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    Looking for tele/zoon Camera

    Hi All I am looking for some opinions/advice. I have had the Fuji X10 for 8 months now and I must say that it is everything I was looking for and more. It amazes me everyday! There are a few occasions when I wish that I had a bit more reach in terms of tele/zoom. So I am looking for another...
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    Fuji Newbe

    Hi all Adam from Southern Spain hear! Bought an X10 just before Christmas and loving it!
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    Fuji New X10 users

    Thought the following web page would be of interest to new x10 users (I include myself in this category!)
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    Hi everyone! I have been looking at this site for quite a while. It really helped me with my decision to purchase the Fuji X10. I have just joined the forum to help get the most out of my new purchase. I'm a Brit living in Southern Spain, I also work offshore which gives me plenty of time when...
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