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    Fresh snowfall

    I went on my first trip with the local photography club today, which went very well! We had some fresh snowfall this morning, and I thought some high contrast Black & White would be nice again. All pictures with my X100. Enjoy! :) More pics from the set can be found...
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    Fuji WCL-X100 and distortion when shooting raw?

    I'm a bit on the fence at the moment, wondering if I should get the WCL or not... The thing that seems to come up after a lot of googling for reviews is that the raw-files are not corrected for distortion, and that ACR hasn't got a profile for the X100 with WCL. Most of the sources are a bit...
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    A trip to the Junkyard with the X100

    I visited an old junkyard in Sweden last saturday together with my X100 and E-M5. There were literally hundreds of old, rusty car wrecks! Mostly models from the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. The X100 did a very good job here, as usual. Here are a few pics: There are a lot...
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    Fuji Lens hood for X100 - Anyone tried the JJC?

    As the original Fuji Lens Hood+adapter ring is hideously expensive compared to the knockoffs, I was wondering if anyone has got any experience with the one from JJC. I've got a cheap no-name hood+adapter ring at the moment, but the fact that the finish doesn't match the silver on the X100 is...
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    Fuji Teleconverter lens for the X100/X100s?

    Now that the WCL have been out for quite a while, I've been wondering if Fuji is going to release a TCL at some point. I'm not sure if it is physically possible to make one with the same quality as the WCL, or if there's even a market for it, but I'd sure like to have one myself. Something equiv...
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