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  1. bartjeej

    Rockin a Fanny

    Waist pack and hip pack are two of the less awkward names, and work whether you carry it at the front or rear. Millican has two expensive but nice waist packs. On the cheap, there are some running waist packs that cinch down nicely whwn you dont neer volume. Some of them have external bottle...
  2. bartjeej

    “Intrusive” Street Photography.

    I love the somewhat abstract and highly graphical street photography of Saul Leiter. It shows people going about their daily lives, it is visually appealing, and it is usually not intrusive. He often used longer focal lengths, but used them not for being sneaky, but for singling out the fleeting...
  3. bartjeej

    Fuji Four X mount lenses coming

    35/1.4 with WR and focus update would be fantastic Are you sure that 4 lenses will be X mount? Or also GFX?
  4. bartjeej

    Fuji The great X100V discussion thread (formerly "specs leaked")

    I never saw the need fornanlens upgrade outside of wide open / up close situations. At medium and far focus distance and at f/4, my original X100 delivers incredibly sharp results even into the corners, and I am certain the lens would still be incredible on a 26mp sensor. Anyone complaining...
  5. bartjeej

    "cinema" style

    Whoa... We are really there!
  6. bartjeej

    Fuji The great X100V discussion thread (formerly "specs leaked")

    STILL no weather sealing... *Sigh...*
  7. bartjeej

    Film If you could only have one (film) camera for the rest of your life?

    Xpan, for sure. If I could choose only one lens it'd be the 90mm for its cinematic effect. One option not listed here is a Nikonos (5). If I can only have one camera, it might as well be one that can be used in virtually all circumstances.
  8. bartjeej

    Whitewall sample pack - acrylic, HD metal, alu print, some papers

    Happy to hear it! Hope you get some great prints out of it! I ended up getting a photoprint behind matte acrylic for an image with lots of fine detail and fairly subtle colors, it works wonderfully. The light loss doesn't bother me, there's very little glare even at acute angles opposite a...
  9. bartjeej

    Feedback i've been seeing a LOTo of ads

    Over theast few days, when I log in to (only tried it on my android phone with firefox so far), I get a LOT of LARGE ads. Some of these consist of a list of links with thumbnail photos, where some links are apparently a thread here on cameraderie, and others are advertisement...
  10. bartjeej

    If cameras are ISO-invariant these days...

    I'm not sure if that's not what is already happening...
  11. bartjeej

    San Sebastian, Northern Spain

    Beautiful! I spent about three hours in Donostia on my way to Africa years ago... Didn't get to see all that much of it, so I'm really enjoying your photos here :-)
  12. bartjeej

    Fuji Working on my own gear purge, but....

    Amen! Add in IBIS, and I'll be all over it. Regarding lenses: I can't see myself ever not having an X100 series camera, and I'm strongly considering adding an XT2 or XH1 with the 50/2. It's small-ish, weather sealed, and a big enough jump in focal length from the X100's 23mm to avoid...
  13. bartjeej

    Filosofical Friday: What Camera Could Stand Up to Our New Smart Phone Overlords?

    I think if Olympus were to take the 4/3 sensor and stabilisation know-how, and place those in a series of waterproof, rugged compacts with: - evf - flash - decent controls - 9mm, 14mm, 20mm and 40mm f/1.8 lenses, - hand held pixel shift for those high resolution geeks - top hinged rotating...
  14. bartjeej

    RX10 MkIV -- Six months into the mission

    Good to read that you like it so well, Jock! I'll be borrowing my mom's Mk III for a 3 month backpacking trip starting in 2 weeks (yes, she's an angel). I'm excited by the prospect of isolating lots of little details with a strongly compressed look, and I'm very curious to see whether the size...
  15. bartjeej

    Fuji Let's start talking about the X-Pro 3

    Ooh TIFF output sounds like a dream come true! I'm fully in Camp Luke on the aperture dial, I love the full stops dial on my original X100 and, apart from playing with it once, literally never used the inbetween apertures in almost 7 years of using that camera as my main setup. I like how...
  16. bartjeej

    A Hypothetical question on Filosofical Friday

    For any shooting seesion longer than, say, a minute, the act of holding a very thin and relatively heavy rectangle by its thinnest dimension simply doesn't work very well for human hands. So unless they provide your hypothetical phone with a case that adds a moderately comfortable grip, an...
  17. bartjeej

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge 22: Neighbor - results in

    Congrats Jim, your image would've been my pick as well. Sweet picture and sweet story, I can imagine your sadness when they moved. Looking forward to your choice of subject for the next one! Don, thanks for hosting a contest with an everyday and yet surprisingly challenging subject!
  18. bartjeej

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge 22: Neighbor - results in

    Every year around Christmas, our neighbo(u)rs and us decorate our shared courtyard with a beautifully lit Christmas tree, which does wonders in making the very long nights and very short days up here bearable
  19. bartjeej

    Fuji Still doubting the Fuji durability? Then read this

    My poor old X100 has been rained on (not to soaking wet level, but still more than a few drops), sea sprayed on (with a filter), exposed to desert dust, slammed against rocks, poles, walls and more, fallen on wooden floors, and sweated on more than I care to admit. The on/off switch is getting...
  20. bartjeej

    yet another 'what should i get' thread...

    Yeah the reason i am looking at the GX85/20mm/45mm combo is that it's tiny, the 20mm lens is like a the x100's 23mm with some of the width cut off, and the 45mm is, to my knowledge, the best combo of size, weight, speed, price and image quality in any system at the 90mm equivalent focal length...
  21. bartjeej

    yet another 'what should i get' thread...

    Thanks guys! You make some excellent points... One of the reasons for me to be looking at longer focal lengths is because I feel that much of my photographt has been of the "postcard / national geographic" variety. Saul Leiters work really resonated with me more strongly than any other street...
  22. bartjeej

    yet another 'what should i get' thread...

    Thanks Luke! You're right in that there was only a limited number of situations where the old X100 wasn't up to the job. Very low light was one of them. The inability to charge via usb and the inability to send images to my phone or printer via wifi are my main reasons for leaving the original...
  23. bartjeej

    yet another 'what should i get' thread...

    I'm about to leave on a 3 month backpacking trip to West Africa, and I'm driving myself crazy with the decision process for a small-ish street / personal experience camera (i will probablt also bring a long zoom camera that is too clunky and conspicuous for quick / street work). Please bear with...
  24. bartjeej

    Announcement Community Update - October 9, 2019

    Thanks for all the hard work you're putting into this little corner of the internet, Kevin!
  25. bartjeej

    Fuji Nick 2019

    Another great series of Nick photos. I, too, am happy to see them every year. Nick looks like he's doing well.
  26. bartjeej

    Cameraderie Challenge #21 - WINNER ANNOUNCED - Random acts of kindness

    Loved this theme, a holiday got in the way of me finding out about it in time, but the photo that I would've entered wouldn't come close to the excellent winner anyway. Congrats Don!
  27. bartjeej

    Sony A7RIVs have arrived

    Sounds good, Bob! Are the claimed improvements in weather sealing apparent when handling / inspecting the body? And what do you think of the shutter sound?
  28. bartjeej

    Adios Adobe

    I'm in the very lucky position that I have my absolute dream job, so no desire to make major changes to the income side of my life for at least the upcoming 10 years - although i could see myself doing this job for another 30 years as well. I am also in the lucky position to have 3 months of...
  29. bartjeej

    Adios Adobe

    I actually just started a subscription to CC after many years of considering it the devil's work. For traveling and editing on the go it is unbeatable, which is what i need. Also the subscription model is far from cheap, but much easier on my cashflow than the significant purchase prices of DxO...
  30. bartjeej

    For Critique Your image for Critique!

    Really nice shot! My OCD mightve liked to see the angle / intersection formed by the black fence and the lower one of the stone walls, which is currently out of the frame on the right. In other words, a bit wider angle of view, with perhaps some cropping into a more panoramic aspect ratio. And...
  31. bartjeej

    "Oh, the beauty of the vision that has been vouchsafed me . . ."

    Beautiful! And nicely done with the stitching!
  32. bartjeej

    Another holiday thread: The south-eastern corner of Switzerland (Val Müstair) 2019

    The chiaroscuro waterfall is beautiful, and refreshing just to look at!
  33. bartjeej

    Another holiday thread: The south-eastern corner of Switzerland (Val Müstair) 2019

    I'm eager to see more of this! I am trying to figure out if an RX10 iii would really be worth the size and weight when used in addition to a large sensor compact (Fuji X100 in my case), so your experiences will be very useful to me :)
  34. bartjeej

    Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

    Oh man, there's some fantastic stuff being posted here! This one is just stunning, so well seen and executed!
  35. bartjeej

    Correcting horizons: is less rotation always better?

    Interesting question to which I don't knownthe answer... I think 45 degrees would not be too problematic either
  36. bartjeej

    Sigma Sigma fp. No one saw that coming.

    I'm not sure about the 'possibly cheap' part. It looks to be the basis of a modular platform that, amongst other things, is supposed to be capable of seriously advanced video quality, with the heat sink as the most obvious sign. The smallness, to me, seems more of a happy accident due to this...
  37. bartjeej

    Fuji Showcase X100/X100S/X100T/X100F & X100V Photo Thread - Please add yours!

    Yes, the range of tones is beautifully rendered in this image!
  38. bartjeej

    Matters legal and commercial - advice please.

    I would suggest that the (ab)use of an image of your wife for a cause that you don't support would merit an amount of damages that increases for every day that they leave the image online, so not just a lump sum. They are a political action group using the image in a campaign. I would base the...
  39. bartjeej

    Fuji Showcase Fujifilm Classic Chrome Film Simulation

    I like the look! Often I find CC to be a bit too "bleach bypass" looking, preferring it with a boost in color / saturation... But especially with the ducka in the water shot, the silvery effect looks perfect. And in the shot of the couple walking their dog, the skin tones actually aren't too...
  40. bartjeej

    Fuji Two pieces of equipment Fuji should make

    What Fuji should really make is dead simple. - instax wide portable printer, and to really make a killing: - give it a touchscreen and stock android, so owners of other cameras can download their respective image transfer apps, to remove the phone from the workflow from camera to printer. So...
  41. bartjeej

    I longed for the simpler times, now I long for the affordable days...

    Regarding clinical: one of my favorite things about the X100 lens is how it gives an oldschool look, with a milkiness to flares and other blown out highlights that just makes the whole thing feel organic.
  42. bartjeej

    Here's one for Jock, and all other raptor fans.

    The article states it was a bird being released by a shelter type place
  43. bartjeej

    Here's one for Jock, and all other raptor fans.

    100mm at FF... That bird was not very far away!
  44. bartjeej

    Additional thoughts about the RX10 IV

    Thanks for the update, Jock! Makes me want one (or the III) even more...
  45. bartjeej

    Fuji Showcase X100/X100S/X100T/X100F & X100V Photo Thread - Please add yours!

    That looks like fun, Tony! If I may offer some constructive commentary, I think cropping a bit off the bottom (and perhaps also the top) would increase the boats' weight in the scene, as well as add a stronger sense of horizontal movement.
  46. bartjeej

    First whack at a video with the RX10 IV

    Wow, those are impressive falls!
  47. bartjeej

    RX10 IV initial impressions – long . . . you’ve been warned!

    I'm hoping to organize my day pack and my wallet in time to allow me to buy a uaed RX10iii. I'd love the focus capabilities and other high speed features of the IV but the III is already an uncertainty, the IV is simply out of reach for me. But congratulations on your fantastic new camera...
  48. bartjeej

    What's your oldest "living" digital camera?

    I may or may not have a 2008 Nikon L16 in a box somewhere... other than that, my appreciated 2010 Samsung EX1 (TL500) is a year older than my beloved Fuji X100, which is still my main camera (if you ignore my phone camera snaps)
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