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    Critique Wanted Some more Paintshop Pro x4 experiiment on vignette and blur.

    Still experimenting with Paintshop Pro x4. Honest feedback wanted.
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    Critique Wanted Paintshop Pro x4 Experiment

    Hi all, I am experimenting with my new Fuji x10 and I wanted to have a black and white photo with my son's original eye color. I layered a color image and a black and white image. I also used a glamour glow too.This is my first attempt and I would love HONEST feedback. I won't be insulted. :)...
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    Critique Wanted Corel PaintShop Pro x4 photo - would like feedback please

    My first picture with the replacement x10 that I just received. I experimented a little with Corel PaintShop Pro x4 and and most of the data is stripped. The files size is only 1.1 MB, so something happened after it left the camera and was processed by Corel PaintShop Pro x4. It is not suitable...
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    Fuji Wow it is quiet in here. So I thought I would stir the pot. Returned my x10.....

    For a new one! My camera had dust in the lens assembly and I found some in the OVF too. I figured that I spent $600 on a new camera, I would want to have a clean copy. I also had an issue with the camera locking up every once in a while. Since I love the image quality and want to keep the x10, I...
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    Hello from San Diego, California

    Just purchased a Fuji x10. I am downsizing from a Nikon D70. While that camera has served me well, I am tired of carrying all of the equipment. I am still learning the x10, but I am getting the results that I hoped for. Looking forward to sharing information and learning from all of you.
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