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    Google Photos AI

    I randomly took two photos of a deck we were cleaning. One was for the front part and the next was the back half. I didn't make any effort to align them or anything. A while later, I received a notification that my new 'stitched panorama' was ready for viewing. Huh? Well, when I looked at...
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    Visiting the Maritimes

    On a packed week of travel through the eastern provinces of Canada. I know I needed a longer lens, so I picked up a vintage SMC-M 135 3.5 lens to use on the K-01. Here are some pictures taken in the Bay of Fundy - whale watching. K-01 with 135 (these are all jpegs SOOC; not much time for...
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    Ricoh New GRii on vacation

    Hi folks. Recently bought the GR as I needed a small camera to take on our family vacation. My initial thoughts after using it exclusively for the trip: its a real non-obstructive camera. It really doesn't get in the way. I'm still learning to get the the best out of it. It pulls you into...
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    Micro 4/3 Talk me out of the LX 100 ii (or D-Lux 7)

    Hi folks. I haven't commented much recently, but now need some feedback. I'm about to pull the trigger on the LX100ii, but I'm really hesitant as it's a good chunk of money and a reasonable investment for me. (Ok - I'm also looking at the D-Lux 7 for the longer warranty and yes, the *vanity*...
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    Feedback Site blocked - SPAM URL

    Recently, is being blocked at work - reason given as 'falls into category: SPAM URLs'. Anyone else seen this? Amin - something to look at?
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    Where is it Wednesday?

    Challenge missing in action? :)
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    Pentax K-01 lives - In Montreal

    [IMAGE-HEAVY THREAD!] This sub-forum has been dormant for a while now. Has everyone given up on their Stormtroopers/Pandas/bumble-bees? It has remained my main camera for the past few years - I've acquired an x-10 but haven't quite bonded with it :(, so I've pretty much learned to live with...
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    What is it Wednesday - Week 49

    Welcome to this week's What is it Wednesday. A reminder of the rules: Each member gets one guess. The answer will be revealed on the following Tuesday. The first correct guess has the honour of submitting the image for the next challenge. Sometimes there will be more than one thing in the photo...
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    Fuji New to X10

    I just traded in a bunch of stuff I had lying around for a brand new (to me) X10. I'm hoping this would be a good carry about camera to compliment the K-01. So what's the best way to use this new guy? Any set-up suggestions? Quirks to be aware of? I've read a lot about the EXR 6 mp inages...
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    What is it Wednesday (or Thursday) - Week 24

    My turn to be in the hot seat. This may (or may not) be easy - depends on your interests ...and, I may have posted it before someplace. So here goes: What is it? How this is played? Each member gets one guess. The answer will be revealed on the following Tuesday. The first correct guess...
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    Pentax PanAm Games - track cycling

    Took the 'panda' out to the PanAm games being held in Toronto. Here are some pictures from the track cycling event: Canadian victory: Track Cycling by muzpix, on Flickr Gold and Silver! Track Cycling by muzpix, on Flickr Track Cycling by muzpix, on Flickr Gruelling 100-lap race (Canadian...
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    Pentax Halton Police Day

    Sharing pictures from the annual Halton Police Day festival: Halton Police Day pictures:
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    Pentax Circus Circus recently passed through our town. Sharing some snaps. All taken with the K-01 + Pentax 50mm 1.8 - mostly @ f2.0 with ISO 800 or 1600 and 1/125. "Oh, Canada!": Getting ready for launch: Safe landing...
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    Pentax Sultans of Science Exhibition

    Preamble: This is just to share for reference - nothing artistic or impressive photo-wise! ... just a whole bunch of photos if anyone's interested. We recently went down to the Sultans of Science exhibition held at the Ontario Science centre. I had the Tamron 28-75 on the K-01. Almost all of...
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    Feedback Flickr access with Google

    I'm having issues logging into Flick with my Google account - keeps saying there was error and that I should try again. Anyone else seeing/seen this? Thanks.
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    Pentax Ice looks better in the sun

    A few days ago the Toronto area was pelted with a freezing rain storm (lots of pictures around). Went for a walk this morning and everything is transformed from the miserable, dreary mess of a few days ago to winter beauty. Ice Storm 2013 by muzpix, on Flickr Ice Storm 2013 by...
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    Pentax WIfe borrowed the K-01

    .. for a school trip the zoo. After I did the regular D/L to Aperture and some PP'ing, I find these two to be stand-outs. Bravo I say to her! ... although she doesn't really share my enthusiasm :)
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    Day 30 - Golden October

    Starting this one off. GORGE-ous: (Not sure which crop I liked better - posting them both): 16x9: 7x5: .. actually think the 7x5 suits it better. What do you think?
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    DAY 15 - Golden October (M.I.A.)

    Hmmm, day 15 seems missing in action, so here's my community service to the board :) Let's get this day started!! ... one from earlier (aren't they all?): Catch the falling leaves! Taken with the bulky, slow-to-autofocus K-01 and Tamron 28-75 zoom :)
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    Pentax Light show

    Great light show last night. Tried catching a good one, but the super bright LED street lights made it near impossible. Best I managed: (Anyone willing to try their hand at processing the RAW? I have the DNG, just don't know where to load it to right now).
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    Pentax Mammal Portraits

    The K-01 is pretty much my only camera now. Recently added the Tamron 28-75 2.8 zoom - awesome lens, but heavy, and not compact :) Here are a few portrait type shots at a local zoo with this combo. While I did shoot RAW+Jpeg, these are all processed from the Jpegs, as the camera out was...
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    Pentax Liuna Motorcycle

    Tested out two manual lens on the K-01 today. Bike is on show in the lobby of our office building. First with Pentax M SMC 50mm 1.7: These with Pentax M 28mm 2.8 (non SMC): In case you missed it, peaking ROCKS! ;)
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    Pentax k-01 does fireworks

    Hi guys, first set here with the k-01. What do you think? Victoria Day Fireworks by muzpix, on Flickr Victoria Day Fireworks by muzpix, on Flickr Victoria Day Fireworks by muzpix, on Flickr Victoria Day Fireworks by muzpix, on Flickr Victoria Day Fireworks by muzpix...
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