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    Fuji Fuji X100S & X20 Hands-On Field Test"]
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    Fuji Fujifilm X20 Low-Light AF Test

    I found this video on the dpreview forum from Markus.."]
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    Fuji Greetings from Hungary!

    I am pretty much like this website! Coming from the dpreview forum which is always have fuji bash peoples around.. Currently I don't own any fuji camera but I had the S602, S5000 long time ago! I am looking to get the X20 in black and coming back to photography!
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    Fuji Fujifilm X-M1 What do we know?

    We will see a new X camera next month?
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    Fuji Technology of the Year: Fujifilm’s X-Trans Sensor by Imaging Resource Scroll down for details!
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