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    Fuji Fuji XM-1

    There has not been too much discussion about the XM-1, is it because it is a new entry? For those that have one what are your thoughts?
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    Sensor difference

    Still deciding whether to go with a compact system or micro 4/3. It boils down to what type of sensor that is in the camera. Is there really that big of difference between the sensors of compact vs a 4/3? Does it affect picture quality drastically? Which sensor has the overall edge?
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    Nikon Nikon 1 V2

    I went to my local camera store which only carries Sony, Canon and Nikon. I asked the clerk to if they carried a V2, yes but they do not put on display. He then proceeded to inform me that the Sony Nex 5r was a superior camera in every way, that the specs on the Nikon were not truthful. For...
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    Fuji Hello

    Shout out from Fort Smith, Arkansas, Brad. I have used a variety cameras from flim range finder and Slrs. Digital point shots and most recently a Slr. Currently with a point and shot only. I'm looking at both mirror less compacts and 4/3 systems. Enjoying learning about the world of mirror less...
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    Phase Detection vs Contrast Detection

    In my research of both the 4/3 system and the mirrorless compacts, they speak phase or contrast detection focusing. What is the difference between the two and why is one considered faster?
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    Fuji Fuji X Series

    First impression of the new XM1 have peaked my interest. Reason through the form that Fuji has good image quality. The Fuji appears to have a learning curve and some odd quirks. I like to have Fuji users weigh in with their thoughts on the Fuji.
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    Sony Nex 6

    Researching cameras and what system to go with. Curious about how you as a NEX 6 user find your camera, likes, dislikes.
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    Camera choices

    I'm researching camera options I'm looking at both 4/3 system cameras ie Olympus Pen PL5 or Panasonic G6, compact camera the new Fuji XMl. What are the benefits of each and the drawbacks of each. Those that use one system or other others by do you like it?
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    Hello, Brad from Fort Smith Arkansas. I'm here because I want learn about the Panasonic Micro Four Thirds camera, also about the photography aspects too. Currently without any camera system, using a Cannon Power Shot point and shoot. I have used a variety of SLRS over the years and one DSLR...
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