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  1. Akashi

    Fuji New X-Pro2 Firmware improves AF during video??

    Hi, I know Fuji will update the AF on the X-Pro2 in the next firmware. Does anyone know if the AF during movie-mode also will be updated? Seems to me some functions can be added, most notably AF-S during recording (now you have to focus before you start the recording). I assume the X-T2 has...
  2. Akashi

    Fuji Freedom aka small is beautiful and goodbye EVF lenses (X-Pro2)

    Today I sold my EVF lenses (16-55 2.8 and 90 mm f2) and I feel free again, much like I felt when I first picked up a X-Pro1 and the 18/F2. I realise that it was a wrong path to go down the EVF route with my X-Pro2, I have only the 18/F2 and 35/F2 left. Since I blow some serious GAS, I need...
  3. Akashi

    Fuji Fast prime lens on X-Pro1

    Hi, I want to add one fast lens to my X-Pro1 setup. I currently have the 18/F2 and 35/F2. I have been looking at the 56 1.2 but I do not normally shoot a lot of portraits. The 56 would be a short telephoto lens for me, which I guess is ok although WR would have been preferable? Alternatively I...
  4. Akashi

    Fuji X-E1 vs X-E2 now?

    Hi, I am looking for a smart (aka cheap) way to see if I like the Fuji system. Now you can get used X-E1 and sometimes E2 quite good prices. Is there a lot between these cameras, I know AF was an issue on XE1 but latest firmwares may have caught up with that? I will have it for travel...
  5. Akashi

    Fuji Any reviews of the 100-400?

    Since Olympus is killing it (meaning the interest) with the price of O300 2.8, I am looking at switching systems. I am struggling to find any reviews of the Fuji 100-400 anywhere - can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  6. Akashi

    Fuji Used X-Pro 1 today?

    Well, I now that this question has been asked and answered several times - most seems to say that the X-Pro 1 is still a capable camera. My situation is, as I have stated in another thread in here, that I always wanted the X-Pro 1 because of the form factor. Since I have the OM-D System already...
  7. Akashi

    Fuji Sharpest Fuji lens?

    Hi, I drool at the X-Pro1 and the dropping prices and really want to buy one now on "outgoing" prices. I just want one prime with it, total focal length 25 to 50 mm (not longer than 50). What is the recommended lens? I rate sharpness highly (not only center) and fast aperture is a solid plus...
  8. Akashi

    Fuji Flash for X-T1 (off camera flash with cord)

    I want to try off camera flash and will buy a cheap OCF cord from eBay. Can I use any flash with this (i.e. Canon/Nikon/whatever??) or do I need to stick to Fuji? I don´t know much about flash photography but can anyone recommend a good (and cheap) starter flash, if there are such a thing as a...
  9. Akashi

    Fuji X-T1 or X-Pro1 at half price?

    After some disappointment with m4/3 and the OM-D E-M5 I am looking for a new camera and stumbled across the Fuji system. The cameras look awesome but I don´t know how they handle (no stores around here). Today I can get the X-T1 which seems to be top of the line or the X-Pro1 at half the price...
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