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    Feedback Site problem: Unable to mark forums read

    I clicked on the 'Mark Forums Read' button under the Miscellaneous menu, but got the following error: Would like some help please!
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    Leica M4 or M6?

    Hey everyone, I managed to make some money off the buying/selling of trading cards. With this money and after selling off my Fuji X system I would have enough to get a Leica M film system, which is something that I always wanted. I've done some research, and narrowed it to between the M6TTL...
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    The Istana, Singapore

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    Ricoh Protecting your GR

    I've been using the GC-5 leather case, but I find it rather inconvenient to lift the flap, pull out the camera and shoot everytime. Hence, I'm looking for a decent half-case for my Ricoh GR. Best if it comes with a cover for the top half of the camera when you do not intend to shoot, but that's...
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    Hello from Singapore!

    Hi everyone! I'm yehongxiang from Singapore! I used to dabble a little in lomography when I was younger, but gave up after realising that the slides and processing cost too much. Now that I'm older and have slightly more disposable income, I've decided to pick up photography again. Decided on...
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