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    Fuji Fuji xt2 continuous focus

    hi Recently completed your xt2 120 xpert tips. Nice book - thanks! I still am not clear about how the custom autofocus settings interact with the AF MODE selection. Which takes priority or does the AF MODE tell the camera WHERE to focus whereas the AF-C describes the TRACKING ALGORITHM within...
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    Expired Leica X2, as new in box, less than 200 shots

    The camera is complete with the default accessories, it has been bought online from a reputable German shop in late August (paperwork available) and arrived in my hands on August, 27th. It's still as new and is a lovely camera. I am selling it because I moved to an M9-P and it's sitting all...
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    Completed Leica D-LUX 5 (in box, all accessories + JJC ALC-5B)

    The camera in is good conditions but shows minor markings on the LCD screen. Lens is clear. Picture with serial number can be found at -- upon request I can provide more pictures of the LCD and lens or anything: just ask. I am asking 300 EUR +...
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    D-Lux 5 or GF1 with the 1:1.7/20 pancake?

    I need to buy a new "compact" camera, the candidates so far are the D-Lux 5 and the GF1 with 20mm pancake but I am open to alternatives on the same price range. The D-Lux 5 is intriguing (would pick this rather then the LX5 because it comes with Lightroom), while the GF1 has a bigger sensor...
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    Hi everyone, Andreas from Italy here. I currently own a Ricoh GX200 and I am generally interested in serious compacts because of their portability. I lurked for a while here and on mu-43 and now I'm joining the party. I am going for a camera upgrade and will be needing an advice or two...
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