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  1. dangermouse

    Ramsey wind turbines

    popped out after tea and got lucky with the light. I am new to Lightroom so yet to figure out how to straighten those verticals!!!!!
  2. dangermouse

    Southwold, England

    I know these are quite popular and common scenes but I've been waiting for an opportunity to shoot in this area since I moved back to England 13 years ago. So on a family holiday in the area, sneaked out at 4:30 am on a morning with the best forecast. Taken with my new Sony RX100 iii, tripod...
  3. dangermouse

    Sony HDR on Sony RX100 iii

    right, not been on here for quite a while as about 6 months ago I sold my GF1 as I THOUGHT I would be happy with my iPhone camera. Not surprisingly 6 months of disappointment in the low light and awful zoom-land and I'm back, and a rather excited new owner of a mark iii :-) First impressions...
  4. dangermouse

    so which is the "best" pocketable compact then?

    Ran some searches, did n't really get a clear idea of current thinking and was n't sure where to put this question. So I have a GF1 which I use for family and local landscape stuff with the P14, P20 and O45. I think I'd like to move up to the G6 but then would loose that pocketablilty factor...
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