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  1. pawzitiv

    The nightly dog walk ..

    Throwing caution to the wind with handheld night shots whilst walking the dogs ..
  2. pawzitiv

    New cameras supported in SilkyPix DS Pro 5

    I know SilkyPix does not get a lot of love but I still use it occasionally for my Epson R-D1s and Pentax K-5 RAW files. I've just upgraded to SilkyPix DS Pro 5 and I'm happy to report that every new "serious compact" is now supported. Even though the supported camera list doesn't mention the...
  3. pawzitiv

    Micro 4/3 Panasonic GX1 images

    Now that I've had a new Panasonic GX1 for a few days, I think I'm obliged to post a few images. I used the GX1 both with and without the new LVF2 viewfinder. The LVF2 is a vast improvement over the LVF1 .. I dare say that manual focusing using the LVF2 is now quite feasible, unlike everyone's...
  4. pawzitiv

    Hello from Calgary

    Hi, my name is Arie Intveld. I've been lurking here ever since Amin started this forum and now that I've been shooting with micro4/3 for 2 years, I thought I might have something to share. (Ian .. no, I'm not stalking you on the photo forums :eek:. Seems those of us have the same ethos end...
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