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  1. Howi

    Have I gone completely mad? (Sony DSC-RX10)

    Just bought a (new) Sony DSC-RX10 (yes! the original, not the mk2 or mk3) bridge camera. £629 with 2 year guarantee. I have and had, many 43 and m43 cameras starting with the E500 and have been more than happy with the format. So! why the change? Every time I go on holiday or even a day out for...
  2. Howi

    Expired For Sale: Metz 48 AF-1 digital flash for Only/Pan | Location: UK | Ships: UK

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Metz 48 AF-1 digital flash for Only/Pan What are your prices? £100 ono Where are you located? UK Where are you willing to to ship? UK Description super condition flash for Olympus and Panasonic 4/3 or...
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