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  1. amf

    Ricoh Is a GXR in 2017 still worth buying?

    I bought the exact same package 2 days ago for around US$480. I used to have the GX200 and I am really loving the images Ricoh cameras produce. I also have the Canon S120 and Sony HX-90V and will see how the GXR zooms perform against them.
  2. amf

    Ricoh Just bought a GXR, why did I wait so long?

    I just bought a GXR two days ago for $475 brand new!!! It includes the back, the M-mount, 28mm, 24-85mm, 24-75mm, 28-300mm GR Lenses (I'm just missing the 50mm). I used to have the GX200 many years ago and I still love the images Ricoh cams produce. The snap focus is a joy to use and will have...
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