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  1. Remko

    Shallow depth of field with software?

    Few compacts do shallow DoF very well (in comparison to DSLR with fast prime). I've done some searching and could only find a few software tools that can do this in post processing. I found only these 2: - Alienskin Bokeh, have just downloaded the trail. A thad expensive at $199. - On 1...
  2. Remko

    Hi there, Remko's here

    Hi today I took the jump from the old SeriousCompacts forum (westrikr) and signed-on here. I'm also active on the RicohForum since I'm an GX100 and R5 owner. I like the advantage of a small camera over an DSLR although I also own one with a good number of lenses. And to be honest my Canon...
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