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    The Ring of Power

    Wow, this sure flopped, lol. This is pretty typical of where this board is: it's about hardware, and not about technique or actual photography. I've noticed that actual photo posts get far less response than talking about putting a 20th century lens on a 21st century camera, or drooling over...
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    Fuji Does My X-A1 Make the X100T Unnecessary?

    Very much in agreement on the 23mm f/1.4. If Panasonic has something quality wise with the LX100 kind of like the LX7 I used to have (and also miss, lol) then it could be a winner. That was a great camera/lens combo. Hope it's more like that.
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    Fuji Does My X-A1 Make the X100T Unnecessary?

    Get used X-E2 and another lens for what you'd pay for the X100T. That said, I miss my X100S and think it's one of the best, if not THE best fixed lens platforms on the planet. Any planet. I'm waiting to hear more on the LX100 lens quality. That was the downfall on the Panny LF1 for me...
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    How about some 19th Century Urbex? Or, is it Rurex? Oh, never mind.

    Lovely shots! Maybe it's "village-ex"... certainly it's "ex-village", lol.
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    Fuji Feedback On Photo Article

    I think it's a good primer on thinking through a shoot -- something which too often isn't done (and I've been guilty of that myself, lol). My only comment is that for many these days the available "attention span" is not what it used to be. I often try to use smaller paragraphs (therefore...
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    Fuji Featured: 'Eastern Sierra Landscapes' by Stephen S

    Lovely photos of a lovely place!
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    The Ring of Power

    A buddy at work asked me to do something different for an engagement shoot. I suggested he let me write a story and shoot it in an abandoned textile mill and he pitched my outline to his fiance and she agreed. So, I took a bunch of Aputure radio controls, 4 strobes, a lightweight travel...
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    The Urbex Tour Guide

    Well, here's some from a place where nobody is dying. Went back to "Embersville" which was a large state hospital and wandered the underground utility, steam, and staff tunnels to see what I could find. More documentary than art mostly, but it was a fun thing to do on a rainy day. It ALWAYS...
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    Fuji Narrow your horizons

    The X-M1 is a bargain indeed. I love mine although mostly it's on a tripod. It's light and has all the Fuji quality. Didn't do much with the 27mm, I preferred the 18mm but I'm a wide angle shooter mostly. Nice blog post also -- you write well!
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    Fuji Participating in my first gallery show

    Thanks, all. The opening went well. At first, it was like nobody was coming, lol -- then the place filled up and for awhile it was very busy. I didn't get many photos of the busier times because I was busy chatting with folks. Met a lot of cool and very talented photographers there. It...
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    Fuji Considering switching to Fuji - looking for thoughts and suggestions

    You can't lose whatever you pick, lol. Fuji's WORST lenses are still very, very good. I think if you are used to a "normal" view lens, the 35mm is a great place to start -- and you'll probably keep it forever. I ran around with a film SLR for decades with just a 50mm on it so I have no...
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    Fuji A case for going entirely "mirrorless"?

    I print 24"x36" from my X-E2 and X-M1 (in fact, I'm in a gallery show -- finally, lol -- opening tomorrow) and I use PhotoNinja for critical work. But I use it to create a 16-bit TIFF that is a "pseudo RAW" and don't try to get my final look out of it. That can often be done as a series of...
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    Cherry Grove Pier

    Lovely! Wish I lived near such subjects. I didn't get down to the Outer Banks this year -- ended up in Missouri visiting in-laws (which I did enjoy a great deal, lol) but I didn't even see the coast this year.
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    Fuji X100T Improvements

    It's a beast! Would have been quicker to list the things it DOESN'T do, lol.
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    Fuji X-T1 Red Peaking on B&W Film Simulation

    I don't shoot in native B/W but that's a good thought. I use focus peaking a lot in my urbex work. I did a shoot recently in totally dark basement rooms with people modeling and had to use a flashlight to light them and prefocus with focus peaking, followed by turning off the flashlight and...
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    Fuji Considering switching to Fuji - looking for thoughts and suggestions

    You can see what I'm shooting in my signature. I absolutely love the X-E2 after coming to Fuji via Sony NEX and micro four thirds. I was for many years a dedicated Nikon DSLR user with a pair of D7000's before I went on a "smaller, lighter" quest. I think the X-E2 is very flexible, light and...
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    2014 Danville Concours D'Elegance

    It and the Tucker are two of what I consider the coolest cars ever made.
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    2014 Danville Concours D'Elegance

    Because of the shape of the front, Cord's were often referred to as "coffin-nosed". Quite distinctive.
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    2014 Danville Concours D'Elegance

    Nice! And that's more Cord's than I've ever seen in one place.
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    Fuji Processing raw x20 in camera...DR setting

    The Fuji's, when I use them in JPG, definitely kick the butt of my old D7000. My X-E2 in particular makes me very happy with no "itch" to look for a better platform (at least for now, lol).
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    Fuji Processing raw x20 in camera...DR setting

    I thought the X20 was x-trans and not EXR. Perhaps the X20 is different than what I am discussing. Might want to ask Rico directly. Regardless, the RAW file is affected by DR settings -- primarily by being underexposed as you suggest.
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    Fuji Processing raw x20 in camera...DR setting

    DR has nothing to do with bracketing. But you are right you can get DR manually but you have to underexpose to capture all highlights for many scenes. Also reread Rico's articles on dynamic range where he shows how certain higher ISO settings can be used to get higher DR. The camera adjusts...
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    B-17's know the way home...

    Thanks, Steve! I wasn't sure where the look I went for came from exactly, but that's pretty much in line with what was in my head. Look/Life magazines and so forth as well with that old printing look.
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    Fuji Processing raw x20 in camera...DR setting

    Yes. The DR setting deliberately underexposes, hence the RAW file is affected. Your metering is altered by the DR setting, basically. The camera knows several "tricks" to maximize DR and if you will look up Rico Pfirstinger's articles (did I spell his name right?) they are some of the best...
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    Fuji Processing raw x20 in camera...DR setting

    I'll take a whack at it. First, you may benefit from understanding how Fuji uses "iso-less" raw files at higher ISO. Take a look at Rico's article on ETTR and down it a ways he explains that: Now that being said, I'm not sure how or at what ISO the...
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    Fuji Don't... blink... (X-M1 & 27mm)

    Looks like you had some fun! You need it in your current state, lol. I find going out with one camera and one prime once in a while very stimulating. Hope you find some more challenges around you. And I hope you heal quickly!
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    B-17's know the way home...

    THANKS! Thanks! Yes, I was forcibly reminded of how thin all those flyboys looked back then -- and they needed to be. I was bigger than Gary and I had a hard time getting through the vertical stanchions in the bomb bay area. The B-24 not so bad but the B-17 is NARROW, lol. One leaves very...
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    Fuji Participating in my first gallery show

    What, you can't hop on over from Australia? Sheesh... :p Thanks!
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    Urbex in Antioch

    Nice shots -- and the 23mm is an absolute favorite of mine as well. That and the 12mm Zeiss take the majority of my urbex and rurex shots.
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    B-17's know the way home...

    Christilou's post made me think of posting these. In August there was an air show at the Aviation Museum of Kentucky in Lexington. Iffy weather grounded the WW-II planes that were supposed to fly, but I managed to get onboard them unescorted and without a bunch of people around and got some...
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    Some Elderly Planes

    Nice "vintage" look! I did the interior of some WW-II bombers about a month or so ago. Maybe I'll post them on the board somewhere -- I've never had a chance to photograph anything like it before.
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    Fuji My blog is back (mostly)

    Thanks, Steve! Hope we can meet up again sometime -- I've been too busy for my own good I think, lol.
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    Fuji xe2(need) xt1(want)

    I'm happier with the rangefinder form-factor. I'm glad to be away from a camera where I am mashing my nose against the back of it to shoot, lol. With the X-E2 I can keep both eyes open in the viewfinder for some "situational awareness" better than I could on the DSLR style body -- and I just...
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    Fuji Metabones on Fuji with M42 Glass

    Not all that interesting to me when Fuji has so many fantastic native lenses. Fujifilm had my interest with the bodies, nailed me into place with the lenses -- although the Zeiss I have I really love as well.
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    Fuji My blog is back (mostly)

    My hosting company deprecated the free blogging software I had and my blog went "Poof!" back in July. I've finally reconstructed the articles at the original URL's so any broken links will mostly work, and I'll be restoring more as time goes on. If you were looking for anything and it was...
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    Fuji Participating in my first gallery show

    I've been showing in restaurants, and a local concert venue chose my photography to decorate the place -- but I've never been invited to participate in a gallery show until now. It's not a major place, lol -- but it's a start. It's in Phoenixville, PA for those that are local that might want...
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    Still around -- a few travel shots

    Whether it's offroad trucks, firearms, or photography -- I end up spending WAY WAY too much time on forums and I've pretty much been staying away. Still like you all though and just re-upped my paid subscription even though I won't be around much. Secondarily: I grow tired of gear arguments...
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    How to properly exposure such pictures?

    Third alternative depending on subject matter is to shoot RAW and pull the shadows a lot in post. If you shoot at low ISO, Fuji's excel at this from my experience. I use HDR a lot in my urbex work, but I am often able to use a single shot where I was absolutely sure I would have to use the HDR...
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    Fuji Focus problems with 27mm lens?

    I'm glad you sorted it out before I saw this thread or I would have been doing some serious bumming and offering you your money back -- which I hate. I'm basically a "Ferengi" from Star Trek and one of the Rules of Acquisition is: "Once you have the customer's money, you never give it back." ;-)
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    Fuji Focus problems with 27mm lens?

    Kyle tells me this has been straightened out pretty much, which is good. I didn't have any problems with it but I never used it in manual focus mode. I actually found it to be a very sharp lens actually -- it's just not as good as the 35mm or as useful as the 23mm to me and it seldom found...
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    Rural Urbex

    Great find! Wish it was closer, lol.
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    Fuji Stupendous deal on "Like New In Box" Fuji X-E2 kits by eBay seller Cameraland

    Ha ha! The X-M1 has turned out to be my tripod camera of choice for the most part, though I did shoot it as my second body at a dance presentation I photographed. It's a good little machine with the Fuji Magic Sensor. X-T1 is attractive -- but just not enough to move... yet!
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    Fuji New XT with 55-200 enjoy the garden my wife has made

    I really like using the 55-200mm like this. I'll be heading out to the local botanical garden soon to do this very sort of thing. The shots (and your wife's garden) are lovely.
  44. entropic remnants

    Fuji Stupendous deal on "Like New In Box" Fuji X-E2 kits by eBay seller Cameraland

    I have to say I really like the X-E2 and have settled into it as my main camera. Despite the charms of the X-T1, I findthe X-E2 a mature camera system worth having. That's a great deal.
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    San Antonio, Texas

    Beautiful architectural shots. Very nice attention to geometry with no distracting "keystoning" as well.
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    Fuji Fujinon 27mm f/2.8; Fujinon 18mm f/2 | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling Fujinon 27mm f/2.8; Fujinon 18mm f/2 Prices 27mm $150 18mm $250 Location USA Ships to USA Description May put up pictures later, but these are optically and functionally perfect. 27mm is pretty much cosmetically...
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    "The Masked Lie"

    Did some pro bono work for a local Christian dance company as they rehearsed their new ballet "The Masked Lie" by Melody Stanert. These are a few of my favorites. All with a handheld X-E2 or X-M1 wearing at various times the 23mm f/1.4, the 35mm f/1.4, and the 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8. Fun night...
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    The Urbex Tour Guide

    My pleasure. If you're into this genre but haven't posted it on Fuji X-Spot, now's the time. I've had some wonderful feedback here so there is an "audience" for it on this forum. Bring on the decay! :-)
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    One more: "Self Portrait with Barbicide"
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