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    Fuji X-PRO 1 Fully Leaked by French Magazine 'Responses Photo'

    Beautiful and intriguing camera! If I weren't so happy with the NEX cams I would be sorely tempted if it lives up to potential. I don't know about the optical part of the hybrid viewfinder, though. I've come to really like the EVF on the NEX cameras because WYSIWYG really speeds up setting...
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    So much for Google+

    This is exactly why I usually have big ugly watermarks on my stuff and avoid posting them anywhere but my Zenfolio web gallery because it's easy to watermark them there. It's true that copyright info can be stripped out of metadata, but at least Zenfolio doesn't strip it out upon upload, which I...
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    Show "Horses"

    You can also get that filmstrip with Flare. It's in one of their presets, but also available by itself as one of their textures. I highly, highly recommend Flare and it is very inexpensive. Unfortunately tho it is Mac only.
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    Sony 55-210

    I am about to return my 55-210 due to not just hunting but inability to focus at all in low light. I wonder if it is does really well in good light and it's sharp if I can get it to focus. I am using it on the 5n.
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    Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

    He cannot be replaced. Very sad on so many levels.
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    Sony Adorama has NEX-5N in stock!

    I preordered one -- body only -- a week or so ago. This morning I inquired as to when it might be shipped. They told me around the 17th. However, they just notified me it is on its way today! I don't know how many they got in, or how many pre-orders they have to fill, but I thought I would pass...
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    To our friends in Texas - please check in! Wildfires and drought.

    Texas Hill Country/Kerr County Hi everyone -- First, Stanley, GOOD LUCK! Please keep us posted. I used to live in Austin and I love Bastrop State Park and feel sick about this. We're OK so far in Kerr County, but worried as we have so much dry stuff around our house. We've done what we...
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    Those on the East Coast and NE...

    BB, really glad to hear you're OK, and hope your power stays on! You too, Ray, and good luck to anyone else reading who's in the path of this!
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    Sony NEX Body and lens leaks on

    Here we go again with the Sony hate. First the NEX-3 and 5 were ugly and now the NEX-7 is ugly. I think it looks great and I consider my aesthetics as refined as anyone else's. I really don't see the point of posts calling cameras ugly, esp. when it's obvious a lot of people are very excited...
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    Grinding Henna

    We left there in 1970. I went to Community School/Iranzamin and also the American school. it was a fantastic experience living there at that time. I remember Mt. Damavand very well. It was so beautiful when snow-capped.
  11. J

    Grinding Henna

    Alf, cool image! When were you in Isfahan? I went there once or twice on school trips in the late 60s when we lived in Iran. We were in Tehran four years while my dad worked in the oil business in the Persian Gulf. Unfortunately my parents' beautiful slides from Iran were lost in a flood about...
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    The Weekly Challenge 24-29 June 2011.

    Buddhas NEX5 with 16mm lens. Processed with Flare, using a modified version of the Old View preset.
  13. Buddhas


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    Zeiss 24mm Lens for Sony NEX to be an f/2 Pancake?

    Just have to say that with the peaking I will be using my manual lenses a lot more. It really takes away the pain and slowness of manual focusing. Sadly, though, it doesn't work nearly as well if you don't have good light, at least in my experience. Peaking is something that needs to be picked...
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    Sony Nex 5 Firmware...

    The peaking is just fantastic!!! I don't know how I have lived without it for manual focus, and I like it even for AF. I can't wait to try a macro lens. I'm very hopeful all camera makers will get on board with this. The Toy Camera filter is very similar to Pinhole Camera filter on the EPL-1...
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    New Sony cams

    Very, very interested! I only wish they were coming out sooner! I'm hoping they're good enough and small enough to make me switch from Nikon. I'm curious about the rumored NEX7, too.
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    Lytro - Shoot now, focus later

    Very exciting! Just in time for my aging eyes!
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    Show "Signs"

    Lots of signs!
  19. J

    1 to 2011 thread

    Great thread, still looking for the number 12. Bill, I love the purple chairs!
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    Sony The NEX Image thread

    Glad you like it, BB! I could look at it forever!
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    Greetings From Texas

    Welcome from another Texan (rural Hill Country)! You've come to the right place because this is a very friendly, informative, and well-run site. (Now I have to tell my husband that nice spouses give X100s!)
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    Sony The NEX Image thread

    "Persian Ceiling," Dale Chihuly, San Antonio Museum of Art This glass art just takes my breath away! NEX-5 with 16mm lens.
  23. Glass ceiling, San Antonio Museum of Art

    Glass ceiling, San Antonio Museum of Art

  24. J

    What's it like to live where you live

    Let's all go see Grant! I would love to.
  25. J

    June 3-8 Weekly Challenge winner is ...

    Congrats, Alf. Great image!
  26. J

    Cameras not gadgets.

    I will argue again that using the current NEX cameras has not been complicated since the first firmware upgrade. You can change all the basic functions quite easily once you set up the custom buttons. I can very quickly change shoot mode, increase or decrease aperture/shutter speed, and change...
  27. J

    Sony NEX-C3 and 30mm f/3.5 Macro Officially Announced

    The tilt screen is the only way I have the nerve to do people/street pics. It's also good for giving a more interesting angle on almost anything, and great for pets, flowers, and other things low to the ground. I'm addicted to it!
  28. J

    Time to vote in the WCC 3-8 June.

    If we seriously limited it to pics taken that particular week, most of mine would have to be taken at night because it's hot as Hades here!
  29. J

    Sony NEX-C3 and 30mm f/3.5 Macro Officially Announced

    I'm mystified by the aperture and focal length of the new macro, but I love macro and at 249.00 will at least try the lens. I've taken tons of good pics with the NEX-5 and don't understand why it's considered so hard to use. You just have to set it up first and take a few dozen pics to get used...
  30. J

    What's it like to live where you live

    I live in central Texas in what we call the Hill Country, in a rural location just outside a small town that is mainly a retirement community, filled with people a lot older than me. Rural Texas, what can I say? After living more than half my life in Austin, a vibrant city with all kinds of...
  31. J

    Fuji High ISO images

    Looks good, BB! I'm so glad you love the camera you waited for so long. Stop tempting me!
  32. Isabel in the shadows -- 2

    Isabel in the shadows -- 2

    NEX-5 with 16mm lens and wide-angle convertor
  33. J

    Serious compact for birding

    Thanks, PDH! Andrew, I crop birds heavily all the time because my longest lens is only 300mm (or 420 with a teleconvertor), and that's another reason that ideally you use a camera that gives clean, detailed images at high ISOs. Another thing that helps (when at home) is to set up some dead limbs...
  34. J

    The Weekly Challenge for June 3 - June 8 is...

    Isabel in the shadows I decided to submit this one instead of the first one!
  35. Isabel in the shadows

    Isabel in the shadows

    NEX-5, 16mm lens with ultrawide convertor
  36. J

    Been a bit distracted the last week.

    Get plenty of rest and feel better soon!
  37. J

    Serious compact for birding

    I'm sorry to say, for my sake as well as yours, I really think for anything other than perched birds you usually still need a DSLR. You need lightning fast AF, the ability to track a moving object, and the ability to use high ISO and get clean images, so you can pump the ISO up and use...
  38. J

    Greetings from Costa Rica

    Dan, just want to say I'm really enjoying your images and hope you keep them coming!
  39. J

    The Weekly Challenge for 27 May - 1 June.

    I forgot to say I used the Oly EPL-1 above.
  40. J

    The Weekly Challenge for 27 May - 1 June.

    Georgia, downtown Dallas
  41. Georgia, downtown Dallas

    Georgia, downtown Dallas

  42. J

    Lightroom 3 for $199

    Thanks, Don, but my trial just expired!
  43. J

    Lightroom 3 for $199

    Thank you! I just got it for 119.00 at Amazon. Unfortunately it won't come till mid-June by their estimate, but at that price I will wait!
  44. J

    Review or User Experience?

    I read depreview religiously, and used to trust them completely but started taking them with a grain of salt after their NEX-5 review, which caused me to delay buying it for nearly a year. User reviews here are the reason I finally bought it, and I love the camera and will continue to read user...
  45. J

    members photography sites

    This thread is a great idea and I can't wait to look at everyone's galleries! Here I am: Janis Herd Photography My images made with compact cameras are in my signature.
  46. J

    Aki-Asahi camera cases

    Those are beautiful. I will get the one for the NEX when it comes out. Thanks for the link!
  47. J

    The WC winner (20-25 May) is ...

    Fishing Buddies, Texas Gulf Coast, Sony Nex-5 and kit zoom
  48. Fishing buddies

    Fishing buddies

  49. J

    The WC winner (20-25 May) is ...

    I do have some street but not with a compact, I realized. So now I'm reduced to restaurants, beach, or fishing piers. I will think about it tomorrow...and try not to ask any more dumb questions tonight!
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