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  1. Dewi Sant

    Back Again

    Been a while since I've visited here, over 12 months ago in fact according to my profile. Photography has taken a bit of a back seat for the past year as family stuff and restoring an old car sort of took over things. It's nice to see some of the old names still here though, and if you'll have...
  2. Dewi Sant

    More from France

    Been slowly working my way through more photos from my France trip of a few week ago amongst the myriad other things I've been doing here - major revamp of garage and collecting bits for the new (old) car that should be arriving within the next few weeks. Also been looking at new DSLR cameras...
  3. Dewi Sant


    I've recently returned from a road trip over in France where I explored a lot of small medieval villages in the Lot and Dordogne areas. The shots I took this year were all done with a view to making them monochromes for my "Backroads of France" series of photos for my website. I did a similar...
  4. Dewi Sant


    Just got back from a wee trip to Cornwall for a wedding, decided to stay down there and rented a cottage on the coast and did some walking on the coastal footpath. Not sorted all the photos yet as I'm planning a trip to France for a few weeks time but here are a few I rattled off near Newquay...
  5. Dewi Sant

    Back .........

    Been away a while, sorry about that but we did Norway, which was going to be another road trip but no ferries anymore to Stavanger from the good ol' UK - and now none to Denmark either - meant a mega long drive before we even got there. Expensive scandinaviian hotels also meant a change of...
  6. Dewi Sant

    Man Flu and old passtimes revisited

    The last week or so I've had a horrible virus thing going on so I've been laid a bit low and not doing much. Boredom slowly crept up on me but to be honest I couldn't reallly be bothered with anything that required too much effort. So in desperation and having got so fed with TV and reading...
  7. Dewi Sant

    Loch Duich, Scotland

    Taken in August last year on a roadtrip to Scotland. Apologies for the border it was p/shopped for something else.
  8. Dewi Sant


    A neighbour asked me to take some shots of their daughter's little girl, Lucy - who is just 12 months old - so I did them yesterday. I've not done any kiddy portraits since I gave up pro photography a good few years back - the camera had film in it back then. We had a blast doing these shots...
  9. Dewi Sant


    Moody as Scotland gets, these were shot at the back end of summer this year on a roadtrip. Loch Garry and The road into Glen Coe
  10. Dewi Sant


    Some still shots from a day out shooting a video over Bowland in Lancashire on Wednesday. One of the nicest parts of Lancs, and just an hours drive from here. Shot on the Oly EPL-5 with the 14-42 kit lens
  11. Dewi Sant


    Hi folks, apologies for not being around here for a while - it must be a while, the forum name has changed! The last few months have been something of a mixed bag and I've just not had any time to devote to photo taking. After the summer road trips I had a couple of months of ill health which...
  12. Dewi Sant

    Eilean Donan

    From a recent roadtrip to Scotland:
  13. Dewi Sant

    France Roadtrip

    Finally, I got around to getting all my photos on the website / blog thingy. It's easier to post the link than put all the shots on here - some are mediocre some are ok. The little Olympus took up far less space in the car but it has to be said I did miss the DSLR. I'd take the Oly again but...
  14. Dewi Sant

    The Lookout.....

  15. Dewi Sant

    Back home

    After 3700 miles of touring France and a bit of Spain we landed back home in the wee small hours of yesterday morning, totally exhausted after a delay of 8 hours at the Eurotunnel. There are lots of photos of course as you'd expect after 3 weeks touring, so rather than post them individually...
  16. Dewi Sant

    If Carlsberg made footpaths........

    ........ Then this would probably be the best. ...Loving my re-discovery of France, a very fitting swansong roadtrip :smile:
  17. Dewi Sant

    Finally found wi-fi

    Why do hotels advertise that they have wi-fi, when invariably you get there and either they don't..... or it's, "Sorry, it's broken"? Anyway, we have landed at our gite in the Dordogne area of France and it does indeed have a good connection. so here are a few shots taken over the last 6 days...
  18. Dewi Sant

    I'm off....

    I'm just about to leave for 3 weeks touring France and Spain in the little MX5 (Miata for our American friends). If we get some decent wi-fi connections en route I'll post some photos up as we go. I've got the little Oly EPL-5 packed up in my battered old rucksack with the Pentax 50mm, the...
  19. Dewi Sant

    Look Up
  20. Dewi Sant


    Ain't we cute? Shot while out on the bikes today and partook of a bit of silliness in a little moorland cafe - whist awaiting the arrival of our soup :smile: And one non- portrait just 'cos we can
  21. Dewi Sant

    Your Garage

  22. Dewi Sant

    A few from today

    Some shots from today's bike ride that don't have the bike in them (they're on the Motorcyle thread)
  23. Dewi Sant

    Black and White - Villages

    I popped down to Hereford last week for a few days to see an old friend who lives in a small village just outside the city. Like me he's retired so I often go down there, or he comes up here and we mostly end up eating curry and drinking (far too much) beer, but we also take days out to...
  24. Dewi Sant

    It lives!

    I've not ridden my bike (as in motorbike - BMW R1200R) since last August. This has been the first winter since i started riding bikes many moons ago (1967-ish) that I've taken any of my bikes off the road during the cold, damp months. It was mainly due to me getting older and feeling the cold a...
  25. Dewi Sant


    Posted the colour shot of this in the Stroll Photography forum. Thought it would make a decent mono. E-PL5 with Pentax 50mm SMC f1.7 lens
  26. Dewi Sant

    Dog Walking

    Spurred on by the theme of stroll photography, today I thought I'd take the little Oly PL5 out for an airing on a dog walk over our local fields to see what I could come up with. Not brilliant photos but it's a start and I had a nice afternoon just snaping away at stuff - and the dogs enjoiyed...
  27. Dewi Sant

    The worker

    I can't lay claim to having taken this shot, it's a selfie taken by a very good friend of mine about a week ago on his mobile phone - don't ask me what make or model as I have absolutelty no interest in mobile phones of any description, so couldn't tell you. Ian, is a shift manager at very...
  28. Dewi Sant


    Took missus Dewi out for a birthday lunch yesterday and we ended up here, at a little Lancashire village called Downham near to Clitheroe - about 40 mins drive from here. There's a traditional old pub there which does excellent food and it's nice that the the village and surrounding countryside...
  29. Dewi Sant

    Lathom Locks

    So, today has been a bit sub-tropical in Lancashire - we've had temperatures of 12 deg no less and beautiful bright sunshine, so all DIYing now done for the moment out came the car & in went the E-PL5 and the lenses I've been collecting for the past few weeks. Top down I set off to photograph...
  30. Dewi Sant

    Somewhere else....

    Still putting photos together for my Photobook - found this one earlier. Unlike Lake Louise this town has been left pretty much unmolested since the medieval times, Beautiful, peaceful place with a car park well out of the way :smile:
  31. Dewi Sant

    Micro 4/3 Another legacy lens.

    I bought a Carl Zeiss 135mm from E.Bay over the weekend, it arrived today & It's ok for what I paid for it, very pleased in fact. It's lot more compact than I thought it was going to be, for a 135 it's tiny which is a real plus. I'm hoping the M42 to M4/3rds adaptor turns up soon - I've got...
  32. Dewi Sant

    They paved paradise...........

    ......and put up a parking lot . Taken on a Canon A650 compact
  33. Dewi Sant


  34. Dewi Sant


    Have any of our UK members here any recommendations for printing companies who produce good quality photobooks at reasonable cost? I need to get some of my travel shots made into prints so suggestions would very welcome. I used CEWE Photoworld a while back to make a wedding album up for my...
  35. Dewi Sant


    These are from a week's trip to Scotland in July last year - only just got around to sorting and loading them onto my website and thought some of you guys may like to have a look. There are too many to post in a thread so here's the link. Hope you like :smile...
  36. Dewi Sant

    Don't dream it - do it!

  37. Dewi Sant

    Micro 4/3 Pentax M SMC 50mm f1.8 on E-PL5

    This arrived today, I bought it just over a week ago from a guy in one of the flooded areas of the UK so I wasn't expecting it just yet! For the £15 it went for, it's more than just ok - bit of a bargain really as it's in great condition. The optics are like new. My first legacy lens.
  38. Dewi Sant

    Remembering summer
  39. Dewi Sant

    Micro 4/3 My freebie arrived yesterday

    When I bought my Olympus E-PL5 a few weeks ago I applied for a free 17mm lens under an offer that Olympus were running. Well, it arrived yesterday. I've not tried it yet as I'm up to my eyes in refurbishing our upstairs bathroom but I hope to get out over the weekend to do some serious walking...
  40. Dewi Sant

    Micro 4/3 Picked up my Olympus E-PL5 today

    Hey guys :smile: As suggested last week, I decided to go for the E-PL5 after much searching and finally getting the short list down to two cameras - the Sony Nex 6 and the Oly Pen Lite. I eventually found a camera shop not too far way from here that had both in stock so was able to compare them...
  41. Dewi Sant

    Micro 4/3 Suggestions please

    Hi folks, new fella who signed up here earier today so go gentle. :smile: If possible I'd like some feedback on a couple of cameras I've shortlisted. I've been using DSLR cameras for a good few years with a few digital compacts thrown into the mix along the way. I do a fair number of road...
  42. Dewi Sant

    Hello from England

    Hi all, I've been mooching around here for a week or so now getting some insight into these smaller cameras. It seems like a nice place to be with some helpful people, so as I'm not signed up to any other photo forums now thought I'd register here. A bit about me. I worked as a photographer...
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