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  1. Mal

    Fuji The Everything Other Than Street X100 Image Thread.

    Chinese Arch Not posted for a while... Fuji X100 + 720nm Hoya filter
  2. Mal

    Micro 4/3 Liverpool's Last Rainforrest

    Not posted for a while...... Lumix FZ50 Full Spectrum conversion + 720nm filter
  3. Mal

    New compact.....

    I too thought it would be good to re-visit them in a few years...
  4. Mal

    A foray into the world of... Infra-Red

    I haven't looked at infra-red since I was a young lad, in the 70's, possessing a second-hand Pentax ME, and using 35mm film... I had some reasonable results from my B&W darkroom, but left infra-red and my ME behind as I moved onto the 80's... I now find myself revisiting the topic, but this...
  5. Mal

    New compact.....

    Well worth a look.... The camera that lets you decide your focus AFTER the shot - by taking every possible photo at once | Mail Online
  6. Mal

    Bruges at night

    Good collection
  7. Mal

    Just finished work on our Gite

    Just booked Venice 3 days ago.... But as my wife and I are 'Bird watchers'... have a passion for fine French Wines (Clarets especially)... and EasyJet fly from Liverpool to Bordeaux... this is really tempting for the future...
  8. Mal

    Show "Flowers"

    Went for a walk today in my lunch.... Lovin my new lens... lol.
  9. Mal

    Fuji Boats - X100

    good processing
  10. Mal

    Remind Me....

    Why we buy camera gear from 'reputable' High St Retailers... Could it be for range, guarantees, and reliability... or could it be to just get ripped off !!! Jacobs Digital Photography & Video Bought a £500+ lens from Jacobs Cameras 2 weeks ago..... wasn't happy with the quality, so my...
  11. Mal

    Congratulations to ...

    Stunning shot..... I'd be happy to hang that on my wall....
  12. Mal

    Greetings from Norway

    Hi from Liverpool/UK... welcome to the site
  13. Mal

    Leica Announces the X2 Compact and M-Monochrom Rangefinder

    with or without lens..... :rolleyes:
  14. Mal

    Nikon New Camera...

    Nic... You are quite right... it is a pertinent question... I want to concentrate a little more on Macro Photography (used to be a passion in my SLR days)... anyway... I wanted a larger sensor and a lens which would give me a 1:1 ratio to give me a fighting chance. However, I didn't want to go...
  15. Mal

    Help finding a specific thread....

    Grebeman..... that's the very one... Thank you !!! Chris.... I'll be sure to check out this one as well.... many thanks
  16. Mal

    Help finding a specific thread....

    A few weeks ago, I was reading a link contained in a thread, about the image quality of lenses (as someone on Ebay was asking it a lens had marks on it). The web article started by scratching a lens.... then taking images to show results... the article progressed to more abuse on the lens to...
  17. Mal

    Nikon New Camera...

    Well.... I've gone and done it !!! It's taken 6 months or so, of looking researching etc... but I eventually decided on the Nikon D7000. Tried out the D700/800, but it was like holding a brick, let alone carrying it about... so decided on the more 'compact' APS-C sensor, D7000... The...
  18. Mal

    Nikon battery recall
  19. Mal

    Welcome from the UK

    Hi from Liverpool
  20. Mal

    Leica Leica M9P Maiden Voyage

  21. Mal

    41MP... sitting on a 1/1.2in sensor... All this.....

    On a Phone... :dash2: The new Nokia 808 Pureview
  22. Mal

    Congratulations to ...

    Good shot and well thought out... captured the essence of the comp
  23. Mal

    All ready...

    Off for a week in the English Lake District in the morning (so don't come burgling my house... lol) got my supply of 'serious cards'... and taking the Nikon D90 & 18-200mm VR (which I've borrowed from work) to evaluate... in case I decide to get a D7000/D800... However... taking my LX5...
  24. Mal

    Micro 4/3 Taj Mahal images - GX1

    Gawd.... Just love em !!!
  25. Mal

    Expert ???

    I see what you're saying..... but there's is a vast difference in a self confessed 'SERIOUS' amateur photographer choosing not to shoot RAW and one who doesn't know what RAW is...
  26. Mal

    Expert ???

    I did think of that at the time, but would you really enter the digital market with a £5000+ camera, without knowing the standard formats?
  27. Mal

    Expert ???

    I was in a branch of Jessops yesterday just doing a bit of 'window' shopping.... there was a guy talking to one of the assistants... He was telling the assistant... how he had a top Canon model (didn't catch the number), but he had a lens which cost him £2000 amongst others and had been doing...
  28. Mal

    Show: "Your Hammer"

    An interesting thread.... I teach Plumbing in a Vocational College.... every craft in the construction industry have their own type of hammer... It will be interesting to see everyone's.... all joiner/carpenter hammers so far... lol
  29. Mal

    A Question of Quality...

    As usual... A simple question has raised so many more questions and choices for me to look into... lol. I've been busy reading all the suggested sites, which I must admit has 'opened' my eyes to a lot of different ways to look at my final choice, and the D800 as a long term investment is now...
  30. Mal

    A Question of Quality...

    I had a look at the D800, when I was comparing and went in search of the blogs, on it... some users weren't all that impressed Like this one... As a professional with over 40 years dedicated experience with Nikon gear I was, like many other photographers, keen to get my hands on one of these...
  31. Mal

    A Question of Quality...

    Just playing around this weekend with a Nikon D90 from work with an 18-200 VR zoom.... If I'm happy with it, I may invest in a D7000 or D700.... this being the case... I'm after a few wise words from our members.... Which will give the better quality... 16Mp sitting on an APS-C sensor...
  32. Mal

    Congratulations to ...

    Got to say.... this one was my favourite... It truly engulfs the theme of 'spring'.... Good one
  33. Mal

    The Weekly Challenge 16 - 21 March.

    Willow bud... one of the first batch of willow buds out this spring, to attract the insects early... LX5
  34. Mal

    Show "Flowers"

    appreciated for the thanks.... Just got another one to add... A willow bud in flower
  35. Mal

    Fuji I ... couldn't... resist ... anymore...

    I'm on the verge of getting the well.... or the XP1..... choices choices.... one day Ive decided on one.... only to choose the other the next day... this battle has been going on for
  36. Mal

    Show "Flowers"

    All images, Lumix LX5, Natural light - Macro focusing (with pod and cable release) -200 ISO - f:8 - black backdrop, . Raspberry blossom Hazel blossom Orchids
  37. Mal

    A Moonscape

    Lichens on a twig... LX5 - 200 ISO - f8 1/50 - tripod, light tunnel with black backdrop
  38. Mal

    Congratulations to ...

    nice one Will
  39. Mal

    Who's Skyping?

    I use it to phone landlines around the world (family mostly) from my laptop, and have it installed on my mobile phone... for ease of use, but cant seem to get used to video, so dont use that side of it a lot... however, I do video one of my cousins in Australia occasionally. My brother got me...
  40. Mal

    Fuji Fuji X-Pro1 Hands-On Video (with samples)

    Very nice !!!!
  41. Mal

    Support Photographers' Lounge by using our affiliate links for your next online purchase

    When I go in to Amazon... I see the MU tag in the address bar.... but when I start shopping... does it still stay registered, as I've bought a number of things recently small & large
  42. Mal

    Show "Flowers"

    LX5 / 200iso 1/250 f5.6 / Natural light /black backdrop / photoshop
  43. Mal

    Fuji Fuji X-Pro 1 hands on and samples

    As Leica.. partnered Fuji in the early years of digital photography.... and the XP1 is soooooo Leica'esque..... do you think Leica might take up where it left off.... and re-badge this model as a run-in to a new market...:rolleyes: Especially with Panasonics announcement that its sticking with...
  44. Mal

    Micro 4/3 Panasonic's Future Strategy

    As Leica.. partnered Fuji in the early years of digital photography.... and the XP-1 is soooooo Leica'esque..... do you think Leica might take up where it left off.... and re-badge Fuji XP-1 model as a 'run-in' to a new market...:biggrin: Especially with Panasonics announcement that it is...
  45. Mal

    Serious Compacts Podcast 1: Arrival of the 'X' Cameras

    I have to agree with Steve... as another old codger !!! I listened to it on the bus going into my home city (my wife went shopping and I did a bit of street photography) I caught the other half on the bus back.... :smile:
  46. Mal

    Florence, raw, revisited

    Nice Alf....
  47. Mal

    Fuji X100 - Panoramic mode

    Yeah I know.... been seeing them on ebay (uk) for around £600... and can buy new for £750+ But a new concept camera as good as this often has bugs in the first year... and this has proved to be the case.... may look at the black if issues have been resolved... but tempted to jump right into the...
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