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    Ricoh Suddenly can't get snap mode - at ALL

    Another possibly stupid question: I fooled around with settings to put the main shutter release in snap mode, and the AFL button into AFL mode. And now the snap function has basically evaporated. The shutter button isn't in snap mode. If I set the function button to toggle between snap and...
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    Ricoh New GR guy - not the usual question about TAv

    Hi all. I've been shooting with a GR for a couple of days now (and essentially love it), but I've noticed something odd about TAv mode. Most people are concerned that when the light gets too low, the ISO shoots through the roof. I have the opposite problem: once it gets down to ISO 100, the...
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    Expired Half-case for Ricoh GR (also Clearviewfinder, finder, etc.) | Location: Other

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to BuySelling Half-case for Ricoh GR (also Clearviewfinder, finder, etc.) Location Other Description I've bought a Ricoh GR, which is in the mail. (Latest model.) If anyone has a half-case they're not using -- Gariz, ideally; but also Ricoh...
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    Expired Large format equipment for Ricoh GR | Location: Other | Ships: US/Canada

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to TradeTrading Large format equipment for Ricoh GR Location Other Ships to US/Canada Description This is an odd offer to make on this forum, I know, but I have first-rate large-format gear that I simply don't use -- so if anyone wants to...
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    Hello from Oaxaca

    Hi all. I'm a Canadian living in Oaxaca, Mexico. Just starting to get interested in serious compacts: I've been looking at the Ricoh GR. In fact, back in the day, I shot film with a Ricoh GR1 (and published a few photos with it -- didn't tell my editor they were taken with a...
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