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  1. bilzmale

    Show "RED"

    My son's pride and joy.
  2. bilzmale

    Selective colour in Luminar 4.

    Found this interesting video from Dave Kelly showing how to use the B&W tool to reintroduce selective colour(s). Jump straight to Saturation sliders (ie do not convert to B&W first) as this screenshot shows.
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    Show "Flowers"

  4. bilzmale

    Leaf Fall.

    I often regret (photographically) that in Australia we don't have a fall season but here in mid-summer we can get a leaf buildup. Here is a selection of treatments from the driveway.
  5. bilzmale


    Illawarra Flame Trees are native to Eastern Australia but are commonly used as street trees in the west. Its botanic name is Brachychiton acerifolius but as kids we referred to them as Kurrajongs or 'itchy powder' trees. The latter referred to the seed pods that contained an uncomfortable fine...
  6. bilzmale

    Film If you could only have one (film) camera for the rest of your life?

    One from left field - an Olympus OM-4.
  7. bilzmale

    How's weather at your place?

    Word for the Day:- virga - rain that does not reach the ground.
  8. bilzmale

    What's your oldest "living" digital camera?

    I have a Panasonic FZ50 that my son used to use (until he got a smartphone). Got me hooked on superzooms.
  9. bilzmale

    Are we SiJ'ing next month?

    Sue, I'm imaging January to not be prescriptive about 'Single' or 'Daily'. If it is sharing the start of a new decade or as some will more correctly note, the end of a decade, I'm interested. Like Matt, I would like to complete the 9 month cycle in April leading to a SiJ in 2021.
  10. bilzmale

    How's weather at your place?

    Here in the west we had a cool change yesterday 25C. Unfortunately for the fires in the east it will arrive there next week with strong winds and little or no rain. It did help with our fire situation. Back up to 36C for Christmas.
  11. bilzmale

    Me and PD.

    The next topic I wanted to raise (back before I faded out) was what I learned from my 3 visits with the speech pathologist at the Fremantle Hospital Clinic. All muscle systems can be affected in PD but swallowing and speaking difficulty are one of the earlier signs. I had to become aware of...
  12. bilzmale

    How's weather at your place?

    Today is the 5th day with temps hovering around 40C. So far this month the average is 5 degrees above the long term average.
  13. bilzmale

    Me and PD.

    It is over 3 months since I posted here. My depression got bad again and my apathy said 'give up'. So I did. I am actually OK at the moment and have been for several weeks now (as far as depression goes). While depressed I felt I should not continue this thread and believed I was being...
  14. bilzmale

    Help A couple of ???

    The heart should be the third icon in when you place the cursor over Like in the bottom right of the post. Can't help with the rotation.
  15. bilzmale

    Micro 4/3 Since some have asked ... a mini-review of the Olympus OM-D E-M5 III

    Hello Peter, I haven't seen you on here for a while. I see from your avatar pic that you have not aged much. :biggrin:
  16. bilzmale


    A sweet little instrument Tony. For your personal collection or are you now taking orders?
  17. bilzmale

    How many cameras do you currently own?

    Luke, I did have just the two fixed lenses but I do have a soft spot for MFT - may go back to basics in 2020.
  18. bilzmale

    How many cameras do you currently own?

    Too many - Sony RX10 III, Fuji X100T, Oly E-M1.1, Oly E-PL2, Pana Gx7, Pana GF1 (IR converted). Also 7 MFT lenses.
  19. bilzmale

    Some Graphs Just Make It Clear

    Another factor often overlooked (imho) is that cameras have pretty much plateaued in their development so that next year's models will likely not have compelling features to upgrade. Phone cameras are still improving but may be close to plateauing too.
  20. bilzmale

    Show "Tower"

    Paronella Park near Innisfail in Queensland (Sept 2007).
  21. bilzmale

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge #24: Childhood

    Here's one from 1973 (scanned from slide). Not sure who the biggest kid is - my wife or our son.
  22. bilzmale

    How's weather at your place?

    41.6C yesterday - a record for earliest Dec day over 40. November was the hottest on record (3 degrees above average). Today's forecast is for 37, then 39 and 41. Relief on the weekend down to 27C.
  23. bilzmale

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge #23: HOT!

    A good result Pierre - thanks Jim for your active promotion of this challenge. A small question - didn't these challenges run fortnightly?
  24. bilzmale

    Software DxO Nik Collection 2 rumoured soon.

    I've avoided this upgrade as it's bundled with a basic version of DxO PhotoLab. As I already own PLab Elite there is no incentive for existing users to upgrade. Smells like a marketing strategy.
  25. bilzmale

    RX10 MkIV -- Six months into the mission

    My experience with the III is very similar to yours Jock with one notable exception. My GAS cure lasted about 18 months and I now have a large collection of used MFT gear in 2019.
  26. bilzmale

    How's weather at your place?

    As Sue said very hot in the West, around 40 today, 37C yesterday with two more hot ones to come. And some idiots still deliberately set fires . :doh::wtf:
  27. bilzmale

    Show "Reflections"

    With apologies to the OP.
  28. bilzmale

    Show: Birds

    This is from a photo taken with the P100-300mm lens cropped to about 50%, sharpened in Topaz Sharpen AI and enlarged to original size in Topaz Gigapixel AI. Here is the original.
  29. bilzmale

    The New House at Number 35.

    A bit tidier this week.
  30. bilzmale

    Post an image of yours related to the one above it!

    Central Australia.
  31. bilzmale

    Micro 4/3 Micro 4/3 samples

    My bargain Gx7 with 100-300mm arrived today. First test shots - camera was still set to jpg so these have had a levels adjustment in On1 with a very light sharpening.
  32. bilzmale

    A Hypothetical question on Filosofical Friday

    At my age, I find the pressing and pointing on a phone too much of a hassle. I like something I can hold and adjust manually, but for my grandkids and even my kids a smart phone is the go. I also find cameras to be mechanical/electronic machines of beauty.
  33. bilzmale

    Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

    Walter it is part of an Australian Grass Tree or Xanthorrea. This specimen was in neighbour's garden but died and was removed. My pic shows the crown from underneath. This specimen would have been hundreds of years old. Here is a stock photo showing a living specimen.
  34. bilzmale

    Fuji Showcase M42

    Hello and welcome to the forum Coksic. You have published some lovely images - I hope you stick around.
  35. bilzmale

    "Show" Mushrooms

    Harry I've been using On1 for years and it is my preferred editor. On1 has plenty of video tutorials and youtube is full of third party videos as well.
  36. bilzmale

    Topaz Mask AI released.

    The next of Topaz' AI offerings is a remake of Remask 5. It is not cheap at $100 but as usual there is a discount for early adopters ($70). I've spent a few hours playing today with mixed results. It is a bit buggy still and there is very minimal instructional material yet at Topaz. If you...
  37. bilzmale

    Micro 4/3 Micro 4/3 samples

    The first spring flush of the roses is almost done.
  38. bilzmale

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge 22: Neighbor - results in

    Congrats Jim and thanks Don.
  39. bilzmale

    Mucking about with HDR software.

    PS: the montage and text annotation were done in the free version of Photoscape X. It is easy to use and would suit beginners with the option to upgrade to the Pro version to add layers, gradients etc. It works with RAW and is available for Win and Mac.
  40. bilzmale

    Mucking about with HDR software.

    Thanks Luke and Bobby. I decided on the montage as I find it easier than having to scroll through large separate images. Personally the 'old faithful', Photomatix is my preference. This was not a very scientific exercise and with more tweaking and/or bigger bracket the results may differ again.
  41. bilzmale

    At last, I have a home page/blog

    Well done Jock.
  42. bilzmale

    Mucking about with HDR software.

    It's not a secret that I'm a keen software collector and tryer-outer. When I was putting the 2020 version of On1 Photo RAW to the test I was disappointed with how it merged a 3 photo exposure bracket from the X100T (+1. 0, -1). So also owning Aurora 2019, Photomatix Pro 6.1.1 and Franzis HDR...
  43. bilzmale

    The New House at Number 35.

    The wall will be cement rendered to match the house. The wall is built in "Fastwall" bricks - cheap and nasty and never left exposed. I agree about the 'trim' on the house - bit of a 'dog's dinner' and will date very quickly. The block is small but plot ratios have been rising and the Aussie...
  44. bilzmale

    The New House at Number 35.

    The builders seem to have finished and the owners are not yet in but are hiring contractors for projects like the front wall.
  45. bilzmale

    Fuji Let's start talking about the X-Pro 3

    An early review from
  46. bilzmale

    GAS: Please Share your Latest Acquisitions Big and Small

    A bit stunned that I've just won a Panasonic Gx7 with the 100-300mm lens for $405 AUD ($270 USD). Shutter count less than 1000 and comes with uv filter and 3 batteries. Below is the actual ebay shot. I now have 4 m4/3 bodies and 6 lenses. Might have to offload the Sony RX10M3. :thumbup:
  47. bilzmale

    Sigma Sigma fp. No one saw that coming.

    Another 'hands-on' from Ephotozine with samples.
  48. bilzmale

    Micro 4/3 Finally tried some focus bracketing.

    Walter, this technique is mostly used with small subjects and a macro lens. This is the first time I've got it to work so got excited and shared the result - it is overkill for a glass of flowers. Now to try it with my macro lens. Btw once the camera menu is set up it only takes one shutter...
  49. bilzmale

    Micro 4/3 Finally tried some focus bracketing.

    Here is a RAW taken today and opened on On1 and exported as a jpg with no processing.
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