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  1. Rhino123

    In remembrance of my Bull Terrier Miniature - Happy

    She is with me for 14 to 15 years (I really cannot remember, it was so long). Everyday she brought me smile and laughter... it is of great pain that she left today and gone to heaven. I can still remember the time when she liked to spin in circle when she was excited. She like to hide under the...
  2. Rhino123

    Micro 4/3 Kodak reincarnated!

    Kodak is not dead yet. Recent announcement found that Kodak is coming out with a new camera (m4/3 mount). Introducing the Pixpro S1. Kodak S1 Pixpro Frankly speaking... it was a hideous camera in my opinion... and spec wise, it was nothing to write home about... really not that...
  3. Rhino123

    Walking down the streets

    I liked street portraits. Living in a city nation... everywhere are bursting with people, so it is easy to get a decent street photography. I have been recording the expression of different people in my country for some time now.
  4. Rhino123

    China trip

    Well... I have been to China for countless number of times (mostly on working trips), but really know very little about the country. All I can say is from my limited knowledge, the place is beautiful... even old villages... Been there with my mobile phone, EPL1 and other cameras to captured the...
  5. Rhino123

    Another unknown insect that I found in my back yard

    Good evening, I have taken into taking more macro shot recently and is wildly interested in the different insects that are in my backyard in Singapore. Just today, I found another one that I have never seen before. This insect was really small (around 5mm) and it camouflage...
  6. Rhino123

    Identification of a moth I found in my house

    Hi there, Was able to take a few shots at a moth in my house one day. Was wondering if anyone could help me identify this moth species. Thanks a million.
  7. Rhino123

    Sony Hoping to gain insight as to which decisions to go to

    I owned both a DSLR and a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (OMD EM5). I normally use my OMD when I am travelling and wanted to bring something light. However, as I am always being posted overseas on working assignment, I find the OMD kind of clumsy and attracted lots of attention. I am...
  8. Rhino123

    Beautiful Nokia 1520

    It is an incredible camera phone. Really nothing to complain about... afterall it's primary function was still being a phone. 1) 2) 3)
  9. Rhino123

    Good day everyone

    Hi brothers and sisters, I am glad that I have found this site. I am currently a photography hobbyist and had been at this hobby for a couple of years now. However, my workhorse is normally my Canon EOS 7D (which I have for the past four years) and Olympus OMD EM-5 (which I have for around...
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