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  1. kathyh

    A day out on the water with the Olympus E-M5

    Great series. I really like the one with the 2 small boats with the colourful sails.
  2. kathyh

    The Requisite Cat (Kitty) Photo thread

    James - a great series.
  3. kathyh

    The Requisite Cat (Kitty) Photo thread

    archie by kh1942, on Flickr Archie relaxing on the patio
  4. kathyh

    May Prompts - So How's it Going? - Days 20-31

    Congratulations to all who finished or almost finished and apologies for not looking and commenting. I gave up half way through owing to computer problems which meant that it took about 5 minutes for each image to load and I'm afraid I ran out of patience.
  5. kathyh

    Congratulations to ...

    Congrats Bart on a great image.
  6. kathyh

    Show "Flowers"

    Lady's slipper orchids from a walk this afternoon with E-m5 and 45mm. _5300031.jpg by kh1942, on Flickr _5300028.jpg by kh1942, on Flickr I think they will end up looking the same. The first shot is of a more mature orchid so it's darker coloured.
  7. kathyh

    Now On Sale - "a single in january" (UPDATED...2 versions of book)

    Single in January (soft cover) arrived today. Looks terrific. Can't wait till I have time to really study it.
  8. kathyh

    The Weekly Challenge 25 - 30 May.

    _5270016.jpg by kh1942, on Flickr Batman runs in the Ottawa Marathon
  9. kathyh

    May Prompts - So How's it Going? - Days 20-31

    I think I'm out. My computer has developed a major case of go slow. It takes forever to upload an image and trying to look and comment on anybody else's is next to impossible. If I can get the computer working properly again fairly quickly I may reconsider. Well done those who have already...
  10. kathyh

    Congratulations to:-

    Congratulations on a great shot.
  11. kathyh

    Comment by 'kathyh' in media 'High point'

    Very clever. I like the red light in the monotonic scene.
  12. fire


  13. kathyh

    May Prompts - So How's it Going? - Days 20-31

    Put up 4 more this morning but I have lost my list so I don't what I've done and haven't done.
  14. signs


  15. movement4


  16. 10_pm


    Actually 9:45 but it will have to do.
  17. Air (up in it)

    Air (up in it)

  18. kathyh

    A-Z Tour 2012

    D (4/4) ducks by kh1942, on Flickr
  19. kathyh

    The Weekly Challenge 11 - 16 May.

    Friends by kh1942, on Flickr
  20. kathyh

    The May Prompts - So How's it Going? - Days 11-20

    Got busy this morning and processed and posted some shots and am now up to 15. Hard ones left though.
  21. Work and worker

    Work and worker

  22. Wood


  23. Patterns


  24. Out of focus

    Out of focus

  25. One colour

    One colour

  26. Close up

    Close up

  27. Black


  28. kathyh

    Congratulations to ...

    Congratulations BB. A great shot.
  29. kathyh

    The May Prompts - So How's it Going? - Days 11-20

    Haven't done anything for a few days. Have to get back on track.
  30. kathyh

    Leica what does everyone think about the X2?

    I am totally underwhelmed by the X2. When the X1 came out it's image quality went a long way to make up for its other defects. But that's no longer the case. In Reid reviews he compares it to the FujiX100, the Ricoh (I forget) and the Pentax K01 and it consistently ranks third in his tests. Not...
  31. kathyh

    Comment by 'kathyh' in media 'absence and presence'

    Excellent interpretation. Good shot too.
  32. kathyh

    Comment by 'kathyh' in media 'Chiaroscuro'

    I love this.
  33. kathyh

    Comment by 'kathyh' in media 'a worm's eye view'

  34. kathyh

    Comment by 'kathyh' in media '10pm'

    Very cool shot.
  35. kathyh

    Comment by 'kathyh' in media 'Summertime'

    I like the back light and the shallow dof.
  36. kathyh

    Comment by 'kathyh' in media 'Tension (cat teases dog)'

    Good take on the theme. I like the way you've made Oscar and Lucy stand out on the patterned carpet.
  37. Song


  38. Time has passed

    Time has passed

    Statue of Champlain. It's the 400th anniversary of Champlain's first trip to Ottawa (not that's it was called that then.)
  39. despair


  40. Worm's eye view

    Worm's eye view

  41. simplicity


  42. kathyh

    The Weekly Challenge 4 - 9 May.

    Skyscape by kh1942, on Flickr E-M5 14mm f2.5
  43. kathyh

    Expired FS: Sony R1

    FS: for cost of shipping Sony R1.
  44. In the kitchen

    In the kitchen

  45. Addiction


  46. kathyh

    Running through Paris. Strolling wasn't an option.

    Some great shots. I particularly like the the dog with the man in striped trousers. The Sony R1 was the first digital camera I owned. The image quality is excellent but for me, the ergonomics didn't work. I still have it shoved away in the back of a closet somewhere. If anybody is really...
  47. kathyh

    Comment by 'kathyh' in media 'Conspicuos absence of people.'

    Nice bit of sky though.
  48. kathyh

    Comment by 'kathyh' in media '"Summertime"'

    I wondered how the Aussies would cope with this theme. Beautifully done. I can almost smell them.
  49. kathyh

    Comment by 'kathyh' in media 'Fire, in the Sky'

    Lovely colours.
  50. kathyh

    Comment by 'kathyh' in media 'movement'

    I though you were speeding by the car. Very clever.
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