30s (with 3 stop nd filter).
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    mu-43 site is getting a bit ... crowded???

    Yeah seems like lots of new blood. I'm finding it too hard to keep up with the activity. Its hard to keep track of everything and threads youre interested in when theres so many new posts.
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    Vancouver Waterfront Reflections (long exposures)

    (I've also posted this set FujiXspot--I guess there's some overlap between all of Amin's communities, and some people who are only on one site--apologies if you've seen it already!) Hi folks, Had some fun enjoying some mist and fog by the waterfront last night. Tried a couple different PP...
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    Fuji Help requested -- besides AF, what do you dislike about your XE1?

    My top complaints (besides the well known AF speed): -Battery has almost no warning when it's about to give out. That can really suck. Great.. warning about low battery. And now I have 1-2 shots left. Thanks? -Despite nice specs, I feel like the EVF isn't quite as good as in my Panasonic...
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    Vancouver Waterfront Reflections (long exposures)

    Hi folks, Had some fun enjoying some mist and fog by the waterfront last night. Tried a couple different PP styles, some are close to SOOC, others are hopefully not overcooked. The X-E1 is nice for slower paced photography. Shot with a combination of 35mm 1.4 and SuperTakumar 85mm 1.8...
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    Fuji Fuji X-E1 and X-Pro1 $200 price drop

    Agreed. I wonder if Olympus Canada will match..or I may have to make use of a US shipping address. :/
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    Really Random Shootout - Sigma DP2 Merrill vs Fuji 35mm f/1.4 and Fuji X-E1

    I have to admit that I'm not blown away by the differences between the shots. I remember a comparison of the OM-D with 12-35mm vs DP2M where the OMD was looking like a toy camera, but this one seems really close. Maybe it's just me?
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    Fuji Fuji X-E1 and X-Pro1 $200 price drop

    Sometimes it's just a good time to encourage sales with temporary discounting. Afterall, they put temporary rebates on things like kitchen stand mixers (not just to make room for new models) or coupons to push things like soup or bread. I think they are hoping to boost some sales and marketshare...
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    Ricoh GR in Canada?

    I've heard there's no eta yet, but should be sometime in June.
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