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    Fuji X100S - Full Wedding

    There are some beautiful shots there. Thank you for sharing!
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    Fuji My take on the X100S - a short review

    thanks for the reviews and the photos. It was a good read.
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    Walk around uptown

    Great images. I especially like the second one, it's got character! Thank you for sharing :)
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    X100 and X100S Black and White Image Thread

    This is on the X100, shot in Velvia mode and processed in Lightroom :) Venice (It's a bit tight) by Jannette Le
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    Old Broken Gate

    I do love that first image. Thank you for sharing :)
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    Fuji Your first photo with your new X.

    Oh! There are some great pictures here. I was so excited when I got my X100 that I'm pretty sure I took a photo of the carpet. Then my desk, then my foot... well, you get the idea :D
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    Fuji Lens hood for X100 - Anyone tried the JJC?

    I have the JCC hood at it matches my fuji. I bought it around the whole of Europe for two months and it stayed on my hip - the hood survived very well and with little damage, and protected my lens more than once! I would recommend it.
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    A trip to the Junkyard with the X100

    beautiful shots there :) thank you for sharing!
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    Share: Architecture

    There are some great pics here :D Keep it going everyone
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    White Night

    great photos! Love the processing, especially love the second. I went to white night too, and I was a little disappointed with the light shows - I felt that a whole lot more buildings could have participated. Instead of enjoying the night I spent most of it getting from my car (which I parked...
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    Anyone willing to show panorama shots?

    I posted this in the architecture thread but I thought this would be useful here too (it's a vertical panorama in the X100): The Pantheon
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    Red, Blue and........Poiple

    I just visited London and spent a large amount of time pointing excitedly and phone boxes, double decker buses and post boxes to the chagrin of my Londoner friends. A great, iconic piece of design, and lovely photos :)
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    Fuji What are your best tips for better photos?

    my tip would be to photograph, and photograph often. Use the camera and don't leave it in the box. Carry it with you, and photograph in all lights, situations, people, landscapes. You'd find what interests you, and understand your equipment.
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    Share: Architecture

    Now, if there was one handy thing that I learnt on my trip it was that if you don't have a wide angle - vertical panoramas work too! This was shot on the X100, and is an in-camera vertical panorama :) And here is an interior shot of the Maxxi Museum in Rome: "Maxxi Museum, Rome by Jannette...
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    Nightscape - London with X=E1

    Beautiful shots! On a slightly random note, I love the way you've posted the 3rd and 4th pictures, it kind of looks like I'm panning up in the image - if that makes sense! Look forward to seeing more :)
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    Fuji Hey, Fuji!

    Welcome! Lovely captures there too :), thanks for sharing.
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    Show: Why we love Winter!

    Had a happy go lucky bird swoop in at the last second :) The Tower of London by Jannette Le
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    Long exposures of water

    some great shots there :)
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    Share: Architecture

    A few more shots from my recent trip - it's been great to see all the photos on this thread so far! The Forum Building by Herzog and De Meuron (this is a shot of one of their skylights) "Herzog and De Meuron Forum Building by Jannette Le (melonbread)) on" Calatrava's Radio tower...
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    Fuji Hello

    welcome joe, I hope you enjoy your time here! :D. I like to call those quirks "Character"
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    Fuji Shoulder Straps

    Same with me in regards to BBW, I use a Artist and Artisan strap. The cotton one can be had for much cheaper than the silk cord, and its super comfortable.
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    Share: Architecture

    I actually don't like to shoot above 1600 (nothing to do with the fuji, its more like remnant habits from my older cameras), so its ISO 1600, F2.0, 1/30secs :)
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    Newcastle Riverfront at Dusk with X100

    Love the colours in the first shot. Beautiful work!
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    Fuji X100s or wait for XPro2

    Yes, the X100 is my primary camera, but as above, when I know I will be in situations where I will require other viewpoints, I have my m4/3 system, or a DSLR system available to me. That said, when I go out, the X100 is on my shoulder 95% of the time.
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    Share: Architecture

    Notre Dame at night time (the back side). This was a bit surprising that the photo came out at all - mainly because it was night time - and I was on a boat.
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    The old street with the X100

    beautiful photo :) l've always loved something about completely straight axis and buildings at a comfortable height. It makes everything more cozy!
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    Powerful skies

    love they sky in the first one! great shots :)
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    Share: Architecture

    Ooh, Panther, that sky looks like honey. Great colour.
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    Fuji in the fog

    I'm not sure why, but I've found that the Fuji likes fog a lot. Great images :)
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    X100 - todays street

    great, dynamic shots :D
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    Fuji Has anybody switched from m43 to X100 or viceversa?

    Sorry, I should have clarified that - yes, those were the limitations of my particular body - and the money from the system, I was thinking of investing into the X-E1 or XP1 :). I did use the OMD for a period of time also, but kept the E-P3. Its weird how preferences work - but I am waiting this...
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    Fuji Has anybody switched from m43 to X100 or viceversa?

    I have both the X100 as well as an E-P3 with the Oly 12mm, PL25mm, the kit lens and the Oly 45mm prime. I took both systems with me in a recent trip to Europe, and some parts of asia. I love both systems very much, but the limitations of the m4/3 systems really showed through in Europe, where...
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    Share: Architecture

    I've always had an interest in architecture (hence why I'm trying very hard to earn that "Architect" badge), and love to see how other people see our built environment. It would be great to see some pictures posted here of what people deem as interesting architecture (to them), be it an...
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    Fuji Xtogs is Now FujiXspot

    Ah just noticed I was upgraded from a Xtog rookie to a FujiXspot rookie. Great work - I like the new name :)
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    Cars, trucks and things that go!

    Some oldies but goodies - from the Mercedez Benz Museum in Stuttgart :)
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    Color: Words/No Words

    Venetian Mask shop, in Venice, Italy. (X100)
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    Japanese Summer Festival - Melbourne Docklands 2013

    Beautiful images, I missed the festival this year, damn! The Melbourne sun is a killer, and really shows no mercy D:
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    Gloucester Cathedral

    Great photos of a beautiful place :)
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    [Image-heavy] Travelling with the X100 (Europe & Other Places)

    Thank you for all the comments everyone! It's definitely given me some confidence :) Hopefully I can show some more photos soon.
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    Fuji G'Day

    As above! Nice to see a fellow aussie, there are a few here :). Everyone has been very welcoming here.
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    Fuji About the name - Xtogs - Should we change it?

    I don't know why I laughed so much at this post but I agree with everything here. I like :)
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    Fuji Fuji Demographics?

    Still do have my Yashica Mat! I love it too much to sell it. The only problem nowadays is whenever it comes out I get a "What's that?" comment or a "that is one COOL camera". Everyone wants to touch it!
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    Fuji Fuji Demographics?

    I'm probably one of the younger ones - 24. I'm in a field (architecture) where every man and his dog carries around a camera, and a few very close friends were film enthusiasts. I used a Yashica Mat 124G before film developing in Melbourne just got way too expensive - there was a lot of joy in...
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    [Image-heavy] Travelling with the X100 (Europe & Other Places)

    Thank you for all the nice comments. Coming to Venice in winter had two advantages - firstly being that no one was there, and secondly the large amount of mist and fog allowing for a little bit of a different perspective of the city. I have to admit though sometimes I felt that I didn't have to...
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    [Image-heavy] Travelling with the X100 (Europe & Other Places)

    Thank you so much for your kind words - I would still say I'm a mighty beginner myself so I'm not too sure about tips haha. One thing I did learn was it was definitely not a camera that you could give to a friendly tourist to take a photo of you and your beloved - the focus missed every single...
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    [Image-heavy] Travelling with the X100 (Europe & Other Places)

    Hello! Besides my welcome & introduction this is my first post to Xtogs, so hopefully all goes well :D I have recently gotten back from a trip to Korea and Europe. My partner and I had packed with us the X100 and a Olympus E-P3 with three lenses (Oly12mm, PL25mm, Oly45mm). Only recently have I...
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    Fuji Hello from Melbourne!

    Thank you for the welcomes everyone :)
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    Fuji Hello from Melbourne!

    Hi, I have been an avid forum follower at, but my favourite camera is my X100. I recently did an overseas trip and that camera spent most of the time on my hip, and boy, did it perform well! (As a reward for its good work, I visited the Gariz workshop and decked the camera out :))...
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    Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2012

    I totally forgot this was happening, and lets just say I had a bit of a shock when I came into the city. Great images, thank you!
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    Hello from Melbourne, Australia!

    Thank you for the kind wishes, I'm looking forward to sharing some photos :)
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