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    Strollin' at the DAM

    Fun time today out of the snow/cold.
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    Bronco Superbowl Sunrise!

    Well as a Denver resident I felt the need to post this snap from about 15 minutes ago given yesterday's event. Taken right outside my front door (Olympus E-PL5/12-40mm). BTW GO SEAHAWKS :)
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    Fuji X-F1 @ amazon $199 new and much less used

    Amazon current stock is showing $199 for new Fuji XF-1 in Black, Red and Brown colors. More of interest is the prices (current as of this post) of "Good" and "Very Good" condition used condition Brown X-F1 cameras: $140-$145. No warranty but 30 day easy returns (maybe through January 31st...
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    Denver Tree Rat

    In it's natural urban habitat.:cool:
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    Fuji I'm going to m43, wait--dangit, no I'm not.

    So, I'm a classic flake and a cheapass. I like to try out and re-try out lenses and systems. I've used Fuji as my "main" system for several months now, which is likely a personal record. So I have a Panasonic G5, which feels so much better in my hands than the XE-1. I know the Fuji sensor is...
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    RMNP Day Trip-Image Heavy

    From Rocky Mountain National Park.
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    Canon Canon EOS M + Canon FD 200mm f4 (macro)

    Took some shots with the Fuji XE-1 and the same lens last weekend and I wanted to see how it would go without the EVF and with the touch screen. The last 2 (one is repeated) were taken with the 22mm f2 native lens. [/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]
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    Cat Herding-XE-1 & 200mm f4 Canon FD Macro snaps-Image heavy

    Trying to do bee shots with a manual focus lens is really fun, with a lot of misses :) All taken from the Denver Botanical Gardens this morning. I got a little happy with the sharpening on a couple of the bee shots.
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    Chaco Canyon NM--Landscape

    A couple of snaps from this past weekend in NW New Mexico.
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    Canon $399 EOS M+22mm f2 Ebay DoD

    Canon EOS M Digital Camera w EF M 22mm F 2 Lens Black Red Silver White | eBay
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    Fuji Fuji XR 14mm F2.8 | Location: USA | Ships:

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> Fuji XR 14mm F2.8 </br>Prices</br> 14mm--$810 </br>Location</br> USA </br>Ships to</br> - </br>Description</br> Like new Fuji 14mm f2.8 XR lens for sale. I bought the lens two weeks ago from an authorized US dealer.. Lens includes all...
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    Fuji X100S Available through Cameraland (Fuji USA Dealer) via ebay

    Cameraland has 4 X100S' available right now via eBay. I'm not affiliated with camerland (NY) but have ordered various things from them within the last 2 years with no issues. Retail price, but actually in stock. New Fujifilm X100S16 3MP Black Silver Fuji 1 Year USA Warranty | eBay
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    Fuji Getting Acquainted w/the 35mm

    On the walk to work today, 1st time out with the (wonderful) 35mm f1.4. The light was exquisite lumbering to my downtown cubicle this morning!
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    Fuji Cheap XE-1 bodies on amazon

    $672.59 from an Amazon marketplace seller for an XE-1 black body described as "Never Used"...several available. Amin, do we have affiliate link yet?
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    Canon Canon EOS M deals

    Digital Rev (HK) has the Body+22mm lens+EF lens adapter for $769 available now in black and white. Compares to $799 for just the Body+22mm lens at most USA retailers. Canon EOS M with EF-M 22mm f/2 STM - DigitalRev
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    Sony Does the RX100 have really sharp image capability? Nah...

    Well, maybe.
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