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  1. Stan

    Micro 4/3 Piedras Blancas Lighthouse, San Simeon, CA (GH3 + 17mm)

    The much maligned Oly 17mm paired with the undervalued GH3 (as a photographic tool)... plus some ND filters, a tripod, and the lumix iPhone app for wifi shutter release.
  2. Stan

    Micro 4/3 35-100 at the Oceano Dunes

    More Dunes photos. It's fall, and the fog bank is staying away more often. Without fog there are opportunities for a low sun in the afternoon to hit the sand and highlight the shapes and a patterns. 35-100, GH3, LR5
  3. Stan

    Pentax Sand Dunes with the 7-14

    I sent a mule train back to the east with $ and treats, and a few days later I got hold of a Panny 7-14, which had been used for lots of great image. Now the lens has to make do with the wild, dry west :) The poor lens didn't know what it was in for... EPM2 and 7-14 (I had the 35-100 on the...
  4. Stan

    Micro 4/3 First Outing with the Panny 35-100

    It's all EntropicRemnant's fault that I now have the Panny 35-100 :) Anyways, I'm reinvesting in M43 after decreasing my gear for a while. M43 is still my favorite format -- I enjoy the cameras, the newer sensors are solid, and the lenses are fantastic. The 35-100 in particular is...
  5. Stan

    Ricoh First Week with the Ricoh GR!

    This is a little/mini user report. I just picked up a Ricoh GR a week ago, and thought I'd share my experiences from a user perspective. This is the first Ricoh I have ever owned, and I am still learning to use this amazing little camera. After a week I have enjoyed getting to know the...
  6. Stan

    Micro 4/3 Nocticron Megatron Ultraman 42.5/1.2 OIS

    Despite the sense that the lens was sent to us by extraterrestrials (or at least named by them), the 42.5 f1.2, OIS, aperture ring is a big announcement. It's definitely pro spec, and the Leica Badge is likely indicative of a bokehlicious lens design. I'm guessing it'll cost north of $1K...
  7. Stan

    Micro 4/3 EPM2 in Yosemite National Park

    Summer is not my favorite time of year in my favorite National Park, but it's still a wonderful place to visit. Mostly I spent my time camping and enjoying the outdoors as opposed to being there for photographic purposes. My son and I particularly enjoy it there, and we especially like it at...
  8. Stan

    Micro 4/3 EP5 Review at CameraLabs

    Here's the link: Olympus EP5 review | Cameralabs I have followed the CameraLabs website, and enjoy their reviews. They tend to have good mix of technical and real world insights. My view on reviews is that they give you some insights, and then it's up to us to get our hands on a camera and...
  9. Stan

    Micro 4/3 Oly VF4 Arrived!

    Just received mine from amazon. I am using it with the Epm2, though expect that this will not be the last body I will ever own compatible with the VF4. I'll post images soon. So far the optical quality, color, and detail are fantastic, and really changes the camera. I can frame very precisely...
  10. Stan

    Micro 4/3 Sand and Fire: An Experiment

    I was hiking in the Oceano Sand Dunes again, and decided to go for an idea trying to depict fire from the forms in the sand. The late afternoon light provided the light. What I was going for were ancient art depictions of "flowing flames." It was a fun experience with the EPM2 + 14mm f2.5...
  11. Stan

    Micro 4/3 Winter in Yosemite with the Panasonic LX7

    Hi all! Here's a little mini user review of a fine compact camera, the LX7. I'm sharing some images from the incomparable Yosemite from a trip I made last winter, where all the photos were taken with the Panasonic LX7. I also brought along a Canon FF camera, but that kit is certainly not a...
  12. Stan

    Micro 4/3 Anyone Getting the VF4?

    Of all the new Oly gear the VF4 is the one that is tempting me. I have been spoiled by large viewfinders (Canon FF), and the idea of having a "FF size" EVF on a pen is alluring. The only concern I have is how bulky the VF4 would be on an EPM2. It's likely to be a hulk-fist-mutant contraption.
  13. Stan

    Featured Forum Post: 'EPM2 at the Dunes'

    One of the areas I live close to is the Oceano Sand Dunes Preserve. It's a lovely place to go for a walk and take pictures. The dunes are one of my muses -- I return frequently to test new ideas and try to get better. I find on every trip I make to this location I find new ideas to explore...
  14. Stan

    Micro 4/3 EPM2/EPL5 + 14mm/2.5 vs Nikon A vs Ricoh GR

    With the release of the lastest big sensor, fixed lens cameras, it's a good time to be a photographer (and not a good time to have chronic GAS). The new releases coming out can make our heads spin in endless circles. Question for the group: What makes/would make you choose a Nikon A/Ricoh GR...
  15. Stan

    Micro 4/3 EPM2 Long Exposure with Live Time

    Hi all -- I'm new to SC, and happy to have found a lively group of people interested in photography with small cameras! I've been enjoying shooting with an EPM2 the past few months. (In the past I have had the G1, EP3, GH2, and GX1, and have been using M43 for nearly 4 years.). Here's a...
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