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    My X-T1 photos got published!!

    Not really into tattoos.. but a client wanted photos to be submitted to a NYC based tattoo magazine. I posed some teaser photos from the Easter themed shoot a while back in early March. 6 photos were submitted in mid March and found out that my photo submissions were approved 2 weeks ago! :D...
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    Fuji 1st Studio Session with the X-T1 using High Performance mode! Blown Away!!

    Please ignore my previous post about the low light AF on the X-T1! I was totally wrong.. Did not know that the X-T1 has a High Performance mode + Pre AF + Face detection mode! The AF was super fast! Faster than my X100S and faster than my E-P5. The AF was almost too fast for me with the...
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    Fuji AF speed test for the X-T1 (in low light)

    Posted this over at DPR as well, but here's a video of the AF speeds compared to my older X-PRO1 & X100S. Not sure if I can embed the video here <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> But here's the...
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    1st & 2nd Studio Photo Shoot of 2014

    A New Years resolution of mine was to shoot more and get my name out there in this competitive New York market! Thankfully, word of mouth travels fast and got to shoot an engagement session and an actress in January. However, both shoots were on-location, so we were all freezing cold...
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    Fuji Finally updated to firmware v 3.01

    Every since I received my X100S, I have not used my X-PRO1. (I still have not used my 55-200 lens..) Read many great things about the new firmware, but never got a chance to update my camera nor lenses. So after all the procrastinating, I finally updated my X-PRO1 last week, along with...
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    Fuji Village/Chelsea Waterfront Parks-Piers

    After enjoying Summer Streets 2013 in the rain.., headed to the Waterfront Park to enjoy the sunny, yet breezy weather! Spent a good hour or so, sitting around relaxing, chatting, & shooting. I captured this image, & I really like it.. but, I'd like feedback please. Also.. 1. Is it...
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    Fuji 1 month of living in New York!

    Well almost a month. Been gone for a bit, due to the huge move to New York! Never did I think moving to a different state would be this hard & expensive.. On top of all this, I took my national boards for Occupational Therapy as well & proud to say that I passed and now am now a...
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    Fuji x100S Follow Up by Zack Arias

    Interesting read + images! Fuji x100s Follow Up Review :: Life Without DSLRs Photography By Zack Arias
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    Fuji Vsco film 03

    I see that there are threads for VSCO FILM 01 & 02, but not 03 (even though 03 is mentioned..). So I'm making a new thread. :D Here's an image processed using Fuji FP-100c Cool ++ Rena by Taz Spin, on Flickr There are so many options to play around with.. for those who have VSCO...
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    Fuji 1st few days with the X100S!

    Haven't even touched my XPRO1 after using the X100S! The AF speed is super fast, my fiancée no longer complains about posing for me :p Just wanted to share some of my first shots! 1st shot outside with the ND filter Rena by Taz Spin, on Flickr 1st in the shade Rena by Taz...
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    Fuji FujiFilm 55-200 estimated date in the US changed!

    Just got this email via Amazon! "Fujifilm XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 Zoom Lens" Previous estimated arrival date: June 19, 2013 - August 02, 2013 New estimated arrival date: June 10, 2013 Seems like many of us in the US will finally be able to get our hands on the lens too! :D
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    Fuji Finally a proud owner of a X100S!

    Waited all day for the UPS truck to show up! & finally he dropped off my X100s! Finally here!!!! by Taz Spin, on Flickr Surrounded by all the accessories that were waiting for the new camera (minus the M mount adapter.., not sure how that got into the photo) My gear for the...
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    Fuji Showcase Voigtländer 50 Nokton 1.1 Leica M Mount Image Thread

    University of Southern Indiana by Taz Spin, on Flickr
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    Fuji Got my Beast Mode lens; Voigtlander 50 Nokton 1.1!

    After loving the results that I get with the Voigtlander 75mm f/1.8, pulled the trigger on the Voigtlander 50mm f/1.1! :) Here's a few photos from the unboxing Voigtlander 50 Nokton 1.1 by Taz Spin, on Flickr Voigtlander 50 Nokton 1.1 by Taz Spin, on Flickr Voigtlander 50...
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    14mm at the Art Institute of Chicago

    Took the Fujinon XF 14mm F2.8 R to the museum and worked quite well! All shot wide open. Rena &amp; Amy by Taz Spin, on Flickr Amy by Taz Spin, on Flickr Rena by Taz Spin, on Flickr
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    Fuji Fuji GS Flash Bracket

    Even though I already have the Flash Wave trigger, got this bracket as another means of moving the flash off the camera. Flash Bracket by Taz Spin, on Flickr Here's what it looks like with my X-PRO1 & EF-X20. It plugs directly into the sync terminal, so you lose the TTL function but I...
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    Fuji Got some new gear for my X-PRO1

    All this has been sitting at my apartment's main office for about half a month.. finally took the drive down from Chicago to Evansville, and got my new gear! :D Fujinon XF 14mm f&amp;#x2F;2.8 R by Taz Spin, on Flickr Fujinon XF 14mm f/2.8 R by Taz Spin, on Flickr with my new lens...
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    Fuji Showcase [Sample Archive] Voigtländer 75mm f/1.8 LEICA M Mount Image Thread

    Voigtländer 75mm f/1.8 LEICA M Mount Image Thread All shot wide open. Rena by Taz Spin, on Flickr Rena by Taz Spin, on Flickr Rena by Taz Spin, on Flickr
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    Fuji Wanting a fast tele, got the Voigtländer 75mm f/1.8!

    Like many of the members here, I have a Micro Four Thirds camera. The Olympus M.ZUIKO 75mm f1.8 is a lens that I've been lusting after since it was first announced! But the price point was just too much for me :( Not that I don't have the money to buy it, but I couldn't justify spending...
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    1st few attempts at the Brenizer Method

    Here are my first few attempts of the Brenizer Method! As I don't have a wide angle prime like the 14/2.8.. I tried the Brenizer Method and I kind of like it (?) Feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks :) Brenizer Method by Taz Spin, on Flickr Brenizer Method by Taz Spin...
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    Fuji Showcase [Sample Archive] Olympus OM G-Zuiko AUTO-S 55mm f/1.2 Image Thread

    Walked around Nashville Downtown area today taking some photos with my favorite legacy lens today. :D When I shoot portraits with this lens, I keep it wide open because it creates a magical glow, but since I was shooting structures, stopped down to f/2.0. Nashville by Taz Spin, on...
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    Fuji Showcase [Sample Archive] Olympus OM Zuiko AUTO-T 135mm f/2.8 Image Thread

    Don't have any of my OM lenses here (currently doing my hospital rotations), but here are a few images from this OM lens. This is the 1st and only image that made it to Explore on Flickr from my photo stream :) Sunset by Taz Spin, on Flickr A few black and white images around Purdue...
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    Fuji Showcase [Sample Archive] Fujinon XF60mmF2.4 R Macro

    I guess I'll start this thread, since the 60mm is missing here :) Tressa by Taz Spin, on Flickr Makeup Time by Taz Spin, on Flickr
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    Fuji Firmware Update X-PRO1 2.03 + 35/1.4 Lens 2.02

    In all honesty, I thought people were over reacting or some Sony fanboy troll was posting about the increased "noise" with their 35/1.4 lens when I read about it on fujirumors in the morning as soon as I got to work. After work, I updated mine.. both the body + lens (body first, then lens) I...
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    Show: Beautiful Women (feminine beauty)

    I enjoy feminine beauty, so here's a thread that I hope will catch on! :D One of my 1st photos with the X-PRO1! Even the SOOC files were amazing! Kay SOOC by Taz Spin, on Flickr Some of my favorite images, hope you all enjoy! Rena by Taz Spin, on Flickr Lauren by Taz Spin...
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    B&W Portraits

    Don't see a thread of portraits, so I'm starting off with some of my favorite B&W portraits! :) All shot with the X-PRO1 + 35/1.4 Luna by Taz Spin, on Flickr Rena by Taz Spin, on Flickr Clair by Taz Spin, on Flickr
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    Fuji Hey everybody! Currently in Nashville, TN

    Hey everybody, found this fourm over at the Micro Four Thirds fourm! I've been shooting with the X-PRO1 since it was 1st released here in the US, and love the X system! I'm temporarly in Nashville at Vanderbilt Hospital for my last rotation, but plan to move up to NYC in June. Hope to...
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