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  1. Lenscapon

    Fuji Sharpest Fuji lens?

    I vote for the 35mm f1.4 at f2. And then you have an extra stop of bright wideness to play with.
  2. Lenscapon

    Fuji X-T1 face detection misfocus

    I have used to get the same with my X-E2. It says 'face detected' in playback, but fucus was clearly on the background. X-E2 with firmware 4 should be same as X-T1 in face detection. With the new firmware 4:00 I've not seen the issue when I use also use eye detection -although the eye...
  3. Lenscapon

    Fuji So.. X-T2...

    I hope you are right about it continuing to be a 'pro' spec model. I was thinking about sales opportunities - and the keen amateur market is probably much larger than the professional market.
  4. Lenscapon

    Fuji So.. X-T2...

    My guess is that the Xt will be more consumer fucussed to differentiate it from tbe Xp. Fully articulating screen, pop up flash but no joy stick or dual card slots. But New sensor to allow it to compete with top end enthusiast dslr's and the Sony a7II. A stabilized sensor would be nice, but...
  5. Lenscapon

    Fuji Ultra-fast or ultra small?

    Perhaps lens modulation correction could help bend the laws of physics?
  6. Lenscapon

    Fuji Fuji Remote Camera App

    I use the Android version and it always chages the file name to a long number. I then have to rename the files in file manager or on Flickr.
  7. Lenscapon

    Fuji Ultra-fast or ultra small?

    Constant f2.8 throughout the zoom range without being as huge as the WR zoom would be nice. Would make a good lens for everything from landscape to portraits.
  8. Lenscapon

    Fuji Ultra-fast or ultra small?

    The 35 f1.4 is wide enough for me already. But a nice wide constant aperture zoom that's more in line with the size of Fuji bodies would be good.
  9. Lenscapon

    Fuji Showcase XF 60mm

    Excellent macro. I also like the soft focus water in background.
  10. Lenscapon

    Fuji transfer from xt1 to android smartphone

    Yep. I also use the camera remote aop. Just have to change the settings to get fulk resolution.
  11. Lenscapon

    Fuji Showcase Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.4 R

    Very nice high contrast and colorful image. Great sky gives it atmosphere.
  12. Lenscapon

    Fuji Please introduce yourselves!

    Hi All. I'm a refugee from another Fuji forum. Great members, I see many on here, but I developed an allergy to the moderators. I try to support the few forums I join by commenting constructively on people's photos and being an active member of discussion. Hope I feel welcome here.
  13. Lenscapon

    Fuji Sharpest Fuji lens?

    Can't say any of my Fuji lenses are not sharp, but subjectively I'd say the 27mm was tbe sharpest.
  14. Lenscapon

    Fuji Should I Bother Buying an X-Pro 1 on Close-Out?

    With the new firmware update the X-E2 is kooking like an attractive choice now.
  15. Lenscapon

    Fuji Sunday afternoon

    Nice sky! Unusual lens choice for landscape, but worked well.
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