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    Show "Flowers"

    Vista Purple
  2. fin azvandi

    Color photographs

  3. fin azvandi

    Show Landscape

    Cedar Creek by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  4. fin azvandi

    Show Macro

    Tiny by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  5. fin azvandi

    Ricoh The Ricoh GR image thread

    Another new GR convert here... Capitol by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr W Door by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr The Red Gym by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr Sunset by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  6. fin azvandi

    Memorial Day Weekend hikes in the Coastal Range

    I really love the sense of depth in the first one.
  7. fin azvandi

    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    Platform by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  8. fin azvandi

    Street photography (Image thread)

    Layers by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr Phones by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  9. fin azvandi

    Micro 4/3 Istanbul

    Thanks for sharing! I spent a month in Istanbul a few years back and I really want to go back...
  10. fin azvandi

    Day 23 - Silver September 2013

    Hula Hoop! by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  11. fin azvandi

    Since colour is a big part of what we do

    9 for me - a couple in the blue/greens and a bit more in the purple/pinks up at the top end.
  12. fin azvandi

    Day 22 - Silver September 2013

    Shortcut by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  13. fin azvandi

    Day 21 - Silver September 2013

    MPL by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  14. fin azvandi

    iOS 7

    I've got an iPhone 4 but will probably not upgrade, some of the ******* features won't run on my phone anyway! Edit: who would have thought that "mar" - "quee" is a banned word!?
  15. fin azvandi

    Color portraits and or photographs of people

    Catching up on photos from the summer...this is from June:
  16. fin azvandi

    Show 'Insect'

    from back in July...
  17. fin azvandi

    Day 20 - Silver September 2013

    I'm not crazy about this one (another example of the camera not seeing the way the eyes and mind do), but it's all I got yesterday... Downtown, across Lake Monona by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  18. fin azvandi

    Day 19 - Silver September 2013

    Kayak Class-bw by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  19. fin azvandi

    Day 18 - Silver September 2013

    Another from last weekend... Downed Trees by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  20. fin azvandi

    Day 17 - Silver September 2013

    From last weekend: Two Fallen Birches by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  21. fin azvandi

    Day 14 - Silver September 2013

    Bjorklunden Lodge deck chair by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  22. fin azvandi

    Day 13 - Silver September 2013

    Catching up on processing from last week... Fisherman by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  23. fin azvandi

    Show "Flowers"

    Catching up on old photos, this was taken back in June:
  24. fin azvandi

    Silver September - The "How Is It For You?" thread ...

    I've been meaning to practice B&W more lately, so this project came at the right time in one sense. But I still don't have as many opportunities to get outside and shoot consistently. However I probably took a few hundred photos last weekend up in Door County so I should have some to post in the...
  25. fin azvandi

    Show best of the month - August 2013

    Very tough to choose the best out of the month, but how can I resist this one?
  26. fin azvandi

    Street photography (Image thread)

    Nice work Adubo.
  27. fin azvandi

    password management

    I use 1Password but I'm sure there are equivalents on the PC side. If my parents can wrap their heads around strong passwords and a pw management app, anyone can! Just think of the pw management app as replacing the notebook in the computer desk drawer.
  28. fin azvandi

    Day 12 - Silver September 2013

    Windy day out there today... Union Flags by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  29. fin azvandi

    DAY NINE - Silver September 2013

    Medical Sciences by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  30. fin azvandi

    DAY SEVEN - Silver September 2013

    My first entry in the SS adventure, sorry I'm late to the party! (Over)processed with Silver Efex Pro2. What Do You See by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  31. fin azvandi

    Wow, I've been gone longer than I thought...

    Howdy all, I knew I hadn't posted here in a while but apparently it's been since late May... :eek: I see I missed a wonderful photo challenge in August too...well all I can say is it was a busy summer. Looking forward to browsing the archives and seeing what everyone's been up to recently...
  32. fin azvandi

    Hello All (Pentax Q or m43?)

    That sounds like a pretty decent deal, you can pick up a 14-42 mkII kit lens for pretty cheap or go with one of the inexpensive primes like the Pany 14mm (ebay) or Sigma 19mm. And +1 on the suggestion to get a reversing ring to use the Canon lens for macros!
  33. fin azvandi

    Hello All (Pentax Q or m43?)

    I've not used the Q, but if you do decide to go with m4/3 there are some great deals on older bodies. Take a look at the E-PL2 prices compared to the E-PL1, it's the same sensor but faster AF (both in the body and the revised kit lens).
  34. fin azvandi

    Micro 4/3 Severely let down by E-P3 IQ

    Another happy E-P3 user here, and ditto on the advice to overexpose (below the point where highlights are clipped) and then pull it down in post. I'm certainly looking forward to upgrading to the next-generation sensor eventually, but in the meantime I've made plenty of lovely prints with this...
  35. fin azvandi

    Show best of the month - April 2013

    I've been on a flower/macro kick recently that started in late April, really like how the light (flash) turned out on this one:
  36. fin azvandi

    Show "Flowers"

    More fun with the Kiron 105/2.8 today: begonia lobelia tulip
  37. fin azvandi

    Micro 4/3 Anyone Getting the VF4?

    Already have the VF-2 and although I don't think I'll be able to afford to upgrade my E-P3 anytime soon, the VF-4 is very tempting.
  38. fin azvandi

    iPad Processing: more sophisticated than ever

    Looking good, and reminds me that I have a question you folks might be able to help with (if it's okay to add an iPad-related question here...). If you've got a camera and an iPad but no computer, how do you get the photos onto the iPad for processing? My uncle wants me to give him some tech...
  39. fin azvandi

    Show: Spring 2013 (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway :) )

    new blossom by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  40. fin azvandi

    Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

    red ford by Fin Azvandi, on Flickr
  41. fin azvandi

    Show: Random Picture Thread!!!

    I like both color versions, the blue one a bit more than the green. Also the mirrors/reflections are messing with my mind...for the longest time I thought that shelf was *inside* the cabinet.
  42. fin azvandi

    Show: Spring 2013 (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway :) )

    Thanks Luke, you're too kind. It's a great lens and I'm glad spring is finally here so I can get outside and use it.
  43. fin azvandi

    Show "Flowers"

  44. fin azvandi

    Show "Flowers"

    Dahlia Kiron 105mm f/2.8 and FL-36R off-camera flash
  45. fin azvandi

    Street photography (Image thread)

    Back in Madison, at the Dane County Farmer's Market today:
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