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    Expired Pentax M 85 f2 (preferably EU)

    I'm looking for one of these, hoping for it to be in ok condition. I've got feelers out in some other forums.
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    Christopher Street Day Gay Parade, Dresden DE, 2012

    I was shopping in the city center today and thankfully, I had my K5 on hand. DELUGE PHOTO: Christopher Street Gay Rights Parade, Dresden Germany, 2012 The scene was chaos and I dove right into the middle of the crowds. The settings were a bit flawed, as I didn't set them back from the last...
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    Just Sitting Around On The Street

    One of the first shots with my K5 and FA35 combo. I had absolutely no time to set anything, otherwise I'd have lost the moment.
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    Not sure if this works, but it's a type of object I wanted to photograph for a while. I had some fun prepping, shooting, and then processing, which was quite difficult to get just right. It's one of my first few shots from my new K-5 and FA35 F2 combo.
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    Feedback Suggestions To Improve Forum Participation

    I totally see his side of things, as I've thrown in the towel here, but for different reasons. Several others I've referred are gone as well. I lurk to see if there's something to pull me in, but like Retow's thread detailed, there are fundamental problems and IMO, closed-mindedness, as well...
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    Samsung Concert (EX1 ISO 800 and ISO 1600)

    I recently went to see Dark Fortress (a black metal band from southern Germany) in Berlin. I knew the show would be darkly lit, making ISO 800 and 1600 mandatory. The results were better than I expected. Unfortunately, ISO 800 made for still too-short shutter speeds, but I was still able to...
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    Pano Locations in Berlin?

    I'll be heading there for some business and wanted to know where the pano locations are. I've already checked out the TV Tower, which is not ideal due to having windows. Are there other locations?
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    Throwaway Pics

    I tried starting this on the big forum, but it quickly went nowhere, despite interest. Basically, we all have pics that we can't do much with due to compositional issues or just plain hitting a creative wall. I was figuring we could post those pics for some fun to see what others can do with...
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    Some Randoms

    Here's a small mix of photos I took at the Military Museum in Dresden, Germany, along with a few randoms from around town during the second visit I made to it. I finally got around to cleaning the HD up, organizing the photos and the backup RAW files, and watermarking them in batch. Some...
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    Nokia N8 Settings?

    Anyone able to offer some assistance? I'm using both Camerapro 2.2 and also the native program. The problem I'm encountering is what appears to be WB problems, most particularly in low light, when not using a flash. I can't get over to a more neutral coloration. However, that's what it...
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    Pentax K5 Deals

    Yes, I know it's an SLR. However, in Germany, they are starting to be blown out- 899 euros at mediamarkt, with the 18-55wr, with amazon and other places offering similar deals. It's extremely tempting, to say the least, but unfortunately, not in the market until I need to move up.
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    I've been doing a bit of travel for work purposes in the last month, with it bringing me to Munich last weekend. I also had an N8, with pics posted elsewhere, , but I simply used it for the offline navigation. I simply typed the destination, put my music on, and it guided me where I needed...
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    Fuji Tech Aspects Of The X10 Sensor

    Can anyone clarify the proper context in which to look at the X10's sensor? Unfortunately, on the other forum, much of it turns into flames, so I figured here is the better place to ask. I understand how EXR technology works, I believe. Now if someone shoots in 12MP mode, the hardware...
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    Vogue's Photo Of The Day

    I found this some months ago and basically, you submit pics to Vogue.IT's site, and they select them for photo of the day, with also a few underneath it. Then the best ones go to the magazine. Don't know how effective the exposure is, but could be fun to see what criteria they go by, which...
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    Ricoh Would You Buy a System Based Around Pentax Lenses?

    I was wondering what you guys thought about this and if it was something people wanted. I'm really interested in the Pentax primes and I'm hoping Ricoh comes up with a small, mirrorless system that can utilize them, whether GXR, or something completely new. Many lenses are compact...
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    What Are The "Must See" Areas Of Munich?

    For photography? I will have only one day there and generally have a trend of just walking around and finding stuff along the way (as I did in boring Bonn and found some great stuff). However, due to limited time, I would like to know what I need to absolutely see for a photographic...
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