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    Sigma Sigma dp2 Quattro JPG and raw testing

    During initial testing, it sure looked to me that the TIFF 16 file was slightly better than the OOC jpgs. Today, I took some different type of pictures. They are so close, I can't really tell the difference.. In fact in some instances the OOC jpg maybe even better :D The JPG engine is a vast...
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    Sigma Sigma dp2 Quattro high iso test results

    I recently picked up a Quattro. So here are the High ISO test shots. All taken at f2.8 Aperture Priority, AWB setting. In the past everyone agreed that from 100-200 ISO was the best ISO range. So I am not posting anything from that range. The ISO range being tested starts are ISO 400 and...
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    Apple Apple Aperture users - rumor about it being discontinued Posting the discussion we are having now on rff as the reference point. Gary Sent from my iPad using SeriousCompacts
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    Fuji FW update for Fuji cameras w/ wifi support Gary Sent from my iPad using SeriousCompacts
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    Rumor - Panasonic fz1000 - 1 inch sensor - Sony rx10 competitor anyone? Hmmm... Panasonic looks like it maybe going after the rx10 market. - 1 inch sensor - 25-400 f2.8-4 fov - 4k video -- 8mp still from video possible Anyone interested? Rx10 vs Canon vs Panasonic...
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    Micro 4/3 Rumor - Panasonic LX8 Interesting rumor.. Not really substantiated though (ft2). Built in evf and bigger sensor. Since Fuji and Panasonic are collaborating on an organic sensor, I wonder if they are working on a...
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    Fuji The 27f2.8 pancake maybe a permanent fixture on my xe1

    The 27f2.8 pancake and XE1 are made for each other... It really does feel like a natural fit. While shooting with it today, I was reminded of the Olympus SP and Konica C35 both with 38f2.8 pancakes or the feel of shooting the Leica/Minolta CL w/ the 40f2. The lens is very light and soooo...
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    Fuji Initial impressions - Metabones Speedbooster Nikon To Fuji x mount

    My Nikon to Fuji X-mount Speedbooster on my XP1 The adapter is well built and made of good material. All the latches have a good feel. It also has a tripod mount on the bottom. If u do not use something like the Fuji Grip adapter, the tripod mount does not allow the camera to sit flush...
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    Sigma SD shots

    The foveon bug got its hooks in me pretty well. I have both the dp1 and 2 Merrill. When the dp3m came out, I started thinking, 75f2.8 fov is not long enough and 28f2.8 is not wide enough plus I wanted a faster lens then f2.8. If there are others on this forum using the SD camera models, please...
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    Ricoh HU - Anyone take advantage of Henry's Camera sale on Ricoh GXR? Over at rff we have talking about this for a week already. I just realized I do not remember seeing a thread over here about it. Anyway gas got me and I bought a a16 24-85 zoom for under 300 Canadian :( :D includes shipping...
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    Fuji FYI - Picts of new Zeiss lenses for both x and e mount

    Not sure if these have been posted yet... But here are some Picts showing the new lenses from Zeiss. New images of the upcoming Zeiss X and E-mount lenses. | Mirrorless Rumors Gary
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    Fuji FYI - Fuji rumor site posting showing all the lens for 2013

    Found this on the rumor site. Fuji shows the new XF lens roadmap! With 55-200mm lens specs. | Fuji Rumors Gary
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    Sigma Fwiw FYI - rumor about dp4m

    In the same rumor about the possible xp2/xe2/xm1 that was posted at Fujixspots, I noticed that there is a rumor for a dp4m as well. Now that they have a 19, 30, and 60 macro, I hope this one goes wide like a 21 equiv (14). Nippon Magazine camera roamdap speculation for all companies. |...
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    Fuji A funny x100 story

    I found this user posting on Steve Huffs site today. Re bought the x100 three times:D. Gary
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    Fuji Fyi - x100 review This guy works for Fuji.. But still some interesting info here. Example, something no else brought up, the darn ok button is now raised up:D Gary
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    Fuji All things Fuji equipment and what other photogs are doing w/ their cameras

    The curator of this about Fuji really does a pretty good job in terms of keeping up w/ what other people are saying and doing w/ Fuji cameras. MacJim who I believe is also a member of serious compact and rff first posted about it. I like it enough that I check for interesting content...
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    Fuji Hi

    I joined serious compact I about a week ago.. After looking at the thread about where everyone went decided to join here as well, since it appears that half of my well used equipment is discussed in this forum. I currently mainly use - Fuji xp1 and x100, sigma dp1 & 2 Merrill's, and the Sony...
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    Fuji Assortment of xpro 1 shots from last year

    I had the xp1 from day one. The camera has only gotten better w/ each iteration of firmware updates. I shot mainly w/ the 35f1.4. These pictures are mainly w/ the 35. Gary
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    Sony Fyi - new fw update for the older nex cameras Support for 16-50 zoom and other recently released lense, some bug fixes and enhancements that dpreview did not detail. Someone I comments section mentioned the movie button disable... Gary
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    Sony Showcase Rx100 images

    There does not seem to be a sticky for rx100 shots. Any here is a random assortment. Gary
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    Some pictures from New Mexico balloon Festival

    A mix of shots from Fuji x100 and Sony rx100. We arrived before dawn and stayed until after lunch.. The location is at the horse racing track in Albuquerque. People are allowed to walk onto the field where the balloonist are setting up for their launch. Gary
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    Fuji HU feb 7 specials on the way

    Repost from rff.. Some real nice deals Gary
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    Fuji Fyi - interview w/ Fuji's Kayce Baker by Imaging Resource Some interesting info in the interview. - more xe1 sold body only - 35f1.4 most popular lens - x100s production af speed will be faster than what has been shown...
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    I have been reading this forum for a while now, thought it was about time I joined... Currently, I have several digital cameras which I use a lot. Fuji x100 and xp1, Sigma dp1 and 2 Merrill's and the rx100 in digital. In film, I mainly use medium format folders. Most of my pictures are taken...
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