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    Fuji Hellow from Catalonia

    I don't live there, but I can oblige a little....
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    Fuji Why an X20?

    I got an x20 last month, having been basically sans camera for a few years (borrowing my wife's little Lumix on occasion, but I never liked the thing). I've been busy so am still learning, but so far I like it (and as for detail, check out this test/playing-around picture, taken at full zoom (on...
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    Fuji X20 Image Thread

    In some of these pictures I'm seeing an odd, horse-head like artifact.... Seriously though, nice pics.
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    Fuji dpreview: X20?

    This is starting to look like strong evidence. My wife will not be happy.
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    Fuji dpreview: X20?

    Feeling foolish here, but I have no idea how to tell which camera goes with which test image. (I'm still in the market for a camera, sort of lusting after the x20 but need strong evidence before I commit the $$--and, apparently, the time to learn to deal with RAW files.) For what it's worth, I...
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    Fuji First shots of/with the X20

    Looks to me like a really, really big horsefly. You caught the wings at the bottom of their cycle (or whatever it is that flies' wings do) really well--so I'm guessing your shutter speed had to be above the physical limits of the camera.
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    Fuji The Winner of Our Fuji X20 Giveaway Is...

    Ah, the envy sets in. Time to go peeking under sofa cushions...
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    Fuji Fuji X20 Giveaway at

    Well, cool. I have my fingers crossed (but not much expectation--now if it were my elder daughter, the one who has my Pentax, on this site, she'd have won already :clap2:)
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    Fuji Fuji X20 Giveaway at

    And here I've been studiously avoiding starting any new threads after my first, trying to avoid cluttering up the place. Sigh. The dangers of trying not to muck up the Commons.
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    Fuji What are your best tips for better photos?

    I agree *entirely.* Family portraits ruined--or at least damaged--by, for example, a stovepipe emerging from the top of Sis's head are no fun and usually easily avoidable. The picture you are taking is more, often much more, than what you are taking a picture of.
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    Fuji What is the role of an “enthusiast” compact camera?

    For me, life (and work) gets in the way of the system option. If I could, I'd take a DSLR with a 35mm or 50mm lens and a 100mm lens with me everywhere (the kind of pictures I like to take call out for both--and more). I cannot, however: when I travel, I travel light, and carting around a DSLR...
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    Fuji Viewfinders

    Nice to see I'm not the only one. I suspected as much. There's something about technology and the folks who love it that ignores, well, me and people like me. :( I feel the same way whenever people rave about iPads or other tablets for reading--if I read anything requiring real attention, like a...
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    Fuji Are y'all happy now?

    What exactly is X-ness? I know I want some of that (so long as it doesn't involve anything like growing metal claws out of my knuckles).
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    Share: Architecture

    Actually, I kind of like the blown out bit in the sunlight (though more control over it would be nice, at least in hindsight). I suppose at some point I should learn some of the technical stuff (I once, long ago, was a budding photographer with pretty good knowledge of relevant technical issues...
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    Share: Architecture

    The gear doesn't make the photographer, but it certainly doesn't hurt. I've got some pictures that I really like in some ways, but aspects of the quality are problematic at best... Here's an example from Geneva, umm, last May, straight out of the camera. I took the same scene in black and white...
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    Share: Architecture

    Love these. After I saw this thread I started looking over in-the-theme pictures of mine--taken with my wife's Panasonic P&S, I haven't had my own camera since my daughter "inherited" my Pentax DSLR--and the quality difference is just depressing. All the more reason to lust after the X20, I guess.
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    Fuji Anyone here NOT an X owner?

    I'm not either. I've been waiting for a camera with the right combination of features (the ideal set of features apparently would require rewriting the laws of physics, something for which I have neither the time nor the energy right now), and the X20 looks like it is that camera. The next...
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    Fuji Viewfinders

    For the price of a Leica, they'd better be! :cool: I have high hopes for this X20. No viewfinder is a dealbreaker for me, and for some reason--really couldn't say why, but it was the case before I ever knew about the orbs issue--I was never quite convinced by what I read about the X10. The X20...
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    Fuji Viewfinders

    As a sort-of photographer of a certain age, I am glad to see that Fuji (I suppose I should note that I never have owned a Fuji camera) seems committed to providing a nice viewfinder. I am looking for a new camera and leaning ever more toward the X20, as it seems to have the balance of size...
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