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  1. kathyh

    Expired FS: Sony R1

    FS: for cost of shipping Sony R1.
  2. kathyh

    Micro 4/3 I got my E-M5 today

    It's small and fast and quiet. I have read complaints about a humming noise which you can hear in a quiet room; but, on the street with all the other noise I can't hear it at all. Here are a few from a brief walk this afternoon. P1010017.jpg by kh1942, on Flickr P1010022.jpg by kh1942...
  3. kathyh

    A Mini Trip

    We took our new car(a Mini) for its first long drive to Kingston (about 200km) by way of the back roads. There was just a light dusting of snow. But the lakes were starting to freeze over. And the summer homes were all closed up. And the crops are all in. In...
  4. kathyh

    A walk in Dorset

    Abbotsbury, where we started from. The view on the way up. The top at last. The view from the top. Lots of sheep. and a hare and a pheasant. Almost back to the start. All taken with the M9
  5. kathyh

    Feedback Help. Can't Post image in a thread

    I am trying to post a picture in a reply to a thread. When I click on 'my photos' I get the gallery of my photos. When I click on the photo I want to insert I get sent to the front page and the image link does not appear in the post. Any suggestions as to what's gone wrong.
  6. kathyh

    Micro 4/3 Proud owner of LX5

    My husband was going to Vistek (local camera store) so I told him to pick me up a LX5 and he did. You've gotta love the guy. I've read (well, skimmed) the manual and am now waiting for the battery to charge. More after I've actually try to use it. Btw, I hold Shooter responsible for this. He...
  7. kathyh

    NIK Silver Efex Pro

    There is an article in Luminous Landscapes that people might find interesting Definitive Black and White with Nik Silver EFEX Pro
  8. kathyh

    The Leica look - what makes it, what is it?

    I've read discussions about the 'Leica look' but I've never really figured out what it is. It seems to involve b&w and people in impromptu and not posed situations. I thought that BB's photo of her daughter sleeping had the look. It had a quality that moved it out of the snapshot or portrait...
  9. kathyh

    A couple from me

    A couple of images from the last few days. Both X1.
  10. kathyh

    Leica Why I like my X1

    I am writing this at the suggestion of BB. It is not a review. Rather it is my appreciation of what I like (and don’t like) about the X1. Photography is a hobby for me and as such I want it to be enjoyable. The X1 makes it very enjoyable. It is small, light, quiet, easy to use and has superb...
  11. kathyh

    Day lily

    I meant to post this in the show flowers thread but clearly I made an error. Taken with the G1 and 45-200mm lens at 115mm, f6.3 and 1/500sec.
  12. kathyh

    Hi everybody from Canada (Ottawa)

    I'm another migrant from mu43. I think this is a great idea. It gives me a place to talk about and show images from my 2 cameras - G1 and X1. Thanks Amin.
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