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  1. S Noel

    Micro 4/3 Post your Olympus 4/3 Images

    I realized my mistake later after I went looking for my post. Admin, feel free to move or delete my post. thanks, and sorry for the confusion.
  2. S Noel

    What's your creative type? Adobe launches quiz to analyze you.

    The maker. Use to be more so than now. Now, more wishful thinker. (old age and laziness are my excuses, and my final answer)
  3. S Noel

    Feedback Trophy?

    Well, I purpose to exert my right to silence and have an attorney present at all interrogations!
  4. S Noel

    Feedback Trophy?

    Wow! Life should be so complicated, to post and view a few pictures (or a lot). Sorry, I'm too old to deal with such drama. Have fun sorting that one out. :th_salute:
  5. S Noel

    Micro 4/3 Old and New

    This is mostly highlighting my other hobby, wood work. The boxes are for my wife and daughters. There are some not pictured here. This is my small basement workshop. there are some power tools, not focusing on them today. They are the primary tools used in making the boxes. I have the tools...
  6. S Noel

    Visited the eagles again . . . under leaden skies

    Want to get really close to eagles? Visit Homer, Alaska, and the Southern AK coasts. Especially during fish season. Somewhere in my files there are several. But don't be shocked at the bedraggled appearance of most of them. They are scavengers, and sometimes that is messy. When cleaned, up they...
  7. S Noel

    Cut the apron strings today. Quit Adobe

    Still using Adobe CS2. Does what I need it to, (not much). Too old and lazy to learn, and use any new software.
  8. S Noel

    Spring is Springing

    Don't know how I got a double copy of the pic, in the last post. This pic could also rest in the f8 and be there. Because we were there, - on our front porch. Lens is the Pentax SMC 35mm, f3.5. Now, I think we got it.
  9. S Noel

    Spring is Springing

    First color, in fading evening light.
  10. S Noel

    Help me evaluate these photographs, please

    You might try a subject much closer, (10-20 ft) with lots of detail. I have used this method to help me choose a lens/camera combination. Seems to help me pick out the differences in resolution, color, etc. Flowers, people's faces and such, are usually close to what we typically shoot.
  11. S Noel

    Nearly all of the tree

    Nice picture as it is. Sometimes, what you can get has to do. I have many times in my younger days, missed the 'view/experience',trying to get the shot. I have begun 'looking', before the shot. Helps me remember and savor the experience. No picture can replace that.moment.
  12. S Noel

    What's your oldest "living" digital camera?

    EM-5, 1st edition, and don't want to go back. It took too long to get here!
  13. S Noel

    The rangefinder is not for everybody

    Speed and photography are not possible for me, with any camera, to get the shot cleanly. with my left eye having only peripheral vision, and my hands with old man tremors. I have found the solutions that allow me to continue with a life-long photography passion. (although it is waning with the...
  14. S Noel

    Post an image of yours related to the one above it!

    Good stuff!
  15. S Noel

    Zoom or two bodies with primes?

    Retirement and marginal fixed income settled the question for me. One body and couple good old school manual primes. 50mm and 35mm, both permanently mounted to adapters. The wife has the P 20mm, that I will sometimes "borrow".
  16. S Noel

    I'm Back

    Thanks Kevin. Got it!
  17. S Noel

    I'm Back

    It's not darker stain. It's burn from worn belt sander belt, on the top box. On the bottom one, it's an old wood, of different species.
  18. S Noel

    I'm Back

    Back to the computer. A Brownie 620 like the one shone here, got me started around 1960. This one was a gift from a friend. The original was my mother's, and is long gone. Many cameras in between, led me to the E-M5, the nearest digital replacement for my old favorite film cameras, the Olympus...
  19. S Noel

    I'm Back

    Working from my phone. I will try to post this pic detailing the beginning and ending of my photography life. The boxes are for my daughters.
  20. S Noel

    I'm Back

    Thanks, Awkward time in life when the mind and emotions have lots of adventures to enjoy, but the body says, "nope". So, I travel and enjoy vicariously, through Vlogs of others. Steve
  21. S Noel

    I'm Back

    Been gone from the old SC forum for a long while. Came back, looking for it, and you folks were gone! But, someone in admin, was thoughtful to add a link, to redirect me here. I'm the old Steve Noel from KY, Alaska, and other places, I believe I was Snkenai, in those days. But now new location...
  22. S Noel

    Sanitary Public Market?

    Luke, I don't want to put in print, what I'm thinking! :eek-54:
  23. S Noel

    Can Nikon actually, really do this?

    Too late Nikon. I left you after the 8008. As Sue said, "mere mortals" just cannot always jump ship at the whim of a company's "new swing" at the market. E-m5 was my last big jump, and it rarely gets enough exercise, to earn it's place in the bag.
  24. S Noel

    Seen anything about this?

    I, no longer post pics of family or friends anywhere on-line.
  25. S Noel

    Seen anything about this?

    Spy cam never looked like this before. Scary days.
  26. S Noel

    Seen anything about this?

    Today, I saw this. Tiny, lens-free camera could hide in clothes, glasses
  27. S Noel

    Ban on cameras in cabin baggage - back to film?

    Hard copy back up begins to look important. (if it's truly important.)
  28. S Noel

    Ban on cameras in cabin baggage - back to film?

    Or, I could just stay off airplanes. But, that's a strange thought from some one that holds an pilots license. Although the medical certificate hasn't been renewed for several years. The wife and I are traveling to the lower 48 from Alaska later this Summer. We decided to drive rather than the...
  29. S Noel

    My 'other' hobby

    Next tool box will have to wait for life to get back to normal living. Next few months involve hip replacement for the wife, Vacation back to KY, and major move to New Mexico. This one has to get me through that time and all the adventures. Thanks for all the comments and encouragement. Love...
  30. S Noel

    My 'other' hobby

    My other hobby is wood working, with mostly hand tools. OK, so I won't give up my cordless drills! Decided to do a quick and crude prototype tool box to store, carry my most used tools in. Used some construction grade knotty Pine. With counter-sunk screws. The next version will be all...
  31. S Noel

    Sony Lens protection options

    No filters, only lens hood, and careful handling. Rests in the carry bag or on my chair side table, when not in use.
  32. S Noel

    Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam

    Or... the fellow sitting backward using the gasoline powered grinding stone mounted to the scooter. Adaptation!
  33. S Noel

    Sony Deleting card images

    I don't know what the + or -, of it is. But, I simply 'move' my images via cable, to the computer. I select all and holding shift while clicking on the last image and dragging to my 'dump' folder, for sorting etc. Card is now empty and ready for shooting. So far, no issues.
  34. S Noel

    Weeknight Dinners

    Now Karen, I suspect that what's coming out of your oven, will be better than you're let'in on. you just don't want us all drop'in in on you tonight for a food party! And Luke, that looks like supper time at our house, one bowl meal. But the age of the dinners, does not come close. (great grand...
  35. S Noel

    How's weather at your place?

    Upper 20s F and snowing again. 4-5" in last couple days. Pretty mild actually here and for time of year. Craving warm sun shine days. Cabin fever! Correction. I just came back in, and more like 8-9". Shoveled path to car and dipisty. Maybe the snow plow will come today, ...or not!
  36. S Noel

    Has it really been five years?

    Oct 2010. And, too many cameras to list. So far I'm hanging with the E-m5, and the $5.00 OM 50mm out of a flea market. Not much to dislike, other than the ridiculous on and off switch. Occasionally use the wife's P20mm. A great combo.
  37. S Noel

    Life's fleeting moments

    Those moments that are seen and gone quickly. Feel free to add your fleeting capture, any venue. Opened the curtain this morning at sun up, after 4-5" new snow, and this was there less than a couple minutes, and was gone. Clouds hid the light.
  38. S Noel

    SiJ 2017 - musings on closing.

    Better tools, make it easier to do good work.
  39. S Noel

    SiJ 2017 - musings on closing.

    Some thoughts: I did not do one every day, but did follow along as you all did. Some very nice work indeed! No more SIJ for me. Weather! The rest of this post is in the thread, ..'What about'...
  40. S Noel

    What about.....

    Some thoughts: ...after SIJ. I did not do one every day, but did follow along as you all did. Some very nice work indeed! No more SIJ for me. Weather! Maybe a SI May/June, would be Better (for me). Spring/Fall most places in the world? Maybe a single image for each week, if every day is too...
  41. S Noel

    SiJ 17: outtakes - unofficial thread

    Don't know what day it was, but another 'snow day'.
  42. S Noel

    SiJ 2017 - Day 30.

    Missed much of the month. But got this for today. Slow Slide.
  43. S Noel

    Micro 4/3 OMD EM5 owner purchases OMD EM5 II – impressions so far

    I actually had that lens at one time. But on the (pen 3 I think), the out door focus was too iffy. I did my daughter's wedding with that combo, and the Fl36 flash, and the results were great. I think it might be a lot better on the E-m5, that I now use.
  44. S Noel

    Micro 4/3 OMD EM5 owner purchases OMD EM5 II – impressions so far

    The 60 macro is definitely a possibility. Or 'gasp', a quality zoom. No funds for either, at the moment. The 45 is not really soft, but not crisp, for landscape detail, that I crave and love.
  45. S Noel

    Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles, NT, Australia)

    I have to ask, what camera/lens did you use?
  46. S Noel

    Micro 4/3 OMD EM5 owner purchases OMD EM5 II – impressions so far

    My daughter has the 45mm and I have used it. Fine for portrait use, but a bit soft for my taste in outdoor/landscape. You can check it out in Bysearching's postings here. The wife uses the 20mm and it's great, just too wide for my everyday user.
  47. S Noel

    SiJ 2017 - Day 20.

    Actually a warm up from -22F yesterday, to +4F today.
  48. S Noel

    SiJ 2017 - Day 20.

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