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  1. defektive

    Leica Summilux R 50mm version 1

    I've finally got off my bum and started a thread for this great lens. I use it on a Leica R7 for film shooting and a Canon 6D for digital. I love all it's characteristics - large aperture, colour rendition, 3Dness, sharpness and wicked flare given the right conditions. If anyone else has (or...
  2. defektive

    Leica B&W film thread

    This thread is open for everyone to post their black and white film shots taken with at least one piece of Leica gear. Please include whatever info you have regarding equipment and film used, ISO rating used, developer etc. Discussion is also most welcome regarding any issues/wins and...
  3. defektive

    Leica Guess the subject

    Ok, here's a quick game for anyone who has time. I have posted here a very boring photo from a recent bushwalk that I was going to delete but first of all I thought I would see who has any idea of what I was trying to capture as the main subject: Efke25 file11036.jpg by Sa_La., on Flickr
  4. defektive

    Leica The Billy Lids

    Here's some of my kids using the collapsible Summicron 50mm I bought from Brian a while back. It has a lot of haze which I haven't bothered having cleaned as it is quite good for portraits. Efke25 file10020.jpg by Sa_La., on Flickr Efke25 file10009.jpg by Sa_La., on Flickr Efke25...
  5. defektive

    Leica Cheap Leicaflex SL2

    Black Leicaflex SL2 AU$245 WARNING: THIS CAMERA HAS A FAULTY METER BATTERY CONTACT Now that you have read the disclaimer above I can give a rundown of the camera. I bought it recently and accidentally broke the small metal battery contact off when fitting the battery for exposure...
  6. defektive

    Leica Showcase Leica 21mm f2.8 Elmarit M

    This is a great wide angle lens, good fun to use and a reasonable price for a Leica lens :cool:. burning creek pad2.jpg by Sam_L., on Flickr June12070.jpg by Sam_L., on Flickr June12067.jpg by Sam_L., on Flickr June12053.jpg by Sam_L., on Flickr With red filter: Farm...
  7. defektive

    Leica Leica R-mount camera love

    Ok, this thread may sink (stink?) here as people don't seem anywhere near as passionate about Leica SLRs as they do rangefinders but hey, I'm ready for that :crying:. Anyway, if there are any passionate R camera users out there please share the love and try to 'sell' your camera to me.
  8. defektive

    Expired [FS] Leica M lenses, finder and flash

    I am in Australia and all prices are listed in Australian Dollars. The items below are either for sale outright or for use as part of a trade (higher value lenses) toward a Summilux 35mm Asph (pre FLE). Obviously I am expecting to have to throw in some cash unless you clean most of my gear out ...
  9. defektive

    Expired Collapsible Leica Summicron 5cm f2 in M mount

    For sale is the collapsible M mount Summicron 5cm that I bought from Brian a few months ago through these classifieds. The body of the lens is in pristine condition but the glass is hazy and has some cleaning marks. I bought it in this condition and it does take very nice 'atmospheric'...
  10. defektive

    Film What are these spots?

    I have just developed my first roll of 35mm in 20+ years and need some clarification please. In the two photos I have included here there are several white spots and lines, what has caused them? I developed the negs in Ilford LC29 (1+29) for 9 minutes agitating for 30 secs initially then 10...
  11. defektive

    Printer help please

    I've never printed any photos before and have just forked out the princely sum of $10 for an Epson 1290 printer that has been in storage for the last 4 years. Can someone please explain what I will need to do to "re-commission" this thing? I haven't seen it yet but am assuming that it will...
  12. defektive

    Apple Curves plugin for PSE9 on Mac?

    I am looking for a way of using some curves profiles developed for printing with Ultra-tone inks on my Mac. I found a curves plugin for the windows version of elements but can't find anything for the Mac OS. Any suggestions other than forking out for more software?
  13. defektive

    Expired Zeiss Biogon ZM 28mm f2.8

    Zeiss Biogon ZM 28mm f2.8 - AU$700 + shipping and paypal This lens (in M mount) has a terrific reputation and my experience with it was very satisfying. I bought it a few weeks ago for wide angle colour shots on my M9 but have since changed to black and white film (and a wider lens) so can't...
  14. defektive

    Film Sam's 35mm film question thread

    I have taken the plunge back into the film shooting and processing world and am gunna need some serious help please as it has been a while. Questions 1 & 2 relate to film itself. 1) I remember when I was in the school photography club (20+ years ago) that we had a massive roll of film that...
  15. defektive

    Expired Grey Leica M9 for sale or trade for M6

    Ok, I'm going to test the waters with this one. For sale is my Leica M9 Grey rangefinder digital camera. It is a regretful sale but I need to scale back a bit with my gear. This camera has had 4845 shutter actuations as of today but will have a few more if it doesn't sell quickly as I am...
  16. defektive

    Leica Tell me I'm an idiot........ please!

    I am finding it hard to justify having so much cash tied up in an M9 (that I have only had for a few weeks) and have been wanting to get back into film for a while. Why don't I sell it and buy a film M and an Xpro 1 on which I can use my M lenses and the excellent Fuji XS range - best of both...
  17. defektive

    New Technique

    Accidentally bump the shutter release button well into the proceedings of a friend's bucks (bachelor) party :roll eyes:, its the latest photography technique!
  18. defektive

    The Milestone Club

    This is my 300th post so I thought it was worthy of a minor celebration ;) Please post here if you have a milestone of any type (photography related or not) that you would like to share with the Serious Compact world.
  19. defektive

    Possibility of editing directly from external hard drive?

    I have had an idea :bravo-009:. My photos are taking up way too much space so I want to get an external hard drive to release some pressure on the system. I have had a poke around the photoshop preferences and it looks as though I can save my RAW images directly to an external drive, work on...
  20. defektive

    SD card reader question

    I have been quite happy up until now downloading images directly from my camera to my computer without the use of a card reader but the M9 produces such big b***dy files that it takes forever these days. I've never had a card reader before so I need some help please. These are my parameters...
  21. defektive

    Rangefinder camera discussion thread

    There currently seems to be a bit of interest in the humble old rangefinder around these parts so I thought I would start a general discussion/Q&A thread for gurus like Brian to post their pearls of wisdom in :wink:. My topic to kick things off is to do with close focus ability. This is the...
  22. defektive

    Expired Summicron-M 90mm f2 pre-aspherical

    I have one of these listed on eBay in user condition so should go a bit cheaper than normal. I don't want to part with it but I need the cash. I used it for all the photos in my "single in January" gallery. eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d
  23. defektive

    Expired Tripod, monopod, ball heads, Leica flash, filters

    Time to have a clean out. Everything must go so if you think the prices are too high make a reasonable offer and I'll consider it although from my research I don't think they are far off the mark. 1) Manfrotto 190D tripod with 141RC ballhead and QR plate - $100 SOLD. Used but in very good...
  24. defektive

    Expired Leica M8, A1 condition, low shutter count, with extras. AU$2300.

    Hello fellow sharp shooters, I thought I would offer this package here for a couple of days first to try and add one more Leica convert to the fold before posting it on other forums :big grin:. My reason for sale is that I have recently upgraded to this camera's big brother so unfortunately I...
  25. defektive

    My Avatar

    After nearly a year of visiting this forum I have finally got around to setting up my avatar. It is not quite a self portrait, but maybe one day.
  26. defektive

    How much can you enlarge JPEG's?

    I have an image that was shot in JPEG that I would like to enlarge. I have not enlarged anything since going digital so would like some comments on how far you can push a JPEG before things start getting ugly please. Cheers, Sam
  27. defektive

    Expired Leica Elmar-M 24/3.8 and Konica M-Hexanon 50/2

    I'm having to let go two super sharp M mount lenses that I really don't want to. Both lenses are in as new condition and work as they should. I have owned the Elmar since new and bought the Hex used a few months ago. The Elmar comes with original box, manual, caps etc. The Hex comes with...
  28. defektive

    Symmetrify me!

    Post your symmetrical images here. No other criteria, the subject matter don't matter. Here's one at home to kick off with: Cheers, Sam
  29. defektive

    My day: 12/06/2011

    Here are some pics from today. One is of a flooded road I had to detour around and the rest are of the mountain where I was ski patrolling. All images were taken on the M8 with a Hexanon 50/2 lens. Cheers, Sam P.S They are not UFO's in the sky, I have a dirty sensor!
  30. defektive

    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi

    Sorry guys but it had to be done.:biggrin: Another Aussie arrival to help keep you all on your toes. I have followed another forum member, stillshunter, over from Pentax Forums as I have ditched my Pentax gear in favour of a rangefinder. When he mentioned Serious Compacts to me I thought he...
  31. defektive

    Leica Lens combination suggestions on M8 please

    I'll start one of these lens suggestion threads that pop up all over the place. 1) I have purchased an M8 and am looking at an elmar 24/3.8 as my first lens. I would like to run with only two lenses in my kit so what would you consider as my other focal length? I would like something that I...
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