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    Share: Architecture

    I've always had an interest in architecture (hence why I'm trying very hard to earn that "Architect" badge), and love to see how other people see our built environment. It would be great to see some pictures posted here of what people deem as interesting architecture (to them), be it an...
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    [Image-heavy] Travelling with the X100 (Europe & Other Places)

    Hello! Besides my welcome & introduction this is my first post to Xtogs, so hopefully all goes well :D I have recently gotten back from a trip to Korea and Europe. My partner and I had packed with us the X100 and a Olympus E-P3 with three lenses (Oly12mm, PL25mm, Oly45mm). Only recently have I...
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    Fuji Hello from Melbourne!

    Hi, I have been an avid forum follower at, but my favourite camera is my X100. I recently did an overseas trip and that camera spent most of the time on my hip, and boy, did it perform well! (As a reward for its good work, I visited the Gariz workshop and decked the camera out :))...
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    Hello from Melbourne, Australia!

    Hi Everyone, I became aware of seriouscompacts through Amin's other site, Mu-43. I am loving my time there so I thought I would say hello here too! (Also, so I can also talk about non m43 cameras!) I look forward to learning from everyone here, it seems like an exciting and vibrant...
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