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  1. smokyb

    Good to be here

    Thanks Man . i see this is a great place.
  2. smokyb

    Sony RX100 movie button

    Can anyone tell me how to disable the movie button on the RX100. I haven't been able to find anything in the menus. Thanks.
  3. smokyb

    Fuji continuous shooting advice

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know if someone figured out how to make the continuous shooting to take a single photo and not three, four or five. with the old Nikon could do just one shot, gently pressing the button, if I continued to press, I was doing than I wanted, with the X T1 can not. Tips...
  4. smokyb

    Good to be here

    Hello folks, I came across this site from the while doing research on a new camera. I did got a (and will be keeping) Nikon D90 and a few lenses. However, I am looking to get a compact camera that is capable of shooting RAW and can double at producing decent video. I had...