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  1. emerson

    Your best three images from the last year.

    If you're like me, photography is both a pleasure and a frustration. A frustration, because perfection [whatever that is] is always another image away. It seems to me that a thread, over time, could show us how our proficiency and our aesthetic sensibilities evolve. So, please show us three...
  2. emerson

    [WTB] Want to Buy: WTB: RICOH GW-3 and GH-3 | Location: Canada | Ships: Canada

    Classifieds Type Want to Buy Item WTB: RICOH GW-3 and GH-3 My Location Canada Description Offering a good home and interesting travel experiences for a well-behaved and gently used GH-3 and GW-3. Reasonably priced offers, please. Payment Methods Regular PayPal (buyer adds 3% for...
  3. emerson

    Have your FOV preferences changed over time?

    A while back I was contemplating a new camera purchase. I try to keep a leash on my camera spending, and objectifying the selection process is helpful in this. Otherwise, the 'best' camera would be the one I could least afford. I decided to work backward from the photos. That is, I assembled a...
  4. emerson

    Completed For Sale: Fujifilm X100S Black - full kit and original packaging- pristine | Location: CAN | Ships:

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Fujifilm X100S Black - full kit and original packaging- pristine [lowered price] What are your prices? $375 USD [$499 CDN] and shipping at cost via Canada Post Where are you located? CAN Where are you...
  5. emerson

    Ricoh GR3: No rocker switch, less dust intrusion?

    There's some speculation on Ricoh fora that the elimination of the rocker switch is intended to mitigate potential dust intrusion. Interesting idea, though I do not know with any certainty that this is the location where dust is drawn as the lens extends, as claimed. But this seems to me to be a...
  6. emerson

    Ricoh Ricoh “Premium Kit”

    Just noted the existence of a GR2 Premium kit, containing just about every conceivable option, all in an aluminum case. Release, I understand to mark an anniversay year for the digital GR line. Does anyone here have such a kit, and if so, what are your thoughts on it? I’d normally scoff at...
  7. emerson

    Ricoh Hypothetically, a GR collection....

    So, it has occurred to me that it might be interesting to assemble a full collection of the [digital] GR. GRD to GRDIV, GR, GRII, and so. Maybe the LE versions. This would allow an overview of the design philosophy, and to contrast them in use. That, and they're just cool objects. Has this...
  8. emerson

    Show us your best B&W landscapes

    I'm seeking some inspiration. Share your most interesting B&W landscape shots?
  9. emerson

    Help out an audio Luddite?

    Hi, everyone. I know there are some audio enthusiasts here, so here goes. My name is David, and I’m an audio Luddite. [response: Hi, David…] I need your help. I have an older 2-channel system I like [NAD receiver and CDP, Canton sub/sat speakers] but I would like to move from CDs to playing...
  10. emerson

    Offbeat homages

    Might be interesting to share some shots that are meant as an homage [serious or therwise] to some of the greats. I shot this one with Ralph Gibson in mind, for instance. Let's see yours, and tell us who you sought to emulate.
  11. emerson

    Images used for your phone's wallpaper?

    Is there an image you've captured specifically because you thought it would make great wallpaper? Let's see them. Here's a recent one of mine....
  12. emerson

    Shooting track events

    Inspired by Peter's post regarding panning shots of cyclists, I'll ask members about photographing track and field events. I spend a fair amount of time at track events this time of year, and find them enjoyable - at least on the warm and dry days. But... they're difficult to capture well...
  13. emerson

    Ricoh What's with the GRD4?

    Does anyone happen to know the production numbers of the GRD4 vs, say, the GRD3? Finding a nice used one is tough, without paying an unrealistic premium. Is the demand really that much higher than the supply? I'm sure some people respond to the small-sensor advantage, but enough to move prices...
  14. emerson

    Completed For Sale: vintage LFI collection 1930s through 1970s | Location: CAN | Ships: USA

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? vintage LFI collection 1930s through 1970s What are your prices? Now reduced to USD $85 shipped CONUS/Canada Was $140 CDN shipped CONUS [lets find these a good home...make me an offer] Where are you located...
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