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  1. buttermaker

    Hummingbird Moth

    I always had fun doing Macro. I need IBIS theses days though.
  2. buttermaker


    New York City Skyline today.
  3. buttermaker


    An old photograph taken while waiting in Hoboken New Jersey for my train to New York city. I was on my way to the Germain School of Photography in 1978.
  4. buttermaker

    Fuji X-T4 discussion

    I like IBIS since i'm a little shaky in my old age. I've only heard it referenced to Video use. I'm assuming it works with regular shooting too? I don't make videos.
  5. buttermaker

    Fuji Not an equipment junkie :)

    The first think they taught us in Photography School in NY, late 70's, was not to be an equipment junkie. It's the Photographer not the equipment. I had a Mamiya Sekor 500DTL back then for gods sake :) It was all I could afford. Every setting was manual. That's why I love my Fuji X-T1. ( still...
  6. buttermaker

    Fuji New Member Steven Beck former Fuji employee

    My Grandfather was is charge of a creamery in Minnesota during the Depression. Nicest guy you would ever meet. My Dad, god rest his soul, used Buttermaker as his username online. He's gone now so now I use it. Great to meet you all!
  7. buttermaker

    Fuji New Member Steven Beck former Fuji employee

    New member here from the Northern Virginia DC area. I worked for Fujifilm for 23 years. Unfortunately a few years ago I didn't dodge one of their frequent layoffs. I still love Fuji cameras though. Let's hope we can all get past this crazy Virus lockdown and get out shooting again!
  8. buttermaker

    Coronavirus 2020 🤧

    New member here from Northern Virginia USA. This was a normal day in Washington DC where I work. Now it's basically a ghost town. I even have to carry a letter from my company stating I'm an essential employee just in case I get pulled over. Police everywhere and many roads blocked. Just crazy...
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