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  1. photogfollett

    Fuji Fuji X cameras replacement to my film cameras?

    Having been a strictly film photographer for 40 years and swearing that I would never go over to the "dark side" of digital cameras, I found myself beginning to shoot almost entirely digital a year ago beginning with a Leica D-Lux 5 and then and then an X-10. All of my film photography for the...
  2. photogfollett

    Fuji At the zoo with the X10

    After suffering the doldrums with not much picture taking lately, I spent the day at the zoo with my 3 year old grand daughter and the X10. Needless to say, grandpa was exhausted by the end of the was my grand daughter. :smile: Thanks for viewing.
  3. photogfollett

    Fuji X10 photos from Oregon

    My wife and I spent 5 days in Oregon for the 4th of July holiday at her aunt's ranch. I put the X10 through some serious paces taking a couple of hundred images. Here's a few samples from the ranch. Thanks for looking. :smile:
  4. photogfollett

    6 days, 2600 miles, X10 on a motorcycle..

    I just got back from a 6 day, 2600 mile motorcycle trip with a friend that went from Southern California to Route 66 to the Grand Canyon, to Utah and Monument Valley, Canyonlands N.P., The Arches N.P., Bryce N.P., Zion N.P., Las Vegas, SoCal and then back home to the S.F. Bay Area. While just...
  5. photogfollett

    Fuji X10....O.K. I'm in

    After struggling with issues with my D-Lux 5 since February, I finally threw in the towel and returned the second one and replaced it with the X10. The Leica took beautiful images (except for the black blobs in the pictures after being repaired) but I couldn't learn to "get over" the LCD...
  6. photogfollett

    Hello from NorCal

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I've gotten alot of great information from this forum and and seen many, many great pics from its members. Anyway, I'm from Northern California, just south of San Francisco. I've been taking pictures for almost 40 years now, graduating from 35mm to 120mm film...
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