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    Sony Original RX1 vs RX1r2 rendering, which is better?

    With the Sony trade-in promotion and instant rebates, now is a good time to buy an A7RII. I recently purchased an A7RII and Zeiss 24-70/4 from B&H, and by trading in an old, no longer used Canon digital Rebel, I knocked better than $1100.00 off the cost of the combination. I believe a similar...
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    Sony RX1R flash not charging

    Have you tried resetting the camera to the default settings?
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    Sony Savannah!

    Great shots as usual, Ray! I particularly like the smooth tones of the B&W images. It's been a while since I was last in Savannah, but I've spent lots of time in recent years in New Orleans, a disorderly and less sanitized, but equally beautiful, member of the subset of American cities that...
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    Sony Checking out an RX1Rm2

    Great images as usual, Ray. Here's hoping that Sony develops lossless compressed raw, and finds a way not to drop capture to 12 bits when shooting in continuous drive mode.
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    Sony Checking out an RX1Rm2

    Nice to hear from you, Ray. Like you, I'm tempted by the auto ISO and AF of the Mark II. And is the start-up faster with the Mark II? The crippled auto ISO and slow start-up of the original are the two flaws that keep nagging at me, although they haven't tormented me enough to cause me to...
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    Sony Best memory for RX1R

    I've been using a 32 GB SanDisk Extreme SD card in my RX1 for three years. It has been fine, and large enough to easily hold all images from my various week-long vacations . . . but I don't know how prolific a shooter you are. When I travel, I also carry a 1TB Sanho Colorspace portable hard...
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    Sony Might the RX1R M2 bring a Firmware update for our older RX1R ?

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Sony WILL issue a firmware update for the original RX1 once sales of the Mark 2 settle down. I can't think of any reason why Sony wouldn't at least update the Mark 1's auto ISO implementation. Maybe Sony will even improve the start-up time and AF of the...
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    Sony RX1 User's entry UK Mountain Photo Comp 2015

    Great photos. The RX1 is more versatile than you would think. I recently spent a few days hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and decided to carry only my RX1. I expected to regret my decision at times, but as it turned out, I never felt that I needed any other camera/focal...
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    Sony Couple of questions on the FDA-EV1MK viewfinder

    I don't think it is possible to have the EVF always on. As far as I know, there is no way to disable the proximity sensor on the EVF. However, you do have a couple of options for keeping the LCD off until you want it on. The first option is to set "Finder/LCD Setting" to "manual" in the RX1R...
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    Sony RX1R and Lightroom

    I shoot raw plus jpeg, use Camera Raw, and for the most part process only raws. I set up ACR with unique sharpening and noise reduction settings for each ISO, with +1 saturation and +5 vibrance. Normally, I use either the Camera Standard camera profile or a Huelight CF Standard profile I...
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    Sony Couple of questions on the FDA-EV1MK viewfinder

    I wear eyeglasses. I use the smaller of the two eyecups. The field of view is not complete unless I move my eye around, but not much is missing. I bought my EVF new, and I have not followed the prices of used EVFs. However, I consider the EVF to be indispensable. I have not taken mine off...
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    Sony RX1 or RX1R

    I have used only an RX1 and haven't noticed much moire with it, although I suspect it exists. For one thing, the RX1 is said to have a weak AA filter. However, according to sources like Imaging Resource, the RX1R, as you would expect, is more susceptible to moire than the RX1. Imaging...
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    Sony $511 Sony repair estimate for RX1

    The repair shop may be correct, but in 2.5 years of using an RX1 and following the RX1 on various forums, this is the first I've heard that the display on the RX1 is trashy and commonly in need of repair.
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    Sony New to RX1(R) would love some guidance please

    Re high ISO, I've attached a photo taken at ISO 16,000 that I had handy. It might give you an idea of the RX1's capability. There is an ACR/Lightroom profile for the RX1 lens. It very closely duplicates the in-camera corrections when enabled. Most of the time, though, I don't use the ACR...
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    Sony New to RX1(R) would love some guidance please

    My answers to your first set of questions: 1. My understanding is that the in-camera lens corrections (shading, chromatic aberration, and distortion) apply only to in-camera jpegs EXCEPT shading, which is also applied to raw. I've read that enabling shading with the RX1 exaggerates...
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    Sony RX2 Speculation and wish list

    The macro-ring focusing trick is pretty cool. Basically, you can manually focus using the macro ring, and the focus will stay approximately where you set it even after the camera is turned off. You can even engage focus assist (magnification and peaking) while focusing. After focusing with...
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    Sony RX2 Speculation and wish list

    I agree with these, and would add faster start-up, faster AF, better flash implementation (for fill flash), lossless raw compression, built-in EVF, and a more effective way to select AF points. The critical one is minimum shutter speed control in auto ISO. It's baffling to me that this isn't a...
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    Sony Tricked out RX1

    Yeah, I love that case. Handling and operating a camera is a big part of the pleasure I get from photography, and the Luigi case beautifully enhances the look and feel of the RX1.
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    Sony Tricked out RX1

    Here you go. I keep my RX1 set to manual focus and have the "C" button programmed to AF/MF Control Hold. This allows me to lock focus by pressing and releasing the "C" button. I also have "AEL w/ shutter" set to "On" so I can lock exposure by half-pressing the shutter release. On the mode...
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    Sony Tricked out RX1

    I've put an Abrahamsson mini soft release on my RX1 with no problems . . . but I don't think that should be the last thing you add to your RX1. No, you need the EVF, too. Damn the cost! I've had my EVF for about a year now, and I've never taken it off. At this point, I almost never use the...
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    Sony Sony RX1 as main camera?

    I'm not a professional, but the RX1 is far and away my most-used camera, and has been for the past two years. In fact, it is my favorite camera of all time, despite a few niggles that kind of drive me crazy (re-setting of focus in sleep mode followed by s-l-o-w start-up is my main complaint...
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    Sony RX1 / R Firmware update!

    Perhaps it is correct to say that Sony doesn't, or won't, update the RX1/R firmware, but it is not correct to say that Sony doesn't update camera firmware in general. In the past year, Sony has provided firmware updates for the A7 and A7R, the QX10 and QX100, and the RX10. There are...
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    Sony Showcase RX1 Images

    Great shot, and I'm pleased that there apparently is at least one party my daughters have missed. Or maybe they're just outside the frame.
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    Sony RX1 Water protection?

    A DiCAPac case might work well for your purposes. The DiCAPac case I have (for my GF1 with its 20/1.7 lens) would be too small for the lens on the RX1, but you could inquire with DiCAPac about which case would best fit the RX1. I've used my DiCAPac case for snorkeling, surfing, and boating...
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    Sony "AF On" and manual mode

    I have my focus mode dial set to manual focus and my C button set to AF/MF control hold, and that's how I usually focus. My left button is set to AF/MF control toggle, so I sometimes switch to AF that way or with the focus mode dial, either to use the shutter button to lock focus or, like Ray...
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    Sony Monochrome Full frame RX camera ?

    No, I would not buy a monochrome-only camera. Although many of my images become B&W images, I would never want to give up the option of a color image. So, I would be forced to always carry two cameras, the monochrome and a camera capable of producing color images. While I always carry one...
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    Sony Minimum Shutter Speed?

    Count me among those who wish we could set a minimum shutter speed in auto ISO . . . but we can't. So, I've developed a serviceable workaround: memory 1 (on the mode dial) is set to manual exposure, auto ISO, and 1/160 shutter speed (which is pretty much always a safe shutter speed for me with...
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    Sony Dead LCD

    The RX1 firmware already allows two options for turning the LCD on and off whenever you want. One option is to set "Finder/LCD Setting" to manual and use the button on the side of the EVF. The other option is to assign "Deactivate the LCD" to one of the programmable buttons.
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    Sony New guy with questions....

    Here's a link to the Heliopan hood: And here's where you can find information about the Leicatime case for an RX1: My Leicatime case is black leather with a non-detachable...
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    Sony New guy with questions....

    Help you with your GAS? I'd love to! On my RX1, I use a collapsible rubber Heliopan lens hood, which I prefer to the counterfeit Sony hood I first tried. The Heliopan hood provides more protection yet collapses out of the way for filters and storage. (I keep a B+W UV filter on the lens, and...
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    Sony RX1 Lens Distortion

    The RX1 distortion reported by DxO Mark and others is barrel distortion. That's not what's causing the appearance of stretching in the OP's images, and correcting the barrel distortion in camera or in Lightroom/ACR increases the appearance of stretching. The stretching is caused by placing an...
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    Sony RX1 Lens Distortion

    If your RX1 shows unusual and pronounced stretching throughout the frame, then I would conclude that your camera/lens is defective. In my experience, and apparently in the experience of professional reviewers, the distortion of the RX1 is neither excessive nor particularly unusual for a 35mm...
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    Sony RX1 Lens Distortion

    It's not just egotistical owners who don't complain about excessive RX1 edge distortion; professional reviewers don't either. But if the edge distortion of your RX1 offends you, return or sell it, or don't place human subjects at the extreme edge of the frame.
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    Sony RX1 Lens Distortion

    The appearance of stretching with the RX1 is not excessive to me, and I haven't had a problem with it. In fact, I am not aware of any wide-angle to moderately wide-angle lens that does not show some stretching distortion at the edges of the frame, especially when subjects are placed to the...
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    Sony A handful of RX1 photographs

    Thanks for the tips, oliveview. In addition to lowering saturation for blown-out reds, you could try lowering luminance. I've also found my RX1 files can take -- and even need -- a large amount of sharpening, if by sharpening you mean capture sharpening in LR or Camera Raw. I'd be interested...
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    Sony back from trip and innitial RX1 feedback...

    Sometimes I use a wrist strap, and sometimes I use a neck strap. When I use a neck strap, I tilt the EVF up so it is not triggered and so the eye cup does not snag on my clothes.
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    Sony back from trip and innitial RX1 feedback...

    The settings I use (described above) mean the LCD is on only when I deliberately turn it on, the EVF is on only when the EVF is to my eye, and neither is on at the same time. You could combine my settings with a power saving start time of 30 minutes (apparently the maximum allowable) and reduce...
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    Sony RX1 - Focus selection in portrait photography

    The problem I have with the small focus box is that it focuses poorly regardless of where I place it. My RX1 focuses well with the center point and poorly with the flexible point, so I don't use the flexible point.
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    Sony back from trip and innitial RX1 feedback...

    I have viewfinder brightness set to auto, and LCD brightness set to manual (+1). LCD quality is standard. My Finder/LCD setting is manual, not auto, and auto review is off. My Leicatime case has a flap that covers the LCD screen. So, I rely on the EVF, which is off until I bring the camera...
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    Sony RX1 - Focus selection in portrait photography

    I found focusing with the flexible spot to be very poor (lots of hunting and misfocus), so I never use it. Instead, I most often use the center point focus, then recompose. Face detection and tracking focus also work well.
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    Sony To R or not to R

    Imaging Resource has a good comparison of files from the RX1 and the RX1R. In a nutshell, they conclude the R jpegs have significantly more resolution, while the resolution difference in the raws is appreciable only with very close pixel peeping. They also observed more moire, aliasing, and...
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    Sony LCD Brightness settings?

    Is your RX1 in a case? My Leicatime case obscures the LCD brightness sensor, so the camera thinks I am always indoors in dim light, and the LCD is accordingly dimmed. This makes the auto setting useless outdoors. Perhaps your LCD protective shield is also obscuring the sensor. I usually keep...
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    Another video question...

    Regarding RX1 video, does anyone know what the recommended settings are (AVCHD, 60i 17M(FH), steady shot, etc.)?
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    Sony LCD Brightness settings?

    And you can't customize the functions that are selected when you use the Function button. The Function button is programmed to call up smile detect and auto portrait framing, but not quality or LCD brightness. Really? I've dealt with this by keeping the Menu button set so that LCD brightness...
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    Sony Count me in.

    Congratulations! The RX1 is a great camera. I have four batteries, although I've never needed more than two in a day. Nevertheless, if I were you, I'd purchase a third. This is especially true if you get the EVF (which I strongly recommend -- it transforms the camera), as the EVF seems to...
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    Sony OEM RX1 hood

    This is speculation, but I believe the vents are designed to reduce the amount of flash light blocked by the hood.
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    Sony How would you describe the low-light performance?

    I've had my RX1 for about a year and have no complaints about low-light focusing. (And by "low light," I include situations where I've used my RX1 at ISO 25,600, f/2, 1/125.) My RX1 focuses reliably and accurately, and neither quickly nor slowly. I use center point AF almost exclusively...
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    Sony RX1 set up tips?

    "In regards to min shutter speed, by switching to A mode, you are telling it to control ss, so why complain when it does? You have the ability to override it in M mode and it STILL does all the fuzzy calculations for you to get exposure right on. The Rx1 has some quirks, but i dont think this is...
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    Sony N00b questions - RX1 shutter priority mode and autofocus

    In Auto mode, only multi AF is available. You can select Center and Flexible Spot in Program mode, though, which is very similar to Auto. Af and DMF modes are the same except that DMF allows manual focus adjustment after autofocus is achieved. I don't know what's going on with your S mode...
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    Sony RX1 set up tips?

    I usually shoot raw plus B&W jpeg, so you may want to give that a try. I've found the B&W jpegs to be very versatile. In terms of recommended setings, many of us shoot our RX1 with focus separated from the shutter release. For example, I usually have the front control dial set to MF. My "c"...
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