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    Fuji lets have a f16 kind of day

    Hi, f16 = bright sun with distinct shadows I became interested in photography in my teens and have owned Nikon and Olympus SLR (film) systems and numerous compact rangefinder and scale-focus cameras. Kodachrome 64 was my film of choice, and its critical requirements (exposure latitude...
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    Fuji lightweight camera support - bean bags, clamps, mini-tripods,

    I always carry a camera with me on bicycling adventures but I don't want to carry any extra unnecessary gear like a tripod. When I want to take a long exposure I use a bean bag to stabilize my camera. When bicycling on off-road trails I've used the self-timer and hung my camera from a tree...
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    "Life Force" bronze sculpture by David Bakalar (1988)

    I'm grateful for the sculpture ( Jacques Lipchitz , Henry Moore , etc.. ) displayed on the Columbia University campus. This piece, "Life Force", by David Bakalar, is on the plaza in front of the law school. In the background we're looking uptown on Amsterdam avenue going in Harlem. camera: X100
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