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  1. pniev

    Urban Photo Race Amsterdam 2017 (image heavy)

    Thought to share a set of images from Saturday's Urban Photo Race in Amsterdam. It was yet another inspiring event with more than 100 participants and nice weather. I'll share some impressions in various posts in this thread. First one, inspired by - but not as good as - Pete's cyclist photos:
  2. pniev

    Fietserspad (Bikers path)

    There is a famous walking path between the northern part of the country and the southern part of roughly 570km. It is called Pieterpad. For those who like to travel faster, a bikers path has been "constructed". I did that a little more than a week ago. It is just fantastic to drive with your...
  3. pniev

    Urban Photo Race Rotterdam 2017

    I participated in the first Urban Photo Race in Rotterdam. I did not have a clue what to expect and wasn't really prepared (forgot to bring a notebook and chargers (as you have to use your phone to navigate)). It is really a fun activity that challenges your creativity! You get six themes and...
  4. pniev

    Micro 4/3 Olympus PEN-F shutter issue

    I really like my PEN-F that I bought a few months ago. However, I do have a serious issue. The shutter "locks" in a random manner. At first, I thought it had to do with the 25mm 1.2 lens. However, last week I experienced the same issue with the 17mm mounted last week during a trip. What...
  5. pniev

    Agadir - Marocco

    I’ve recently made a trip to Agadir, Marocco with a group of friends. Not for photogrpaphy but for golf. It was a wonderful trip. And a wonderful golf resort. Almost no time for photography. Nevertheless, I was able to get a few snaps. An impression: Souk (the biggest in Africa!)...
  6. pniev

    Micro 4/3 Olympus PEN-F

    I am using the Olympus PEN-F for approximately 2 weeks now and thought to share some impressions from a usage perspective. Let me start with a moonshot: Insane! I used the Nikon 300mm PF lens with 1.4X teleconverter, giving me a reach of 840mm. The PEN-F has a Digital 2x TC function. So you...
  7. pniev


    I visited Hongkong 20 years ago. So many things have changed in the meantime. The first expression that crossed my mind when I was looking for a description was "East Meets West". An example: shopping mall: vs. traditional store (iphone shot): An impression:
  8. pniev

    Halong Bay- Vietnam

    Halong Bay must be spectacular when there is no wind, there are no ships, and some fog. Then it becomes out-of-this-world with its green colors. Another movie will be shot there soon. If I heard it correctly, they hired all ships during the shoot. Probably to keep them away from the area during...
  9. pniev

    Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam

    A third series. Ho Chi Minh (saigon) is definitely worth a visit. It seems as if everyone is born and lives on a scooter. It is a vibrant city with lots of things to see.
  10. pniev

    Sihanoukville (Cambodia) Market

    Ride with me! Chaos:
  11. pniev

    Hoi An - Vietnam

    Some photos took during a recent trip in Asia. These are taken in Hoi An, Vietnam.
  12. pniev

    Sony RX1R II yes or no?

    This is more or less a follow-up on my 'seeking gear advice' question ... I just found out that I can get a brand new Sony RX1R II for 2600 euros ex VAT (tax is deductable). I admit that is really, really tempting although I will be giving up on DoF (I was focusing on a smaller sensor camera to...
  13. pniev

    seeking gear advice...

    Hello again all, It's been a while... I know I am terrible. However, I do hope you are willing to help me find the right small camera.. I used the Fuji X100T as my small travel/trip-camera but I could not get used to the lack of grip (I like to put my left hand under the lens). So I sold it...
  14. pniev

    Driving Classic

    Recently I had the opportunity to drive the English countryside (West-Sussex near the Goodwood Estate) in a classic Mercedes-Benz 300SL. A wonderful experience. Herewith an impression. Converted in Silver Efex.
  15. pniev

    The Goodwood Member Meeting or the passion for Historic Motor Sports (be aware: lots of photos)

    There is probably no other country than England that is able to combine class, cameraderie en community in one event in a relaxed and friendly setting. From 1949 to 1966, Goodwood Members’ Meetings were run more than once a year over the 3.8-km circuit at Goodwood House, the estate of Lord...
  16. pniev

    Arizona - from the archives

    I am trying to reorganize/trim down my photo library. I just completed this for the Arizona collection. While going through the collection, I had a couple of favorites that I thought to share. Surprisingly I liked the BW versions the best. They are technically not the best (especially the...
  17. pniev

    focus stacking technique and photos

    I don't think a thread exists on this topic, so I thought to start one to share experience, questions, and examples. Mods: feel free to delete this post if there is already a thread on stacking. I never paid much attention to the technique because I like shooting close-up and macro w/o tripod...
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    A recently found (thanks to a friend) source of inspiration in my town. First one shot with Fuji X100T and WCL. Others with Nikon D750 and 58mm lens. All cropped (next time I will only bring the 60mm macro with me). And one Gloto (Glow Photo), also of the same bowl:
  19. pniev

    What makes a street photo special?

    While looking at a variety of street photos, I could easily identify those that I liked, those I did not like, and those that did not do much. But I had difficulty explaining the "why". So eventually I wondered what makes a street photo special. So what, in your view, makes a street photo special?
  20. pniev

    Workflow; to LR/ACR or not to LR/ACR

    I've been using Lightroom since its early (beta) stages. The pros have always outweighed the cons for me. The combination of raw conversion, photo management, the availability of plugins (I use NIK, McPhun, Topaz, VSCO, and now also Perfectly Clear), and the presets for uploading has worked...
  21. pniev


    Is it over the top? absolutely! What does this have to do with photography? nothing. But... it's fun doing this. I am into Neon "photography". ;-)
  22. pniev

    Rijksmuseum with iphone6s

    I had not been in the Rijksmuseum for a long time. Yesterday my wife and I finally visited the renovated museum. We've been in quite a few museums but this one definitely belongs to the top! The building is just beautiful and the collection of 16th and 17th century paintings is spectacular...
  23. pniev

    Series in 5

    Recently I've become infected by the Series virus. So I thought to start a thread named "series in 5" for posting of series of 5 photos that share a common theme (a color, an object, or whatever) where each photo and the combination tells a story. This makes it different from documentary work...
  24. pniev

    High Line Park - An impression

    One of our (many) favorites in NYC is the High Line Park. We visited the park when it just opened. We visited the park again 2 weeks ago. What a difference! There is a lot of construction work going on (e.g. new apartments) and lots of people are strolling on the walking path. Herewith some photos:
  25. pniev

    Question: why do lights show as stars at f/8?

    The following photo puzzles me. More specifically, the star effect in the light sources puzzle me. The photo was taken at f8 so with a wider aperture than you would expect with such an effect (beyond f11 to my knowledge). What could be the explanation? data: iso100, f8, 20sec, D750, sigma art...
  26. pniev

    People in Manhattan

    I was in NYC last week for a conference and some time off. Had the Fuji X100T with me. I wanted to shoot a series about people in square format an in a Noir style while strolling through the streets of Manhattan. So nothing planned. I must admit that I missed some potentially interesting shots...
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  28. pniev

    Waiting for...

    What are they looking at? And waiting for? Aha. The solution to cure crippled America. That must be worth waiting for. News was there too:
  29. pniev

    My birth town from another perspective

    I was born and raised in Leiden, the Netherlands. My roots go back to the late 1500s in that city (and neighbouring leiderdorp). There is a lot of water in the old town, which is approximately 2 meters below sea water level. I have seen it a lot when I lived there. But I never looked at the city...
  30. pniev

    For Critique Seeking your thoughts on these type of prints

    I need to make some prints and thought about doing something totally different this time. So I tried to create a sketch-look. However, I am afraid that my admiration for software developers to create these type of effects as well as my desire to try new things may cloud my judgement. Therefore...
  31. pniev

    Photography is dynamic

    Trying to find out how to spice an overexposed, rather boring photo of a photographer. Rather subtle, isn't it? :dance2:
  32. pniev

    Then there was light

    After some heavy rain and storms (location: Grampians National Park, AUS) BW conversion maakes it look more dramatic. All shot with Nikon D750 and Nikon 300mm VR f4 lens.
  33. pniev

    For Critique Request for Critique "portrait of a car"

    I have to send in a "portrait of a car". As the weather is awful, it does not make sense to go out now. So I looked at some recent photos and the only useable photo was this one (I don't shoot many cars ;-) ). May I ask what your thoughts are of this "portrait of a car" photo, e.g. w.r.t...
  34. pniev

    Exposure experiment after sunset

    Last night I brought the X100T on a bike ride and decided to experiment a bit after sunset. To accentuate the skies, I underexposed with 1,5-2 stops. Most shots were 1/15sec at f/4 and ISO3200. I could have lowered aperture to f/2.8 but decided not to do so (to make sure I had sharp edges...
  35. pniev

    Tasmanian Devil

    Tasmanian Devil If you are like me, you may have heard of the Tasmanian Devil but are wondering what kind of animal it is. So I thought to do a little write-up based on a visit to a TD Sanctuary in Cradle Mountain National Park. A nice hairy animal or a devil? If you see this photo, you...
  36. pniev

    Visiting Australia - Melbourne, Grampians, Tasmania, Sydney

    My wife and I just got back from a trip to Australia. We made a tour, starting in Melbourne (1 day), driving the Great Ocean Road to Port Fairy with a stop in Apollo Bay and Port Fairy, before traveling to the Grampians (National Park). After having one full day in the Grampians, we drove back...
  37. pniev

    Butterfly Garden (image heavy)

    I went to the butterfly garden this morning to check if on-camera flash + softbox would work (a macro flash kit is pretty expensive!). Camera: Nikon D750. Most shots were taken with 105mm. A few with 70-200 f4. Postprocessing: primarily standard or vivid camera profile - some clarity - s-tone...
  38. pniev

    Sky colors

    Yesterday evening we had a lot of rain and thunderstorms. Although it was still raining, the sky started to clear at the right time. So I went outside (yes, camera and me were soaked) and made a few shots in the park that is close to my house. The last time I went out after rain, colors were...
  39. pniev

    For Critique Seeking Advice for photo selection

    I have to send in one photo for a local contest that has no theme other than "self-selected work". The following were preselected by my family. May I ask for your advice? Which one appeals to you most (and why, if you have some time to comment) and which one the least? Feel free to say "don't...
  40. pniev

    Nikon Q. regarding macro flash system for Nikon (D750, etc)

    I am looking for a practical - and affordable - solution for shooting macro with flash. Nikon's R1C1 solution looks impressive but is incredibly expensive. May I ask for your advice? Thanks in advance, Peter
  41. pniev

    A visit to an (almost) deserted cleaning facility (image heavy_

    Note 11/10: I had to restore links so I deleted a few. ;-)
  42. pniev

    Nikon Finally A Decision..

    I have been going back and forth for weeks (months?) about replacing my Fuji X-T1 by a Nikon FF camera. Ray Sachs has been very helpful in making my mind. So my walkaround camera (X100T) is accompanied as of yesterday by a Nikon FF camera. I almost bought the Df but opted eventually for the...
  43. pniev

    New town, new photo opportunities

    We had some thunderstorms on Friday, so it was a good opportunity to take the bike - after the rain stopped - and take a ride and some photos. Some nice colors and textures could be observed in sky and water. Lots of mosquitos and snails too. So herewith some B/W and color shots. The...
  44. pniev

    Usefulness of mirrorless (with 2.8 zoom lenses)

    I recently saw and "felt" the Fuji's 16-55 and 50-140. One needs to use the battery grip for balance. I did not do an exact size/weight comparison but I guess it's pretty close to a DSLR setup. I can see the need for fast, pro-grade zoom lenses for wedding photography, etc. but it made me think...
  45. pniev

    Less is More

    I will use this photo as an excuse to participate again. When I checked in this morning I noticed the many familiar names it felt like coming home and asked myself "why didn't you check in sooner"? No real reason, actually. So my sincere apologies. I must say that I like the new layout. The...
  46. pniev

    A walk on the beach on a cold, windy day

    After spending some time in the hospital and doing other thing it's time to use the camera again. My wife wanted to take a walk at the beach yesterday (sigh), so I thought to bring the Fuji X100T. It was a dark day with strong winds. The last shot is not sharp but I liked it so I kept it.
  47. pniev

    Fuji My first camera that gets compliments

    Yesterday afternoon I received the silver X100T so I took the opportunity to make few shots at an event organized by Montblanc in their boutique in Amsterdam. The thing that struck me most was that several people - mostly women - told me what a nice camera I had and asked me which brand it was...
  48. pniev

    This always happens when I do not bring my camera

    I try to bring my camera on a walk or bike ride. But I usually see the nice things when I do not bring one. Fortunately I had my iphone on some occasions. Some examples below (color photos processed with the new Sensia VSCO preset; BW with the new push-pull preset)
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  50. pniev

    Shooting with a close-up lens

    After deciding to keep the Fuji X-T1 (for now), I immediately had to deal with one consequence: no long macro lens (180 or 200mm). So I thought to give a close-up lens a try, in this case a Canon 500D. I had read good reports about it. My reasoning: I need AF for insects and alike. So I thought...
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