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    hello from Sydney

    thanks Steve. I hate throwing out old tools :smile: One day I'll have to do a cull :frown: James - thanks. Gordon - hard to find better full frame pocket cameras than the XA, Rollei 35s/SE or Minox 35GT. Even the RX1 appears bigger (although it has a faster lens). The XA is still capable of...
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    hello from Sydney

    thanks BBW, I've just posted a few in the Gallery.
  3. Ghostly  #XA180

    Ghostly #XA180

    Olympus XA, Tri-X in D76 1:1, LR4.3 pp
  4. Spiral  #188

    Spiral #188

    Olympus XA, FP4+ in D76 1:1, LR4.3 pp
  5. street portrait  #722

    street portrait #722

    Olympus XA, HP5+ developed in Rodinal 1:50, LR4.3 pp
  6. Cheeky  #DSCN0099

    Cheeky #DSCN0099

    Coolpix E4500
  7. night swimmers  #P1020147

    night swimmers #P1020147

    LX3 hand held
  8. colour in motion  #P1000581

    colour in motion #P1000581

    LX3 hand held
  9. Runner  #P1060948

    Runner #P1060948

  10. Just Looking  #P1040635

    Just Looking #P1040635

  11. portrait  #P1040502

    portrait #P1040502

  12. unafraid  #P1030057

    unafraid #P1030057

    up very close with an LX3
  13. Impatiens  #DSCN1579

    Impatiens #DSCN1579

    Coolpix E4500 macro
  14. Cats and Dogs  #DSCF7169

    Cats and Dogs #DSCF7169

    Fuji F10 @ ISO200
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    hello from Sydney

    Hello from Sydney :smile: I came across this site from a Sigma DP thread over on RFF. I like to make pictures using both digital and film - my carry-everywhere cameras are usually an LX3 and Oly XA. Quality compacts are fun. I use a digital workflow for pp and printing. Nice to be here...
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