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    Sony nex + Zenitar 16/2,8 fish eye

    Thanks Wylie, That's my son indeed. and he's my ultimate model :D Most of my pictures with different lenses must include him. The zenitar is mine at that moment. I just sold it yesterday 'coz I need cash badly. I should find other one someday. In fact, I owned 3 times. First time is M42 mount...
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    Sony nex + Zenitar 16/2,8 fish eye

    Here's my 2nd topic, NEX5 with zenitar fish eye, not much fish eye effect appear, 'coz this lens was designed for full frame/fim camera. Sharp lens in center, like other fish eye Big Size
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    Sony Industar 69 adaptation.

    As far as I know, there's 2 kind of M39, 1st is adaptable to use in most APS-C DSLR like Canon EOS etc. it similar with M42 lens. difference is Only in diameter 39mm & 42mm. 2nd is M39 or called LTM (Leica thread mount), this lens is for rangefinder can only be used in mirrorless not DSLR APS-C...
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    Sony Nex and Macro

    Believe me, shoot macro with NEX + 100mm macro isn't easy. The rate of success is very low compare to using Canon EOS DSLR. Tremor/handshake is main problem. So even this Kiron 105/2,8 have 1:1 maginification. I cannot use it in closest distance, yet. except for still object. @BBW, Itsn't easy...
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    Sony Nex and Macro

    nex+macro Hello here..I'm new here. And I'm really excited with macro, unfortunotely, NEX5 isn't comfortable for macro than Canon EOS, I always have tremor. Well at least I try Kiron 105 Volna 50/2,8
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    hi from asia

    Hello All... not much Asian I see hee, I'm from Indonesia with NEX5
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