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  1. SParis

    Leica Canon rangefinder repair suggestions?

    I think I did a proper search for previous threads on this topic. I was surprised not to find any. Forgive me if I did it wrong. Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions about a repair person who is good with the later Canon rangefinders? I'm talking about the Canon P, VI-L, L-1 vintage, not...
  2. SParis

    Leica Nippon Kogaku LTM 35mm f2.5 vs Voigtlander 35mm f2.5?

    So, I saw a thread about the Nippon Kogaku 35mm f2.5 (I think it was Brian's) and got a bad case of GAS. Went to the bay to look for one and it turns out the the Japanese sellers are asking $500 to $750 for them. That's out of the question, not only for me but apparently for everyone else as...
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