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  1. Joana

    Feedback New layout

    I like it as well!
  2. Joana

    Selling your work online

    The website you linked seems to be password protected now. Anyway, I think if you really wanna sell your photos, you should establish yourself as a credible photographer first. Whether that be as a business or as a freelancer. Then you create a website portfolio (If you want a free website or...
  3. Joana

    Using Fuji Instax (instant cameras)

    Anyone here a fan of using Instax camera like me? I love it. I would probably use it all the time if the films weren't expensive to buy! In a world of digital, Instax cameras provides instant physical photos. Actually, it forces you to have physical photos.
  4. Joana

    Food Court at Night

    Really good lighting! Love how the lights illuminate the whole photo.
  5. Joana

    Sour Indeed!

    The packaging doesn't look like it's for candy. If I didn't know any better, I wouldn't let that near my kids.
  6. Joana

    Canon Learning the Canon G7X MkII

    Thanks! I will probably order G7x since they basically are almost the same.
  7. Joana

    Canon Learning the Canon G7X MkII

    New to the camera community.... Is the G7X the same as G7X MkII? Which one is better?
  8. Joana

    Camera for Youtube

    Hello! What's a good video camera for Youtuber? I am looking for a good camera for beginners who want to do Youtube. I don't want a camera that's too heavy or bulky because I travel a lot. I also want a camera that can also double for filming vlogs. Something affordable and not too expensive...
  9. Joana

    After the Storms

    Nice sunset!
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